80s Truck Pros/Cons

So I took a look at this truck and immediately discovered two flaws.

I love the idea behind having a old style type of truck to be able to use but two things are missing which would really make it stand out more.

The first thing is being able to make the truck a short box. You can shorten the truck from the rear bumper to the tires but you can’t shorten the truck from the rear of the cab to the front of the tires.

The other thing that would really set off this truck is the ability to choose different hoods. Perhaps I don’t see it but when I am looking through the things to add on they are mostly “blue” but it seems I can still add them.

I would like to see the ability to lower or raise the hood or put a cowl style hood on it as well.

As for the “cowl” style hood, if you haven’t yet downloaded the Steam Community Mod Pack from the 3d forums here, you might want to. There are a whole ton of new fixtures, including scoops that can be paired together to form a cowl of sorts.

For the cowl style hood, I think that there are fixtures in the bonnet section that should do the trick. All fixtures whose thumbnail is blue will end up being the same color as the car’s body when you install them on your car.

The part about lowering the hood would require additional morphs.

As for making it a short-box, with the way the game currently works, you cannot morph the position of the axles.

It should be possible for Daffyflyer to make a variant with a shorter wheelbase though.


It should be possible for Daffyflyer to make a variant with a shorter wheelbase though.[/quote]

That is the plan!

Ahhh the whole blue situation needs to be possibly clarified better.

I’ll take a look into the mod pack and see whats up with that.

And Daffyflyer I look forward to the shorter wheelbase version!

heres a dumb question! why cant i find the trucks in the game? im not on the steam version

The standalone version has not been updated yet.