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88th International Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show 2018)

Project 400 has a name !
Version 2 of the Prototyp, "Final Table"
We refined most of the features we already revealed at NAIAS
Refined Exterior, Refined engine, Refined Suspension and Refined Active Interior.
1200hp, 404km/h Top Speed, 2.3 sec 0-100,
active seats which will comfort you in "Normal" mode and will hold in in place in "Race" mode

Production is expected to start in the next years.
The first "Final Table" of 400 should be on the street around 2022
Prices start at 200.000$

EcaMobile - The Ace on the river

The all new 2019 Neko Maneki Hybrid
A new way to move.

The rear axle is powered by a 300hp I6, the front by a powerful electric engine.
0-100 in 4.9 sec with a top speed of 260km/h
7 speed Seq gearbox, Active Suspension , Sport interior and Premium HUD

The new Maneki will come with our new 3 zone active Aero.
This system will allow the car to create the perfect airflow for every situation.
The flaps will arrange independently for every corner you take, giving you always the best traction.

Prices start at 40.000$ and the car will be at dealers spring 2018
Neko - sleek,tough,frisky

The next generation is NOW !
The all new DeerAndHunt SuperCoupe!

It's time to continue family traditions.
5L V8
250hp / 440NM
4 Sport Seats and Premium HUD

This Base Version will be available in the end of 2018 for 35.000$
A Convertible , Supercharged and a V10 Version are planned to released on a later day
Deer And Hunt - In Power we trust


The all-in-one solution for everybody !
The new StadtLandFluss will come in various trims: Today we present the first three.

This is the base trim. It is also platform for all our other trims,
therefor is upgrading a Base Version to another trim no problem
All trims will be powered by a 1.5L Turbo I3 producing 94hp using only 5.5L/100km
The Base Version comes with a 6spd Auto 2+3 Standart Seating
This version will start 15.000$

For people living in more rugged places (or people who just like such places) we have the Offroad Version
Fitted with manual Diffs , Offroad Tyres, Offroad Suspension and a full Offroad Exterior Pack
This version can be bought for 16.000$ or as a Upgrade pack for 5.000$

For the people who live fast we also have over Sport trim
Comes with 16'' alloy sport wheels, Sport Suspensions and Sport Bodykit
Prices start at also at 16.000$ or as a 5.000$ Upgrade
First cars should roll out the dealers Fall 2018
BürgerFahrzeuge - Vom Volk, fürs Volk

(Remind me to never do 4 cars at once again…)


If you;re gonna offer him a test drive, at least get the name right!


Who’s that Robinson? :smiley:


I revised again the car price. Now is cheaper.

And, BTW, is a v8, not a v6.

Key Stats:

  • 5.0L V10

  • 580bhp

  • M-RWD

  • 10.4L/100km

  • 0-62: 3.1 seconds

  • Top Speed: 208mph

We at JHW also invite Gavin Anderson to be the very first person to drive the car.

Model 1 - JHW R510.car (17.6 KB)

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Ceder Geneva International Autoshow


The music playing in the background for the reveal

Lazuli Metallic Ceder Aspera 3.0 TXi shown in images.


Caliban’s humble announcement.

What are we doing here? Didn’t expect us? Yeah, but we have something to announce.

After four years accepting orders for the newest generation of the Caliban Thunder, we’ve finally finished our first image and engine refresh for it.

The new Caliban Thunder will be just as nimble as before the facelift, but the engine output has been raised from 150hp to 180hp; the engine has been kept N/A and has even reduced its displacement from 1.6 to 1.4 liters. To counter this and make even more power, we extended the rev range and powerband, now redlining at 9000rpm. As such, out latest version of our famous I4 has been nicknamed “Screamer”.

The new engine doesn’t use VVT for a purer experience, but it does use VVL to increase efficiency. Consumption has decreased to 8 l/100km for the newer engine, while offering more power and higher revving than the older engine.

The refreshed Thunder will now be orderable for only $19400.





If this is the most used fleet car in Italy, there is a good reason. Low running costs, good drivabilit and a pinch of peppiness to allows italian drivers to have a bit of fun here and there. As the simplest interior without any entertainment system, allows almost everybody to afford a brand new, reliable C segment car.



The choice of the italian commuter. A comfortable, family friendly hatchback, with great fuel mileage wihout sacrificing any grociery-getter capability, children friendly (thanks to its integrated rear seat booster) and robotized gearbox for the sporty moment when the whirring of the turbo unleash all the horses available. It also has the new Zcreen, the infotainment system debuted on the Zephir in the 2012.



