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88th International Motor Show (Geneva International Motor Show 2018)

Fmu pampero mk4 - geneva motor ST.car (21.8 KB)
Fmu pampero mk4 - Genenva motor SE.car (18.8 KB)

these are the keys to 2 test cars

Mont Royal Deco Vision 2025 Concept

Following the RCM Ace Vision 2025 Concept, Mont Royal’s designers have designed their own interpretation for the return to the twenties. The design is inspired by the art deco style that began in the 1920s but offers a modern twist on it from this century. The Deco Vision 2025 Concept’s cabin can accomodate four occupants in supreme comfort, with the unequal smoothness of a naturally aspirated V12 for driving comfort and performance.


Zenshi at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

Zenshi showcases two new vehicles that are more on the heavy side of things.

2019 TDF Furue ZMD Trail Edition

Shown in Ultimate Black Pearl

The 6th generation TDF Furue came out in 2015, and once again will be given the “ZMD touch.” While ZMD is primarily known for making performance vehicles on the track, they too have knowledge off the road, and the Furue is their weapon of choice to apply this knowledge on.

The result is the TDF Furue ZMD Trail Edition, “Trail Edition” meaning that this is the version made for off-roading. The Furue was used by Zenshi in various rally racing events way back when, and the current generation was no stranger to the events, as it was used by ZMD’s Rally Racing team last year for the Dakar Rally.

The ZMD Trail Edition could then, be considered, somewhat of a homologation, as it possesses many similar performance traits to the Dakar Rally. The body was somewhat wider to accommodate the use of wider tires, and overall was given a more aggressive front end.

Underneath the pickup’s body, contained ZMD fine-tuned suspension, Torsen differential, and large disc brakes with ramune blue-coated calipers. Powering the terrain crawler is a 4.8L naturally aspirated V8 similar to the one used in the Pike, making over 400 HP and around 370 lb-ft of torque. All of this is linked to Zenshi’s recently developed Super Drive 6-Speed automatic transmission and SM-AWS system.

With all of this in mind, it would be clear that ZMD has tuned one of Zenshi’s simplest vehicles up to 11.

2019 Taiko Pike

When it comes to Taiko, a division of Zenshi that specializes in utility vehicles, it doesn’t really matter what year it is, if it isn’t broke, why bother fixing it?

The 2nd generation Pike is still being made. Despite being many generations behind to Zenshi’s counterpart, Taiko utilizes the body and keeps in focus with what it was made to do: disregard weather, acquire heavy things.

To get on with the times a bit, the Taiko Pike was spritzed up in 2010 to look a bit more modern. Inside, the running time machine has a bit of nod to how it was since 1968, utilizing various gauges to tell the driver the car’s elevation, angle, etc., but with more modern touches, such as an infotainment system and rear-view camera.

The Taiko Pike will have a choice of two engines: the 3.7L naturally aspirated LY5-GME I6, and the 4.9L turbodiesel RD49-DDA2T V8. Both can either be had with a 5-speed manual, or automatic transmission (the 4.9L will have a 6AT instead).


The Azanti Asada. Making bold statements and breaking new grounds.

Ashbury 2.0 Turbo X trim shown in Paris Blue Metallic on Xenon White accents and roof.

Azanti is proud to present the 3rd generation Asada at the 88th International Motor Show. When the original Asada broke cover in 2007, it created an entirely new group of Azanti fans worldwide. Now, built on Kimura’s CM-T (Compact Modifiable - Transverse) Global platform, the Asada returns with improved handling, comfort, and all-terrain capabilities. With widespread usage of lightweight high-strength steel, the Asada is able to retain it’s rigid structure whilst maintaining a low curb weight. A first for Azanti vehicles is an all-new AllTrak system which can be adjusted by the driver for every setting. Thus, the driver can prepare for on-road difficulties and off-road situations easily and effectively, improving the dynamic nature of the Asada. This system is available only on 2.0 Turbo X models. The suspension has been completely reworked for sophisticated yet spirited on-road mannerisms. 4 options are available to propel the Asada; a 2.3 L naturally aspirated I4, a 1.3 L turbocharged I3, a 1.6 L turbocharged I4, and a 2.0 L turbocharged I4. In the interest of pursuing a greener, more eco-friendly future, Azanti will no longer provide a turbodiesel engine, with the 1.3 L I3 taking it’s place with comparable power and less weight. These engines may be mated to a 6-speed manual or an 8-speed automatic and 4WD is optional.* It is possible to achieve an EPA estimated 41 MPG highway with the new Asada. Foraying into the new decade, the Asada will prove to triumph over its competition.

*1.3 and 1.6 models are not available with 4WD. 1.3 and 2.0 turbocharged models come standard with 8-speed automatic transmissions.

Ashbury 2.0 Turbo X trim shown in Xenon Metallic on Blackberry accents and roof.

The latest Asada has a fully redesigned interior which exudes a chic and premium ambience. A newly designed leather-wrapped 2-spoke steering wheel comes as standard, with an optional plant-based faux suede option available. A rearview camera is standard on all Asada models. Automatic braking, Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, Pedestrian Detection Systems with KimuraGuard™, featuring 360° parking cameras, are also available. Travelling to the exterior, a bold new design language is simultaneously unveiled with the latest Asada; based on a horizontal width-focused motif, the Parallel Diamond design takes Azanti’s design into a new era of avante-garde ideals. LED taillights foglights are standard, whilst full LED headlights are optional on all trims and standard on Ashbury trims. Varied personalization options are available for the Asada with 5 different wheel options, 5 accent colors, and 8 body colors along with 6 interior accent colors. With a practical interior and unparalleled design, the Asada returns better than ever before.

