24h - La Marche 1960 [closed]


I just realized, you said I “used monocoque even though no safety was required”

Don’t the GT cars have a minimum safety of 20? I can’t remember what mine was but I don’t think it was massively over that minimum.

True, I forgot :smile: Sorry!

Being slow is a thing I know and accepted, the high reliability is what I went for.
As a small Austro-American manufactor without a sport image it made sense for their first sport sedan to flawlessly finish the race to sell it as “race-proven” and reliable to please the small customer base, while a Potential class victory could turn into a disaster If the car fails in front of thousands of spectators.

A Primus dealer would now tell you “See this one, its race car that is very Close to this thing you are looking at made it through Le Mans without mechanical trouble, this will be a smart purchase”

Yeah, my battleship with its bird-swallowing intakes will likely be on its fourth engine by the end of 24 hours. There’s something to be said for reliability.


Hold up you can swap engines mid race? omg that’s crazy

Not in this challenge, but in the real Le Mans, parts were routinely replaced in the pits, up to and including whole corner assemblies, and possibly whole engines. These trumpets suck up a lot of air, low-flying birds, and especially towards the end, remains of other cars.


In honor of the honor done to the car by the host’s comment, and coincidentally because it turns out Raqqada is an actual place somewhere in Saudi Arabia, the DCMW Raqqada goes into production, renamed Barrijat, Arabic for “battleship”. It’ll be the ancestor to what will get rebadged as the Norðwagen Þor, better-known for its cheap derivative, the Nightslayer:


Essentially the same image that my company went for, even as a pretty underfunded Japanese manufacturer we went more along the lines of ‘make this racer as cheap and reasonable as possible so that nothing can go wrong’. And yeah, same deal with the dealership thing - the company plans to sell the non race-spec version and use the whole ‘a car not too different than this, made right here in Japan, made it all the way through Le Mans!’ reasoning as a selling point

Bst thing about having a sickly, lethargic 6 pot that makes bugger all horsepower is that there’s not a lot to go wrong, it’ll just be about whether the time you’re in the pits is offset by the massive speed you’ll be getting on the track. Like a sprinter that needs 5 second breaks once in a while compared to a really slow marathon runner that goes half the speed of the sprinter.