For the person that doesn’t want to sacrifice the reliability and the technology of the Žnoprešk brand but want a premium feel while driving it. Thanks to the direct injection, the 1.7ti is capable of almost 100hp/l retaining a great milage. No compromise on this engine/car/trim combo. Only the best that Žnoprešk can offer.



At the moment, the only 3 door version of the Zest. Similar interior of the Linea, it has an upgraded infotainment system, but the real deal is the LSD on the driving wheels, the dual clutch gearbox, the adaptive dampers and the launch control. It reach 100km/h in less than 6.2 seconds. But all the sportiness do not came at the sacrifice of the car’s drivability. A car that means Fun!


Hmmm so my risk didn’t pay off XD. Oh well. At least more constructive criticism :slight_smile:

Thanks for reviewing the car @DeusExMackia !

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New for 2019, Leviathan brings you the Scylla series. Loaded with technology developed from the Halcyon project, there is a Scylla for the role of family commuter, luxury sedan, and high-performance GT.

The Scylla (base model)

The base model Scylla is a premium sedan is powered by a very smooth and enjoyable 2.1L inline-6 turbo, giving it 238 hp and 215 lb-ft. of torque. The Scylla achieves a combined 34.6 mpg with cruising tests reaching much higher. Thanks in part to its VVL technology, the inline-6 is quiet at low speeds and is capable of revving up to 9000 rpm. 0-62 mph acceleration is just over 6 seconds and the top speed is tested at 153 mph. Surprisingly nimble for it’s size, the Scylla makes use of it’s active multilink suspension, dual clutch transmission, and AWD layout for a fun driving experience that doesn’t sacrifice everyday comfort.

The entry level trim comes with premium leather seats, a sunroof, and Leviathan’s tried and true premium infotainment system. A $3,500 option is available for the new HUD system with 12-speaker Revel audio, internet access, voice controls and more. Electric Variable power steering and ESC ensure the Scylla is easy to drive and includes a sport setting. The base Scylla’s pricing starts at $30,995.

Scylla S

The S model is the next major step up from family sedan to GT car. This trim level features a 3.3L V8 twinturbo making 369 hp. This is enough to propel the Scylla S from 0-62 mph in 4.6 seconds and reach speeds near 180 mph. The tuned suspension and high performance tires help the 2-ton car push 1.2 g’s around corners. The advanced HUD system comes standard with the S model as well as the highest quality safety features available. Much faster and nearly as efficient as the base model at a combined 30.7 mpg, the Scylla S is priced at $58,100.

Scylla GT

The high end Scylla GT is a 2+2 coupe version with the option of 4 full seats. The GT gets its power from the Halcyon’s 488 hp V12 twinturbo. The 0-62 mph time is a blistering 3.6 seconds without the help of its launch control and its top speed is 193 mph. Carbon ceramic brakes stop the GT from 62-0 mph in just 94 ft. Every inch of the interior conveys quality, with it’s futuristic HUD system shared with the Halcyon GT. The fuel economy is not sacrificed for this performance 30.6 mpg combined. While not tuned for the track racing, the GT achieved 1:18.25 around the Airfield test track. The Scylla GT will be available later this year for $84,675.

Gavin Anderson, you are welcome to test drive the Scylla GT if you desire. LMC Scylla - GT.car (32.7 KB)

We’re not finished here yet at Leviathan. The last of our new models will be revealed tomorrow!


Thanks! Its my favorite out of them too. That’s why there’s 3 pictures of it :rofl:

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Presenting the Mk4 Pampero’s new face and trim options

Pampero ST:

The ST is FMU’s answer to the rising popularity of hot hatches and affordable sports cars. the thought process was “Why not the best of both? the space of a hatch and the fire of a light sports car?” Armed with a 327 Hp this Scam can reach the 100 km/h mark in just over 5 seconds. with only rear wheel drive!

Power: 328 hp @ 8300 rpm
Torque: 313 nm @ 6500 rpm with the turbo kicking in at 4000 pm

Gearbox: 6 speed sequential
Differential: RWD GEARED

alloy 20’’ 9.5 wide
Tires: 245/40 r20

Standard interior.

Supension: active wishbone front and back.


