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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


Zephorus Race Truck
We’re going truck racing.

This things kinda L A R G E so it didn’t fit in 90% of the photoscenes to just have this picture.

Shame there’s no big wang to stick on this, yet.


Zephorus S - H
A somewhat silly hatch, 250hp boxer 4 RR hot hatch.

I really need to change the front of this still because im not happy with it, but right now i can’t be bothered. Also the rear looks :fr:


Zephorus Apertura Regolare
Definitely not an SP2.


Now I said not too long ago that it was impossible to do something like this, well I did it anyway.

This was actually fairly simple in terms of scoops, it was finding ideas for the actual details that was hard.
give this a like, I know you want to.


I didn’t think

Would ever be topped

I was foolish to think so


Wrong again.

The Fuel Pump

Now this is epic.

CAR FILE - Fuel Station - 3 Pump.car (48.6 KB)




I’ve made it more reaslistic! Whats not to like :smile:
I’ve got a roof im doing now too so you can combine these together and make a whole station.


Performance figures on the roof?




I am beyond confused


Zephorus Warrior
A clone and modified version of my CSC 14 build.


Zephorus Maxi SL
Two trucks here, one’s hybrid.
(this one)

This one isnt. its more generic too.


Jeez, been a while. I havent managed to build anything new even with this awesome SuperGT pack. So i just updated a few things. They’re not great so its all in one post.

Zephorus Z - S R500
Didnt really do anything to this apart from slap on some fenders. Was a test basically.

2.7 Azuma SR
A GT spec of the Azuma, it had a road legal spec, but i decided it deserved a race spec too.

And thats it. Thats all I’ve done in nearly a month, i’ve barely played. There just isnt any ideas for me anymore. It’s a grind now. I’ll be waiting a while for some new super car bodies so i might go and design 50’s or something for a while. Thats exciting to me as well.


Yeah I’m struggling to come up with anything really wow for the super-GT pack too, perhaps because it’s so specific with the way it stamps so there’s not much room to mix it up. The risk is that everything ends up looking like the same tacked-on widebody kit like in NFS Underground (the first one) because that’s what works. It’s paradoxical really since the concept and the execution of the mod is so impressive in the first place.

This said it’s only natural to have slumps, even for weeks or months if not years at a time, especially once you’ve exhausted your initial inspiration. I would know this well, seeing as I only release like one or two cars a year at most these days :laughing:


Mini Camper
No its not a mini, but someone did say it looked like it had a toilet in the back.
Just something basic even though it took me ages, i wanted to try the fender covers and the new body.


“You’re going home in the back of a Divvy van!”


God did i really create that last time
Zephorus Espion Mk I
A car that was never meant to be.


Thinking of making a download page for all my models. Might as well, I’m holding on to them for no reason.

I’m not sure how to do this, should I create a separate page which just contains one post that I keep editing to add the .cars to? I’m thinking if I did that I should paste the forum page link to that specific car too. I don’t really want to put the .car at the bottom of each post since you would be scrolling for days. Could I have some feedback? pls


And discover a little gift every time as you go along.