2018 Honda Vario 150 scooter

Out with the old, and in with the “new”!

The late 2012 Suzuki Satria F150

I’ve finally sold my Suzuki Satria FU and bought a scooter in its place. But why sell it, though? Wasn’t I madly in love with the bike?

Well yes, but there are several reasons why I can’t keep it around any longer:

  • It’s carbureted, which means mediocre gas mileage for 2022 standards (30 km/L / 70 mpg / 3.3L/100km average)
  • Its tiny 4L gas tank means I have to frequently stop for gas when going on long trips
  • A tiny seat with thin cushion means it’s not comfortable for pillion passenger
  • General fatigue due to stiff clutch, stiff throttle and poor riding ergonomics
  • Power at the low-end RPM range is horrid, forcing me to clutch-rev almost constantly in traffic
  • Most Suzuki bike dealerships in my city have closed down due to poor sales, which means no more Suzuki authorized service centers
  • Thanks to that, the average market value for all Suzuki bikes keeps falling deeper by the month :sob:

So here is my new (used) scooter. It’s a one-owner, 28.000 km 2018 Honda Vario 150 (also known as Honda Click 150i), an upsized version of the very successful Vario 125. These bikes are sold primarily in South East Asia (and maybe some other Asian countries I’m not aware of).

For a fraction of the price of upclass scooters like the Honda PCX and Yamaha NMax, this Vario has features such as keyless ignition, digital MID, DRL and fully-LED lights, while also not being as wide as the two. It has an ample storage under the seat that can fit a small helmet too. All it needs now is a charger outlet to make it the perfect city vehicle.

And hot damn does it sip. I've ridden it back and forth between home and work for a week now and only today the fuel gauge is down by one bar. No wonder scooters like this rack up so much distance in a short year.

It doesn’t come without its own drawbacks, though. For example:

  1. It’s CVT-driven, meaning delayed throttle and gauging how fast I’m going based on engine sound alone is hard.
  2. It’s got a rattly body despite being only 4 years old (Honda bikes are infamous for using thin, crappy plastic on their body panels).
  3. It only comes with one mirror, one key fob, and no barcode tag to duplicate the fob (the original owner lost them).

I have already ordered parts to remedy 2 and 3 so we’re gucci. They’re not cheap but I love this bike too much already.


Yes, the Honda Vario 125 is a very, very good scooter. If you can still ignore the cheap plastic, the rattling of the hull is really quite a significant drawback.
How would you fix it?

My first and cheapest option is applying foam tape under the loose panels, but if that is too much of a hassle then panel removal/replacement is my second option :joy:

Finally managed to reach 200+ km on a single tank, lessgo


Excuse me? 36 Km/L?


No, 52 km/L. The tank capacity is ~4-5 litres.


I found 5.5L, but, that’s even more impressive.

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Minor update: Bought a bunch of accessories. These include a pair of big, ugly (but infinitely more functional) mirrors…

And also new cover to protect the bike from outside weather.

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I agree, you can extract endless important information from your scooter’s rear-view mirrors.


I bought and installed a new light switch.



Unlike the old one, this new switch has a pass beam switch.

And for an added bonus: The rattling’s gone! Apparently it’s all caused by loose screws and bolts vibrating inside the plastic body, so I fastened them all and voila! No more rattling.

The new light switch is better and prettier! That’s exactly what I thought so, you should have revised the corps, I think the screws won’t turn away during the ride because there are no drive shaft parts on them, in general, they is holding the static parts.

Congratulations! You have can able to improved and enhanced your scooter! I am glad.


In monsoon season, where heavy rain leads to reduced visibility, the pass beam switch can be a godsend.


Took the scooter for a morning jog up a mountain yesterday. The view was pretty nice. I might make it a monthly habit.

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Another trip to the mountain because I found a scenic spot with a much better panoramic view than the last one.

Other photos:

I swear they look better in person