2017 Tokyo Motor Show

This is a chance for me to show something new or revised from Morton… So I’m in.

Petoskey Motors ZLC regrets that they will be unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

AL Autos Announcement!

AL Autos will be making an appearance the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show with 9+ cars to showcase including 6 new models! Also you may have noticed: WE HAVE A NEW LOGO :smile:

Teasers will be released soon! Keep in touch!

See you soon!



On the Tokyo Auto Show, Montes will present a new ICE technology, that combines low fuel consumption, low emissions, high power and high revs. And works with various fuels: gasoline, hydrogen, gas and Ethanol.

The combustion engine still alive!

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Splendid Auto Monthly confirms that Gavin Anderson will be providing full coverage of this year’s show.



Shibata may or may not be revealing a new brand…


Old versus New

To celebrate the 70 years of Baltazar Automóveis and of the EP1 lanuch, the stand will be packed with some of the most relevant cars from Baltazar’s history, displayed and brought to life with the most modern innovations.

We will also be showing the 2018 Quark in the flesh for the first time, with an expanded engine range and all new platform.


Oh! This made me realise I missed that at the start of the year - Zavir turned 75! Sorry for that little OT :innocent:

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Airborne Automotive will arrive with a special two all-new design surprises and will lend the cars to the coverage if it’s REALLY needed.

October 22nd.


Hodan Might have a new toy


Tokyo 2017


New RXS-6.

Coming soon…


The All New AL Anguis

Coming to TMS @ the AL Autos Booth Soon

Cue music.

Kimura KR-R Vision Gran Turismo

Car Description

Kimura, founded in 1949 as Hokkaido Motor Company, was always famed for their affordable, reliable, and practical cars with a kick of sportiness injected in every model. With their growing car lineup, Kimura finds new ways to innovate and clear a path into the future of automotive design. In 2017, Kimura unveiled the Asura supercar; utilizing the most advanced technology ever seen in a Kimura, with an F1-derived 3.8 Liter V10 producing 639 PS, carbon-fiber bodywork, and an advanced traction management and electronics system, Asura proved to be the next step in the world of Kimura. Now, we present our latest creation; the “KR-R Vision Gran Turismo”.

KR-R, Kimura’s sports development division, represents the most balanced way to get affordable performance in a comfortable and practical package. However, the KR-R Vision Gran Turismo is a pure-bred super Grand Tourer. Designed with input from Kimura’s Super GT GT500 team and Kimura’s F1 team, the front-mid engine, rear-wheel drive KR-R Vision Gran Turismo was designed to be the purest form of a driving experience, unhindered by the extreme amounts of technology that lays underneath.

Designed in collaboration from 3 of Kimura’s design studios; Sapporo Design in Sapporo, Japan, KPA Design in Pasadena, California, and Kimura Design Europe in Hamburg, Germany; hundreds of proposals were sent. In the end, Kimura decided to make an amalgamation of the designs with a major focus on the Pasadena design, with mechanical focus from Sapporo. Design inspiration was taken from a multitude of vehicles; Kimura’s F1 cars, of course, were a major inspiration, but in fact many classic Kimura automobiles were equally important. Heavy inspiration was taken from the 60’s Kimura sports car K-C series, as well as sports car Helruna, Le Mans racers, and super car Asura. With a classically proportioned, long-hood short-deck 2-seater body, the KR-R Vision Gran Turismo has road presence never seen before from a Kimura. Sculpted haunches accentuate the edgy yet refined look of the concept. Featuring the now-iconic falcon headlights, the KR-R Vision Gran Turismo is surely one of the most recognizable Kimura concepts. Carbon fiber canards and splitters up front create real downforce on the concept; among the rear are vents which funnel hot air from the brakes out. A complex rear diffuser creates even more downforce, and an electronically controlled rear spoiler also helps form negative lift in the vehicle. Butterfly doors add dramatic effect to the already intense look of the machine, revealing a sporty, two-tone interior which can be configured in any color combination in the world of Gran Turismo.

Naturally, the KR-R Vision Gran Turismo is not simply a design showcase. In fact, 5 fully functional prototypes exist for the purpose of furthering the technological advancements in Kimura. The concept has a modified version of the Asura’s 3.8 Liter V10 which has been modified to produce an extreme 711 HP at a screaming 9100 RPM and 431 lb-ft at 8200 RPM. This is not an engine in which is easy to deal with; it’s difficult powerband makes the driver work and relinquish in the full sound of all 10 cylinders firing in unison as it snaps through the gears, speed climbing rapidly. All of this power is sent to the rear wheels through a 7-speed Dual-Clutch transmission with and an electronic differential. With extensive use of carbon fiber in the body panels, wheels, driveshaft, interior, and other elements, the weight of the KR-R Vision Gran Turismo is kept down to a svelte 1390 kg. Active Suspension can adjust the suspension settings by microns in milliseconds in order to achieve the perfect ratio between sporty driving dynamics and lap times. A slight front weight bias means that with a driver in the car, the cabin can shift for optimum weight distribution. These factors combine allow for an exhilarating driving experience that cannot be found in any other but a Kimura.

The Kimura KR-R Vision Gran Turismo will continues to carve paths for Kimura, and we hope to see records being broken memories being created with the introduction of our concept.





Bonham is bringing something new to Tokyo


Saminda will debut the “SportsDynamic” Super EV Concept, the company first EV supercar and will debut for Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Saminda says that the SportDynamic Super EV Concept will be future for automotive supercar car, achieved by combining an electric powertrain and artificial intelligence technology in a aerodynamic body shape.

While the C2000R exists as the brand’s halo sports car, Saminda has not had a supercar since the CZ6 that discontinued in 2012.

Rumours have been spreading around stated the SportsDynamic Super EV Concept might be the reason why Saminda and Maesima ended collaboration making their next halo car, saying that Saminda are focusing more on electric powertrain instead of hybrids.

Saminda will release a teaser photo on 15 Oct


Reveal the 22nd of October!

Coming soon…