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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


Now that’s a nice lookin’ modern Shooting Brake! Gorgeous!
Rear is inspired from Vanquish Zagato SB?


It was actually :smile:
Nice one. It was a pretty basic design though, bit of a fixture wonder really.


Zephorus Interstate
This is just, another big boi.

Mafia Trim

I did fix the double wiper at the back after, and smaller exhausts and slightly better wheels for the mafia one.


Zephorus Twiggy
Not only have I managed to actually make this car look half decent which I thought was impossible but I also am probably about to be sued by Renualt.

I really want to go back to this at some point, or maybe keep working on it for the “ultimate” small track day car, its an interesting body and I reckon if done right it could properly smash the competition.

808cc I3T 130hp 9000rpms, 6 speed Seq transmission, 680kgs and of course a big wang should make it pretty deadly at a track day. It also gets over 50mpg which was a suprise

Adding a race spec variant because why not.
Improved handling, bigger tyres, more aero and 230hp I4 N/A at just 10kgs heavier. Not bad.


peak automation. it’ll be hard for much to top this.


Submarine? Speedboat?


I nearly got banned for that on the discord xD
I was actually really proud of it i thought it looked accurate


No Submarines or boats. It’s too hard to do the whole reason I put off doing an actual plane for so long was because you cant fit scoops to the underneath of cars so you’re limited to the top and slightly lower on the sides. Thats why if you look closely at my planes you can see that the bottom is just empty and a mess of fixtures. Despite what I pull off sometimes it is just too hard.


Wasn’t actually serious.


At least you pull off what literally everyone else is convinced of that it is simply impossible, let alone “too hard”.


I think people would just rather not build a cursed train tbh :joy:


Experimenting with engine covers right now. As well as a new cyberpunk car because i dont have enough of those :roll_eyes:
The top two are designs that I actually replicated in my own way off another design that I “improved” on my Unique Automotive thing. I really really like the top one though <3

I think its the next step to just upping my builds currently, so I’m trying to get a consistent design, which is basically the top one right now.


I didn’t think I could be any more orignal here
You may notice that there is two slightly different cars here. I revised a version because I spotted mdgamers mod for the turbos. Oh boy I am going to use those so much.


Zephorus Punchster
defo not a rip off of boxter
A GT86n’t type thing, flat 4, 200hp sporty thing.

This race spec shown here will hopefully be available to race in a community challenge that’s in the works.


Just some more ads that I threw together. Was inspired by some people on the discord, so… Bedroom wall poster time.

I don’t think any of these pictures are 4k, but I guess if you want one I can do it?
Enjoy :smile:
Also new PFP:

shut up i know the ring is low quality


Zephorus RR3
A Factory works team for the upcoming GT3 championship. Man I love liveries.
also that exhaust is really annoying


Zephorus DLM
A simple muscle car to compete with the other brands in 1985.

The biggest of big boys, 500 Cubic inch V8 with just under 700hp and only weighing in at 1399kgs its a track weapon.


Simply Amazing.


Would you be willing to share the car files so we can try both in beam?
It is reasonable to decline as well.


Good news!
They are!

I’m hoping around 90% of my creations can go onto the repo in a pack, so far I’ve got all the electric vehicles that i made / wanted done, done and its just a load more of Zephorus to do.
What takes time is to make sure every car has some sort of wing, is drivable and looks good :wink: