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Zephorus Autos [Stories + Formatting] WIP

Zephorus Autos

The (not so) complete story

In rural Cortona, Tuscany.
Borachio Zapachecio is a 10 year old boy, born into a farming family, he has a strong love for machinery and understanding how it works. Helping his father many a time to replace bits on the farming equipment, and after reading about the first Automobile race in history from the monthly newspaper, Borachio knew what he wanted to do in life.

A team of investors, 4 people, including 23 year old Borachio set about to create an exciting car company, it's name would be Zephoretti Autos, later changing to Zephorus Autos.

Creating the first Zephorus was no easy task, hand beaten panels and a complicated V8 Internal Combustion Engine showed Zephorus to all of 8 people that year. With 2 of the investors backing out after such a disaster it was only Borachio and the Englishman, James Gordon

Taking a big risk, Borachio and James pooled their money together to enter the 1913 Indianapolis 500. The Zephorus 2000 wouldn't be quick enough to enter, and with only 5 months to build a car they were short on time.
Taking an original Zephorus 2000 and stripping the car down, Zephorus created the "R" version. Capable of over 80mph and much lighter than the opponents cars the 2000 R should of stormed to victory. Should.
After qualifying on what would be front row, the first three cars lined up, the other 25 are lined up in rows of three. The flag falls and the race is underway, and the 2000 R leads coming out of the first turn, by the end of the lap it's clear from the other cars and begins to build an eventual five-and-a-half lap, eleven-minute advantage over second, and continues to lead uncontested for the next 194 laps... before suffering one of the most frustating failures in motorsport.
A small pin connecting the spark plugs and the battery had snapped, meaning the engine was misfiring on one cylinder. Due to the engine being pushed so hard to it's limit, producing well over double the original horsepower the piston soon came loose and fired out the side of the engine block, resulting in faliure of the entire car.
Even though Zephorus had not won the $20,000 prize Borachio said it didn't matter. They had won the hearts of 100,000+ spectators, and soon everybody wanted a Zephorus.

-=Car List=-
1912 Zephorus 2000
1913 Zephorus 2000 R
1930 Zephorus T - 16 S
1930 Zephorus Traveller Mk I
1950 Zephorus Edward
1955 Zephorus Traveller Mk II
1955 Zephorus Espion Mk I
1959 Zephorus Cruiser
1963 Zephorus Pugg Mk I
1965 Zephorus Interstate
1969 Zephorus Pugg Mk II
1972 Zephorus TRZ
1975 Zephorus REM
1976 Zephorus 1.6 XI
1978 Zephorus Dragon
1982 Zephorus Kigore B6
1985 Zephorus DLM
1987 Zephorus Azuma
1991 Zephorus Warrior Mk I
1993 Zephorus Pugg Mk III
2002 Zephorus Pugg Mk IV
2005 Zephorus Warrior Mk II
2010 Zephorus Ragnarok
2012 Zephorus Y - X 12
2014 Zephorus R - X16
2019 Zephorus Asteria
2019 Zephorus Chozine
2020 Zephorus Trigon
2020 Zephorus Z - S
2020 Zephorus Luftwing Secunda
2020 Zephorus GTR - TR
2020 Zephorus Samurai

Zephorus Autos
Zephorus Z - S

The Zephorus Z - S was the companies first car for 2020, a light supercar made for style and sound. With a 3.0L V8 producing just over 460hp and a redline of 9,500rpm the Z - S made your spine tingle, launching from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 190mph. Extreme aggression is this cars world, sporting Zephorus' iconic grin. You can have it from just $130,000

The top engine cooling arrangement is in the shape of an arrow, pointing forwards to greater things.

Zephorus 2000

Not only is this the first car that Zephorus ever made, it's the only known running example that's on public show. There's a fantastic article by @Private_Miros here that explains much of this vehicles history. There is also the main post that has some info on this.


This car is rolling proof that it’s not the size of your engine that matters most, but what you do with it. However, are those 460 horses coming from a naturally aspirated engine, or a turbocharged one? I hope it’s the latter, for the sake of the purists.

At any rate, this is an absolute stunner, in true Zephorus tradition. And the driving experience will most likely live up to those crazy looks.