2.8l i6

This is my second revision of my 6 cylinder 2.8L Fursa. Its a mid-size motor for performance applications. Currently running 20 Psi but more powerful applications are being looked into. This is Addler Motor Corporations first motor in production. As the CEO I am pushing my company for better and more powerful motors, while still retaining good MTBF and MPG for daily usage. Any input would be great!

The power output is nice and it looks like fun past 4000rpm, but i would try to lower the output to about 90-110hp per liter engine displacement, add smaller turbochargers and go for a wider torque band, like 2500- 5000rpm. This way you will achieve far better fuel economy and drivability, while still having a powerful engine.
If you want some help, send me a message with engine displacement, power output, and purpose of an engine you want and i can build a base engine and send it to you.

Here are 2 of my engines:

I also got some Oldsmobile and Chevrolet engines (1949-77) and of course a lot of self designed engines.


Yea man! I am still playing around finding the best ratios… this is my first motor with an alright output… PM and show me your motors :slight_smile:

I found the picture in documents… HOW DO I POST IT!!!

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