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2000 Honda Accord SE 2.0i VTEC [RIP]

@abg7 It is a shame crossovers are all the rage these days and that saloons don’t have the same appeal anymore to most buyers, but hey, I’m hoping to keep the dream alive with this thing.

@Rk38 Thankee :innocent: #feelingblessed

@adamd Don’t think Jesus quite works. Maybe something else biblical? Tbh tho @szafirowy01’s suggestion might actually work, Christine suits it…ish :joy:


Excellent car, men!

F20A engine, no?

“On [rainy] days like these…”

How typical that on the first day I’m back at work over Easter, my job has had me driving all over the bloody place. Good excuse to test the Accord, mind you…

Verdict so far: VTEC on country lanes is a lot of fun, and I’m far too easily amused about having cruise control.

Those lights need some attention though. Plan is to sort out the fogging problem and then get some bangin’ Night Breakers to get rid of that 90s pale yellow looking crap.


“Eating Miles”

Richard Hammond once drove an Accord Type-V (same gen as mine, far more well equipped though) 650 miles on a road teast and was pretty affectionate about how nice the car was as a long distance cruiser. Considering that the only comparison for motorway driving I have is the plucky old Arosa, which gets pretty draining to be in after 3 hours at 70 mph, my new ride is borderline luxurious.

From one side of the country - Kent - to the other - Cardiff; ~200 miles of driving it and I got out the other end feeling as awake as I had when I got in. It’s a properly splendid car to drive over long distances.

Just one problem: the motor for the aerial has suddenly decided it doesn’t work anymore. Gonna need a scout about on the internet to save me having to yank up my vintage piece that looks like it belongs on a 1982 Ford Granada.


Psh. You’ve never known true antenna love until you’ve shoved a bent coathanger into the broken stub of a mast antenna on an '84 Dodge, to use as the permanent replacement.


“I’m going on Jeremy Kyle in a few weeks to talk about my unhealthy addiction to taking pictures of my car”

Sitrep: 5 weeks into ownership. Still coming to terms with the fuel economy never getting above 30 MPG (VTEC yooo). The boot is massive and very useful. I f*cking love this car.

…Oh, and Welsh roads really are a lot of fun. Shameless plug inbound, but after setting my imaginary sports car shoot out in the Brecon Beacons, I thought it might actually be worth going up to have a look and see if what I’d waxed lyrical about in that article is true. Can confirm it is.

Drove it down to a nearby beach this evening to watch the sunset, and to pose by the sea of course.

In terms of work on the car,

  • Aerial motor has been disconnected and properly put away, so no more “vmmmmmmm” sound whenever you start it up, and no more 70s nostalgia either. Signal doesn’t seem to have been affected, so that’s sorted.
  • Weird clunking sound that happens whenever the sunroof closes has been solved via WD40.
  • MOT is coming up in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed it won’t be a hassle, but you never know with these things.

“I mean I don’t want to brag, but…”

…the Accord passed its MOT with zero adviseries. ZERO. This is an 18 year old car, it should not be this easy. I just jinxed it didn’t I.

Either way, I’m pretty darn happy. Decided to finally drive up to the Black Mountain Pass the day after it passed, seeing as I am in South Wales which frankly means there is no excuse.

Please have this poorly shot footage of me driving over the crest and past that famous hairpin:

Listen very carefully and you can even hear VTAAAAC, which still hasn’t got old.

Sadly however, it’s not as good as I was expecting. 40 mph limit, a lot of tourists driving painfully slow. The views are stunning though.

If you want my reccomendation, however, try this:

Out of Llangadog (where the Black Mountain pass ends), follow the A4069 north - a proper country road blast - to Llandovery. Then join the A40, heading eastwards. It follows the River Gwydderig at the bottom of this outstanding valley that marks the northern border of the Brecon Beacons. The road is absolutley stunning, with plenty of incredible corners and even a few changes in elevation for good measure.

Then, pass through Sennybridge and turn back on yourself to join the A4067 and then A4215 towards Merthyr Tyfdil, until it joins the A470. Not only is this road stunning in its own right too, but it offers some properly incredible views of Pen Y Fan, one of the tallest points in all of the Beacons. For me personally, this route was a lot more enjoyable than the Black Mountain pass.

We’re driving back to East Sussex soon, another cross-country trick which I’m fairly sure will be just as easy as the last.


Why was the camera not stable through that video?:thinking:

Filmed on my phone mounted to one of those hands-free mounts. Shook so damn much that even with video stabilisation on the quality was questionable

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What a cool road, best place to drive a cool car like Hondas c:


Thanks for sharing! Although to be honest, I’d probably be one of those slow driving tourists too. :rofl: Those views are incredible. A far cry from the concrete jungle I see everyday.

Oh and, VTEC FTW!! :heart_eyes: (I had to throw that in there lol)


@MasterDoggo I’d like to think so, anything to get the VTAAAC going :wink:

@Slim_Jim Yeah the views really aren’t half bad are they, think it’s about 400m above sea level at peak.

I never seen that type accord for 2000. I always have seen these with paint fade on the back or on the front


Btw your car looks very good for being 18!

i should not be putting other cars on your forum…


That’s the US spec Accord.

Here, in Europe, is different, since the fifth-gen.

Here it was a mid-size sedan.

And, Deus, Honda quality. Indestructible.

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Go back to that road on a Sunday before 8am, trust me it will be empty, provided the weathers good

I wish I could, but I’m currently 200-and-something miles from it :slightly_frowning_face:

I’d have loved to take the Maxima to Wales when I was there in March, but the fuel costs would have been ridiculous, and it’d probably have broken down all the time, due to having been built in Japan and not Europe. Like my previous french built Renault was way more reliable than the Nissan with over triple the mileage.

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It’s well worth going to if you can ever make it back. Worth every penny of however much it costs to get there :wink:

But first I need to get myself something that handles better, has the power for the uphill, sounds better, has better brakes, won’t rust and is more reliable.

Buy a hot hatch and be like every other driver up on those roads