Ashbury 2.0 Turbo X trim shown in Saffron Orange Metallic on Blackberry accents and roof.

Thanks to @ramthecowy for help on the rear photo.

For more information, please visit the official Azanti website.


We’ve announced a slew of new performance cars for Geneva, and it’s time for us to bring a muscle car into the fold. Introducing the Wraith.

The Wraith (base model)

Armed with a tuned version of the Scylla S’s V8, the Wraith brings over 380 hp to the rear wheels. The top speed is over 180 mph and the 0-62 time is 4.7 seconds with launch control available to make it even quicker. This muscle car is built for more than driving in a straight line. Leviathan’s active multilink suspension makes for a responsive ride that keeps the power under the driver’s control. This Wraith has a tested Airfield lap time of 1:21.37.

The Wraith has 4 full sized seats and a high-quality premium infotainment system as a standard feature. The engine carried over some of the fuel saving tech found in the Scylla, bringing the Wraith fuel economy to 28.8 mpg combined. Pricing for the Wraith starts at $41,290.

Wraith Supersport

The Supersport utilizes the recently developed 4.8L Hydra V8 to increase the power output to 516 hp. Staying true to the muscle car formula, that power is delivered to the rear wheels. The 0-62 mph time is shortened to 4 seconds flat and the top speed is well over 200 mph. The suspension, tires, and brakes have all been tuned to accommodate the power increase. The Supersport is over 250 lbs lighter than the standard Wraith, bringing the weight to 3,495 lbs. We tested this version at the Airfield and it achieved a lap time of 1:17.21. The price for this high performance model starts at $56,850.

That’s all we have for Geneva this year. We are constantly working to improve our cars and we look forward to the next auto show. Thanks for your time!


Baltazar at the Geneva Motor Show

Baltazar is proud to present the smallest car of the range, named after the smallest size conceivable within the standard model of Physics, a unit of measure named in honour of the man who conceived this limit, Max Planck.

For 2018, the Baltazar Planck has received a facelift, with new head and tail lights and new bumpers. The engine range still consists in the 1.0 3-cylinder unit, in two states of tune, a 70 hp NA model and a 95 hp turbocharged one. Drive is sent to the front wheels through either a 5 speed manual gearbox or a 5 speed automated manual.

Inside, 4 people can sit in lavish comfort, with the latest infotainment items available.

More information and detailed stats, soon on the Baltazar page.


Here’s a recommendation that should be heeded: next time you want someone to review one of your cars, just PM them the trim you want to be reviewed, rather than sharing them on an open thread such as this one.

With which fixture did you do your headlight?

Damn, man, at least be a little less “witty” and a bit more constructive…

Anyway, here are the new Aurora concepts, with new, more consistent design and a new “winged” logo.
Every single one has our flagship 3.5 liter twin-turbocharged V8 from the Ryujin. Yes, even the Airstrike.

Jetfire RII (Revision 2)

  • 0-60 in 3.6 seconds
  • 185 mph top speed
  • 28.1 mpg city, 44 mpg highway


  • 0-60 in 3.7 seconds
  • 179 mph top speed
  • 26.2 mpg city, 42.5 mpg highway


  • 0-60 in 5.22 seconds
  • 190 mph top speed
  • 23.7 mpg city, 40.5 mpg highway


  • 0-60 in 3.3 seconds
  • Top speed of 175 mph
  • 29.5 mpg city, 44.1 mpg highway


  • 0-60 in 4.7 seconds
  • Top speed of 142 mph
  • 23.1 mpg city, 36.1 mpg highway

These models are planned to be released in mid to late 2018 with more trims and possible facelifts.

In other news, Norris are delaying their shows in order to fit them with Ronin’s (Aurora’s parent company) V8 engines.


If you want him to be more constructive, perhaps you should send him a car to review?


Good point, although he’d probably just find all the cracks in the designs.

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Thank you everyone for your participation in this auto show. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next show will be at New York; a page will be opened by next weekend.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


Press Day 2

After a less-than-sightly time last night where I managed to end up buying no less than 3 rounds of drinks for some of the women from Scagliati at the show, I managed to get composed enough and sober enough to get the low-down on day 2. With the show opening to the public shortly, Geneva 2018’s reel of official announcements are now complete. Time to see what went down on the final day

There were also a few more reviews to be done too…

And with that, we’re done. Whew! Time to spend the weekend chilling in the early spring sun along the shores of Lake Geneva. I swear I’m not a wanna-be playboy, I do…

See you in New York folks.

- Gavin Anderson


Thanks for the review, I think something happened to the file or you had to do the thing where you click on the drivetrain to reload some calculations. It’s still 0-60 in 3.6 seconds on my game for AWD and 4.4 seconds if I change it to RWD, but no worries. I didn’t notice it before but I definitely see the resemblance to the Shromet’s front grills (mostly just the base model Scylla), we will make sure it has it’s own identity before it reaches production.


Something’s missing on your list…

No worries though.

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Really sorry @Grandea but I had to cut some stuff, it’s a wall of text enough as it is. Also I know zilch about trucks so I don’t know how much worth my voice has on said cars.


Haha, as I said no worries, I’m not peeved about it!


Press release

Franklin Marshall would like to apologise for not getting to the Geneva International Motor Show 2018.

Adverse weather conditions in the UK meant that our transporters were unable to leave the factory in time.

We’ll see everyone at the next motor show.

Happy motoring!

i had a feeling the styling would be a contentious issue. i blame my lack of experience at making modern cars on UE4.