2022 Automation Official Design Competition

Does it matter if the car(s) in the photograph aren’t exactly the same as the .car file, as long as they appear to be of the same model? (for example, if they are pained a different color, or if the convertible roof is down in one and up in the other?)


I hope it doesn’t matter… Else my submission has just been forfitted for having the roof down for the photo. :frowning:


It it’s just minor differences like colour, or roof down or up, no big deal.


So quick question Mr. Chips. Are vans eligible for the pickup truck category? I know vans often fell into the same group as trucks for EPA matters and sold as such by manufacturers. Or do they need to have an open bed to qualify?

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Gotta have an open bed for this. Whether that means it’s a pickup truck, or a ute, or a converted van is entirely up to you!

So… After re-reading the rules I have a question. It says

…which means we technically allowed to have 7 entries, is that correct?
And few questions regarding category X:

  • are we allowed to submit the same picture we use for any other category?
  • are we allowed to use multiple different cars for one shot?
  • are we allowed to use cars that didn’t enter other categories?

And also a general question: are we allowed to use photo editing to fix random visual bugs that may appear in photo mode? For example I encountered a bug where I have dozens of patches/cutouts I used all over the body of my car and they all use the same material which means they are supposed to have the same color, same roughness, etc. And they are as long as they are previewed in design mode. Once I load photo mode some of those patches become very bright. Much MUCH brighter than other pieces around it even though the same material is assigned to all of them. Idk how to fix it. So am I allowed to use photo editing software to color match those buggy patches to the ones around?


Yes to all of these. I will say though that re-using the same picture from one of the design categories in Category X is probably not the best idea, along with the opposite. In the design categories, you want to show your car off as best as you possibly can, which may or may not be beneficial in X.

You can definitely use photo editing to clean up your submission screenshot a little bit, if you like, but it probably won’t help a whole lot in pre-judging or especially in final judging, if your entry makes it that far.


This may seem like an odd question, but does the image we submit have to be in landscape format? I have a couple of ideas rolling around that are in portrait orientation. Would those be allowed as long as they’re the same resolution?


Yeah, absolutely!

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For category E, is it needed to also include a livery or do you want it naked to see the design better?


Your call; I suspect that a very large proportion of the entries in E will have a livery on them.


also if the file i send doesnt have a livery but the pic does, is that fine? i totally didn’t accidently delete the livery file


You’d really want the livery on your submitted car, I’d say.

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Zephorus Autos


Catagory F

A reuse of my CSR 149 submission, changing the rear lights currently.

Catagory E

Another remake of an old design.

Catagory V

Probably the design I’m least happy with, but the one that took the longest anyway. A modern LMH pushing what a car could look like when taken to the extreme.

Catagory J

Struggled with this a lot, especially the front to get it to match the rear

Catagory H

A reused design from an Alternate History Challenge. Easily one of my favourite cars I’ve ever made. I refreshed the interior slightly with some new parts. Definitely the star of my show :wink:

These images do not represent the final product that will be entered into the competition.
All game images are straight from Automation photo mode, text is photoshopped.


To say that the whole Nebulae collection is stunning would be a huge understatement. I know that your Category F entry (based on your CSR 149 submission) is built on the Z15A/Z16A 3000GT/GTO body, and judging by the proportions, I think it’s the larger one (with a 2.45m wheelbase). As for your Category V submission, it looks and feels like a Vision GT car - on top of that, I’d expect it to perform like one as well. And your Category J car would not look out of place in Cyberpunk 2077 - so what body did you use to build that one?



The large bmw m8? thing. The majority of the side and the entire front and rear is 3d/fixtures.

H - Bolide body
V - Saleen S5
E - Arunas Porsche 906 or whatever one it was.
F - You are correct in saying the 3000gt, but it’s actually the 2.2m one


Your works are always inspiring… Great job!


Incredible designs, great job!

Would be interesting to hear what Klaus Zyciora will say about your category V submission.


2 that I’m working on, for the Premium GT and Pickup categories, respectively:

Sadly, my computer isn’t powerful enough to handle raytracing. I think the pictures of my truck really suffer because of it.

Special Announcement!

I am pleased to announce that we have just confirmed our next celebrity judge for the Official Design Competition:

Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson hardly needs any introduction; he is an automotive design legend. Responsible for some of the most iconic designs in the last 30 years, including the Ford Escort Cosworth, Maserati MC12, the new Mini and many others! He is also active on YouTube, check out his channel here, and also Frank’s design studio website here, at https://www.frankstephenson.com/.

Frank has very kindly agreed to join the judging panel for Category J - 2035 Concept!