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16280 cc V12

This is the best I could come up with, with the engine not being 0 reliability.


Now to try to fit it in a car to go fast.

Sure, 3869hp from 16.3L is nice, but you’re missing the other 492hp.

I used what the game thinks as most performance factor instead of just highest HP/torque numbers,

The game is more nuanced than cranking everything up to 11 :wink: Lightweight forged will help you get higher revs I think. Cast iron block and head will give you higher performance too because of less heat losses.

Hello Mr Killrob,

Lightweight forged has a torque limit much lower than forged. This results in 100% unreliability due to torque.


The guy who likes the game.

PS: The purpose of this engine was to make it for Beam NG

I played before there was Beam NG support.

I also want bigger turbos!

What do you suggest I change to get more performance points?

(Imagine a thick Dalluha Accent it’s a fictitious place so imagine anything you want) I’ll make you a deal, I cut off two cylinders, still make more power

@Killrob you know what I’m doing, right? :joy:


Wild. I guess that goes to show how much the maximum turbo size limits engines with a lot of cylinders?