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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


Ok, so that’s what we’ll do.
I’ll start putting as many car files as I can in this thread. I think im going to lump it in the first post i did, with post numbers so you can just type it in at the top of the page. Hopefully this works! Enjoy

Done, many many cars, boats and planes all up for download with corresponding post numbers.


Luftving Secunda
With this car being possibly lost, the brand obselete and pictures forgotten I decided to remake the Secunda, quite the challenge but I think it came out just right.
First a little lore from @Metric-Miura since it is his car orignally, I’m sure some more veteran members of this community remember the car.

Focusing on aerodynamics, the «Cauda Vis» is a special long-tail edition of the Secunda. The extended body and narrowed wheelarches make this Secunda especially slippery through the wind, and makes it capable of over 270 miles per hour.

The wheels are a set of specially forged Luftving wheels made exclusively for the Cauda Vis, which are designed for maximum airflow and aerodynamics. These wheels not only look sleek, but serve a very important purpose.

The default paint color for the Cauda Vis is «Supercirrus», a light blue, reminiscent of the color of clear skies with clouds shooting through. Any color is available as an option, if requested.

Ressurected from the past using all sorts of reference images I came up with a one off take on the Secunda, keeping the style and elegance of the old model. I hope it lives up to the older car, which is over a year old



Ah, the Secunda. If you’ve been in the Automation Discord for a while, you’ve almost definitely seen this car. It was a pretty big hit when I first made it back in October-November of 2018, but the brand itself, Luftving, fell into abandonment only a few months afterwards.

It’s nice to see a revival of it, and I really like it. It takes from the original lines, but looks new at the same time. It’s very well done.


Zephorus REM
Totally not a Porsche. No really it’s not. Look its even got popups and gullwing doors!

For some challenge, I forgot which.


Seperate post for this because… pretty sure it deserves it.
Zephorus REM RWB
I uhh, yeah. Use it as a screen saver. Have it on your bedroom wall. This is possibly the best car I have made in Automation. The combination of the style, the colour, the lighting just make it my absoloute favourite car. Even if it is a Porsche resto mod from 1975.

Please Sir, can I have some more?

Of course you can!

My proudness will probably wear off, but it’s still a great car. I’ll put some more cars up for download soon :tm:


I have no choice but to agree. Not just in terms of pure aesthetics, but also how it pushes the REM platform to its limits.


That has the cutest 3rd taillight ever.


Zephorus Edward
Don’t judge Edward pls ty


Why it isnt shining on daylight?

0/10 on the fakenews :angry::angry::angry::angry:

Nice mafia car


Zephorus Chozine
What are names these days
Anyway, this was more of an experiment than anything.


A mess


Zephorus Magna
Just a quirky thing. Sorta taken inspiration from the countach and a few other things just in my head, I quite like it. It was originally meant to be a sort of race car for the 90’s but then I realised that actually it does suit (whatever time period its meant to be, early 80’s???)
And yeah, This paint is the same one thats on the Edward and Espion. It was based heavily off the 300SL paint.


Zephorus 2000
Going even more classic, this could be the first car Zephorus built.

Alot More


Zephorus SPL 9
I wanted something like a 935, but in the 90’s. I still dislike the rear atm but i didn’t actually search anything up so it’s probably my own fault xD

The purple just happened to match the sponsors so that was great.


I’d been wondering for some time about the answer to the question: “What if Zephorus made a GT1 racer back in the mid-90s?” The SPL 9, with its striking livery, sleek shape and stunning performance, is the best answer imaginable.


ahah thanks!
There will be more! I’m not happy with that car, I really want the back to look the part too, if only I could find a way to make the back similar to the front.


I actually made this one really quick, so I don’t have a name really. Seems to be a common occourence lately.

Anyway, had fun making this.
Ferrari called me, they want their car back.
Oh and Boeing did too, they want their wing.
Inspo from 333 SP


Bit of a backlog of designs, only like 2-3 but ill stick them up, none of them have names either because im really ultra creative.

A sort of 2012 Zephorus supercar thing.
The front was good the back was not (this is a recurring theme)


What I wanted to create was a wagon with M5 levels of performance, V10, AWD, 8 gears. 700 odd hp, i can’t quite remember the number.
The front lights i was pretty proud of, the back didnt really work out though because of the shape of the boot.


Some concepty thing, i’ve struggled with the rear of cars alot lately, this was took a few redesigns but i’m fairly happy that it suits the front now. The engine bay was a last minute addition too, and looks fairly clunky but oh well.