RCM Ace Vision 2025 Concept

The Ace Vision 2025 Concept is what the RCM designers think a large sports coupé could look like in the year 2025. Referencing back to airplane designs of the interwar period, the Ace Vision 2025 Concept is driving back into the twenties in style.


mmmm…vents for days

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Note, I can't make the car in UE4, so I'm using a placeholder livery, and a bunch of bullshit

With the 2018 Endurance season right around the corner, GBSC will finally unveil their plans. This year sees them moving from the LMP2 class, as an engine supplier, and moving to the LMP1 category, supported by the wonderful team at EVE Motorsport, who had gathered information in the Formula E series.

This LMP1 entry is a joint effort between the two companies. GBSC will be using an evolved and updated version of their LMP2 category V8, while EVE will be supplying an all-new Hybrid drivetrain. The Chassis itself is a joint project between the two companies, and is a major step up for both companies in a competitive sphere. This also marks GBSC’s return to top level LeMans Endurance racing since the abolition of Group C.

The Livery features the Main colours of Both Companies, the White of GBSC, and the Orange of EVE. It features sponsorship from Amazon UK, Alpinestars, Hankook, and Monster Energy as of Now, with more to join in the Future.

GBSC and EVE hope to be competitive in the field, hoping to achieve at least a podium finish in the Championship.


So with the madness covered, it’s time for something more sensible, and for this, the Pampero SE enters the scene.

built on the same platform as any other current Pampero, it preserves the rear drive drivetrain and wishbone suspension

Buran 100TE inline 3 dohc 15 valve turbo
Power: 81 hp @ 6300 rpm
Torque: 117 Nm @2900 rpm, when the turbo kicks in
efficiency on ron 91: 32.2%
Economy 21.1 km/l

Drivetrain: Open differential with 6 speed automatic box
standard interior
vented discs

Holts SURO

(DirtMaster Trim Shown) More Info At Holts Website


2 tons?! Is is all steel? Also, 2.1 litre is just perfect to get higher tax/insurance/whatever rates in many places in Europe (the most common treshold is at 2.0). But I like the design, it looks pretty harmonious and well flowing :slight_smile:


Thanks, and I didn’t know about that with Europe. Also I probably should’ve specified that its 2 'murican tons (just over 4000 lbs) and not 2 metric tons, which is still heavy with the advanced safety and whatnot.

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Yamato at the 2018 Geneva motorshow. reveals three new cars.

----2019 Yamato Asura----
Drivetrain: Rear Wheel Drive, with electric LSD.
Engine: 3477cc Inline 6, 4 Valve , Direct Injection. 630 HP at 7200 rpm. 8900 rpm redline.
Transmission: 7 speed manual transmission or 7 speed dual clutch.
Wheels and Tires: 245/19 Allory rims front and rear.
Brakes: Carbon ceramic front and rear.
Interior: 2 seat, sport interior, black or tan leather. Premium infotainment system by Sony.
Suspension: Active sport suspension.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 1796KG.
Price: $49996.

A cross between a sports car and a GT car, with a hugely powerful inline 6 engine, cruise in comfort or destroy the corners at high speed.

----2019 Yamato Shinobi----
Drive Train: RWD with geared LSD.
Engine: Aluminium 1664cc Inline 4.
Power: 173 HP at 7900 RPM. 8500 RPM rev limit.
Doors/ Seats: 2 door / 2 seat.
Transmission: 6 speed manual.
Wheels and Tyres: 195/16 sports compound…
Brakes: Solid disc front and rear.
Interior: Sports interior with standard infotainment.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 951KG
Fuel Economy: 33 mpg.
Price: $25000

A small light weight and affordable sports coupe, which encourages at-the-limit driving with its rev happy engine.

----2019 Yamato Kasano----
Drivetrain: RWD, with viscous LSD.
Engine: 1988cc Mid mounted turbo charged inline-6.
Power: 305 HP at 8300 RPM. 9000 RPM redline.
Doors/ Seats: 2 Door, 2 seats.
Transmission: 7 speed manual.
Suspension: Double wishbone front and rear.
Wheels and Tyres: 235/16 front, 260/16 rear. Sports compound.
Brakes: Carbon Ceramic front and rear.
Interior: Sports interior with standard infotainment.
Driver Aids: Electronic stability control , ABS, Launch control, Electric Variable power steering.
Weight: 1214kg
0-100km: 4.3 seconds
Top speed: 270 KM.
Fuel Economy: 34.8 mpg.
Price: $32686

Bringing back the affordable mid engine sports car. Made to be a pure drivers car, for those who want to experience how cars used to be.

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