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Zephorus Unique Automotive


Thank you for providing me with a redesigned version of the vehicle I sent you. It not only looks sportier, but also has more presence on the road, especially in the deeper blue you chose for your interpretation of the LE3 3.0 Coupe.


Brussel Motorsport F52
Thanks to @Tsundere-kun for the awesome car!
“Dont change the rear lights” okay changes it slightly anyway

im really sorry if this isnt what the original car looked like but there was some morph issues




Love this thing by the way :wink:
Also the first time trying these blur photos out, I think they worked pretty well.


Solution Cars Tarmac
Seems someone else is good at orignal names too :stuck_out_tongue:

Another drawing this one, dead cool.
Thanks Icebear


SC Rogue 920Z
Icebear dived into the supercar world, with this one its more hypercar like.




Oslo Automotive Ragnarok
A spicy little thing that I was requested to do by @Tsundere-kun
The goal was to create a track car, an extreme machine able to take twists and turns to prove that this car can be quick around a track, and not just in a straight line.

With the original model getting to 279mph I had lots of downforce that I could apply before I lost too much speed, the car already had good downforce at 1.38G for both cornering types so it was going to be a challenge to pull something better out.


Achieving a 1:42.97 around the ATT this car puts itself way ahead of the 1:49.04 of the original car, and it looks good while doing it.
1.39G 20m Corner
2.12G 200m Corner

So yes, I think the goal was hit and hit hard.
Not much of the style of the car was changed, I kept all the lights and most of the vents, just a few tweaks here and there so it flowed a little more. To think that this is only the 6th quickest car that I’ve ever had the chance to get it around the ATT. Mad.

Please send in a car if you’ve been thinking about it!


Stella SR8
Thanks for sending this in @On3CherryShake
The build was already pretty strong and it looked clean so I had my work cutout for this one, there was some good, creative uses of fixtures. It’s certainly a top quality build.

One thing that stood out was the wing, it didn’t fit so I changed that to be much sleeker, I also added some detail to the engine bay and front nose.

Overall I liked the clean looks of the car before, but I also think that the new car is more brutal in appearance.

the body may have wrong morphs im sorry but the laf body breaks a lot when you import it


Agreed. But I still prefer the sleeker look of the original design - and it would have been even cleaner when combined with the smaller rear wing you installed.


The attempt at a different engine cover was what killed me probably haham the front was a bit messy too, but i think i could of kept that flow there with some more creative fixturing.
Anyway, yours next :wink:


DMS Imperia GT
An interesting era by that i mean i hate it so this was pretty fun to design.
I ended up redoing much of the front of the car and I actually really like it now.
Thanks @abg7




Astounding. This is your first attempt at reimagining anything from the late-90s/early-00s and it is, quite frankly, jaw-dropping. It especially reminds me of this:

The overall shape (especially the front and rear) brings to mind the Super Type 3 from Burnout 3, but that car doesn’t have an extra pair of tailpipes or straked side intakes, although it does have a roof-mounted air intake.


Haha thanks!
The lines were already there on the car, you’re vent placement was basically perfect, it was just getting the car to flow around them and that was the hard part. It’s just a few little things that could massively improve a build like that :stuck_out_tongue: