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Zephorus Autos


Zephorus is a concept style car manufacturer. They could be Italian, taking inspiration from the Japanese. They made cars in the late 80’s and 90’s and then they went quiet for a little bit. Recently they made some more cars for 2020…

General things about the company:
Will probably use V8 or V12
Some cars will not fit any market
The cars look amazing

Car Company Directory

Zephorus Z - S
A 2020 production car

Engine : Z - S 8
3000cc 90 V8
461hp at 9000RPM
18.7mpg (Really what did you expect)

Car : 2010s Super car body
2 Seats
CFRP Panels
CFRP Monocoque
Mid Transverse AWD
6 Speed Sequential
Pushrod F Pushrod R
1292kg 48% F 52% R

The Lap - 2:04.26
0-60 3.5 Seconds
11.59 1/4Mile
21.00 1km

Top Speed - 190mph
1.24g 20m Corner
1.29g 200m Corner
Downforce - 9.24kg F 88.1kg R
62 - 0 30.7m


Zephorus Z - X
The Z - S’ Big brother

Engine : Z - X 12
3897cc 60 V12
872hp at 8200RPM
9.3mpg (sorry lmao)

Car : 2010s super car body
1 Seat
CFRP Panels
CFRP Monocoque
Mid Transverse AWD
6 Speed Sequential
Pushrod F Pushrod R
1390kg 41% F 59% R

The Lap - 1:51.22
0 - 62 2.3 Seconds
9.55 1/4Mile
17.34 1km

Top Speed - 211mph
1.32g 20m Corner
1.68g 200m Corner
Downforce - 205kg F 240kg R
62 - 0 26.6m


Zephorus 3000 - FB
A 1995 Sports car

Engine : FB - 6
2998cc Boxer 6
217hp at 6900RPM

Car : 90’s JDM Coupe Small
2 + 2 Seat arrangement
Aluminium Panels
CR Steel Monocoque
Front Longitudinal RWD
5 Speed Manual
DW F Pushrod R
1080kg 58% F 42% R

The Lap - 2:23.52
0 - 62 5.82 Seconds
14.10 1/4Mile
25.50 1km

Top Speed - 142mph
1.01g 20m Corner
1.02g 200m Corner
Downforce - 1.87kg F 35.6kg R
62 - 0 37.0m


Zephorus 3000 - FB S
Higher Trim of 3000 - FB

Engine : 2998cc Boxer 6
301hp at 7100RPM

Car : 90’s JDM Coupe Small
2 Seats
Aluminium Panels
CR Steel Monocoque
Front Longitudinal RWD
6 Speed Manual
DW F Pushrod R
1176kg 57% F 43% R

The Lap - 2:14.81
0 - 60 5.11 Seconds
13.27 1/4Mile
24.00 1km

Top Speed - 151mph
1.14g 20m Corner
1.20g 200m Corner
Downforce - 32.4kg F 83.7kg R
62 - 0 33.4m


Zephorus 2.7 Azuma
1987 Sports car

Engine : Zephorus 676
2701cc 60 V6
253hp at 6800RPM

Car : 90s Mid Coupe (87 Coupe)
2 Seats
Aluminium Panels
CR Steel Monocoque
5 Gear Manual
1070kg 39% F 61% R

The Lap - 2:15.58
0 - 62 4.6 Seconds
13.02 1/4Mile
23.85 1km

Top Speed 151mph
1.14g 20m Corner
1.17g 200m Corner
Downforce - -1.17kg F 76.7kg R
62 - 0 33.6m


Some info on my car for CSR 94

Zephorus Beluga -
The Beluga is a car for the environment. The combination of utility and practicality makes it the choice for nearly every company looking for a work vehicle in 2019.

Starting at $24660 it isn’t the cheapest, but the money invested is worth it. The Beluga gives back in so many ways, creating the ultimate sense of handiness.

With 5 seats it can carry the family, and fairly quick too, making use of the 238 horsepower and 352Nm of torque from the 2.8L inline 6 to propel the 2040 kg beast through the mountain roads at a top speed of 146 miles per hour. With a 0-60 of 7.7 seconds its sure to keep the lower classes in the rear view mirror.

The carefully tuned dual clutch 7 speed comes with 4x4 manual lock diff, connected to the sturdy monocoque chassis. Aluminium panels help to keep the weight of this vehicle down.

Not only this but the fantastic fuel economy of the vehicle is really one of the highlights, averaging 66mpg (uk units) and a high of 72.1mpg cruising at 41 miles per hour. A key point to this vehicle is the idle efficiency, which sits at 1.31L/h.

Whether you’re looking to grind out some Arctic expeditions or take the kids to school then this vehicle is surely for you.


The Azuma is a looker for sure, and has the thrust and agility to back that up. I am quite sure it will have a long lifespan - all it needs is a facelift and some mechanical upgrades to keep it competitive into and throughout the 90s.


Aight, so we’re back. And i have way way way more cars than the three new ones I posted on the other brand (B1 Alpha) so yeah. Spam incomming :stuck_out_tongue:

Zephorus ZXR

A Hillclimb monster with Zephorus styling its sure a sight to see at the track.


alright so the last time i tried to do it in one post, the forum didnt like me and i got logged out, so 1 post per car .-.

Zephorus UFO
(it has another name but i cba)


UFO Type 2 AKA “Hotwheels”


Type 3, Would of been CSC7 but I changed it to the B1 Alpha Hyperspace III


Now, although this was “electric” I changed a few things after the competition, like the rims and i got rid of the awful triangle vent things on the front. Anyway this was for CSC5 - Sachiuri Asteria
Or in this case, Zephorus Asteria
Gonna be 100% honest this is one of the cleanest generic cars I’ve made, its not a hypercar and its not that flashy. One of my favourite builds.



Zephorus V - X

Not much to say about this one, super sport coupe thing.


Zephorus Tartarus + Tartarus R

R spec


Zephorus T16 S
Bit of a throwback this one haha, I can design classics too :stuck_out_tongue:

Mafia Trim


This car, although simple was one of my all time favourites so far.

Zephorus Y - X12
Named very similarly after the YF - 12 (SR71 Blackbird)

Shown here is the Y - X12 Italia

Mafia Trim

The car in its Original colours.

I actually made a second rear to this, slightly revised. There was 19 Trims total for this, many going to players on the discord (so catch me there if you want something)

Y - X12 Varuna Secrane’s car

Hey look its @strop Y - X12 GG

Obviously this car would not be complete without a tribute to the mod creator :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks @Kogure


This car was pretty fun to make, tried something new with the lettering at the back.
Zephorus X - X


EVs don’t exist in Automation, so what engine did you put in the Asteria for the purpose of simulating an EV?

As for the Zephorus 3000, it seems to have been endowed with the same level of zest as the smaller Azuma.


I believe the Asteria had a placement engine as it was for CSC 5, and yes the FB 3000 and the Azuma were built one after the other on my end :stuck_out_tongue: Although that does remind me. I never put up the S spec for the Azuma O.o