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Zephorus Autos Photo Dump


your cars look so amazing! :grinning:


Quick image dump
Was made for Fite me 3, but Strop decided that after much testing the body wasn’t going to work, so i ditched it. The design is still cool though. 1200hp always looks good.


image dump 2
also for FM3, I ditched the one above.


When you’re meant to be updated the other thread, but that one is “neat” but that means i can just be lazy af for this.

CSC R25 entry


Killrobs photo thing, first car. It’s basically a copy of the Espion, but without mods, and on the small wheelbase version. God what a pain that was.


Been far too long, sorry bout that. Haven’t had any motivation to do anything apart from… FM3. God damnit Strop.

Here’s the five designs I’ve put together for it (I’m only entering two of them)

1 - Zephorus Autos


Zephorus Amida




Not sure if the car is final for this one as i’m still working on it. But car two is defo finished. so, 2 and 5 i think I’ll submit.


I’ve seen all of these before a few times now and yet I can’t stop looking at them. Jesus fuck you’re talented Riley


aha, it’s not long before I get out done, especially with the little inspiration I have right now. Seeing other peoples builds which are so much better feels a bit eh so I might take an actual break, rather than just not play for a few weeks. There’s sorta been nothing new for me to do.


All of them look awesome, but the second and fifth of your proposals for FM3 in particular stand out - that might explain why you are most likely to submit them for that challenge.


You know, It’s been a long time. For me atleast, and yes I took an actual break from playing. As well as the updates and things made sure that I waited for some of the mods to come back before I started again.
And with that, the first car that I have completed properly, and up to standard of some of my other cars.

Zephorus Rostarra
A Mid level Supercar with a 680hp V8, capable of 240mph+ bless +5 undertray

It’s a nice looking car, very different thanks to all the mods that are availabe for OB now. Also using the Laf body, something which I haven’t done a lot because it’s shit hard to use…

Many mods were used in this, but if you’ve subbed to basically every new mod on the workshop you should be ok.

Car download in the first post, as usual.


That might be true, but anyone who can work around its limitations will be able to extract much, if not all, of its potential, as you have just proven with the Rostarra. But did you use the smaller, short-wheelbase body, or the larger, full-sized one?


It’s the full 2.7m one. I remember when the rumoured body (this one) was coming out and it would be a mix of La Ferrari and Zonda, but it wasn’t. as a fun fact I try every single 80’s/90’s super body that comes out as a modern supercar body xD


Zephorus Estrada RS
For some competition I can’t even remember the name of. Turned out pretty nice though.

As always the file will be in the first post.


I. Have. Achieved. Nothing.

Love these cars!

Please give specs though.


You could download them yourself and see :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I do agree, this thread is much more of an image dump. If you want written up “stories” and stuff, i have another thread which I am too lazy working on.


It literally looks like a shark, and acts like a shark in beam…
Nice job


Maybe I can be bothered to do something on my other thread. But for now this is “offically” a photo dump and nothing more.

Zephorus Manta

Would it ruin it if I told you it has an I3.


Not in this case. It proves a point that it’s not the size of the engine in the fight, but the amount of fight in the engine, that matters most, especially in something as small and light as the Manta.


even better


nice italian bmw i8