89th International Motor Show (Geneva Motor Show 2019)

The new Baltazar Sapienza EV

Following the trends in the auto industry and the need to seek a more sustainable future, Baltazar Automóveis is introducing its first electric vehicle, the Sapienza. It brings all the typical Baltazar qualities of strong engineering, with good comfort and fun to drive behaviours, in an affordable package.

To achieve this, the Baltazar group developed an entirely new platform, dubbed EVP-1, to be used in all new Baltazar and Bonham electric models. The platform, made from 3rd gen advanced high strength steel, comprises the entire underfloor of the car, with the battery cells sitting between the axles, as part of the floor structure, helping with crash resistance and torsional rigidity. The front and rear structures, including key crash structures will be shared between all models, which will help streamline development of future models and allowing the company to focus on ever-greater features for the customers. The platform will allow both RWD and AWD propulsion, with a base electric motor on the rear axle being complemented by up to two electric motors on the front axle. The rear suspension package is comprised of a multilink set-up, with the motor nestled between the wheels, and will be used by all models underpinned by this platform. The front suspension is a double wishbone format and is designed to house one or two electric motors, depending on the model.

On this first Sapienza model, from launch only the RWD model will be available, in two models, both with a single rear motor and RWD. 60 models get a 60 kWh battery and 95 models get a 95 kWh battery, good for 350 and 520 km of range, respectively. Both models feature a brushless AC motor, with an output of 160 kW (215 hp), allowing the 1650 kg Sapienza 95 to go from 0-100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. Top speed is limited to 180 km/h. Future cars with more powerful drivetrains and sportier set-ups will be available during the model cycle.

Inside, the car features a new interior concept to Baltazar, with new sustainable upholsteries, with seats and padded areas available in cloth, supersuede or wool. All models get the new generation of in-car infotainment, featuring a 10.1" drivers display and a 12" central display, with the new Baltazar assistant, capable of controlling car functions and even certain queries, such as weather, traffic, estimated arrival time and estimated remaining battery range at arrival, through speech alone.

The new Sapienza will cost from just $32,000, in the USA, and €39,700, in Germany, for the base 60 model. 95 models will cost an extra $5,000/€5,500. Sales in Europe and the USA will start in September, whereas Chinese dealerships will start getting the model in October. Global production of the car will be concentrated in Baltazar’s Hangzou factory, in China.


Scagliati at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show. Day Two.

Introducing the Scagliati La Tempesta - The Ultimate Expression of Speed.

Scagliati La Tempesta, in Plutonio

Scagliati is proud to present our most exclusive and refined automobile to date, La Tempesta. Like the towering storm from which it derives its name, La Tempesta shakes the earth with its thunderous engine, the ultimate version of Scagliati’s Amadeo V12. Generating over sixteen hundred horsepower, La Tempesta sacrifices everything in the pursuit of speed, with La Tempesta sprinting from a standstill to 300 kilometres per hour in less than ten seconds, and on to a top speed of over 480 kilometres per hour.

The interior has undergone an extensive rework over the Il Dominante upon which it is based, with extensive use of lightweight materials, and a set of fixed carbon-fibre seats for both pilot and passenger; driving position is instead adjusted by a moveable steering column and pedal box. Elsewhere in the interior, only the comforts deemed absolutely essential to the enjoyment of the car remain; everything else has been stripped away in the pursuit of light weight.

Outside, the bodywork has been carefully sculpted in the wind tunnel for the lowest drag possible, with every aspect of the car being scrutinised in the finest detail. Cooling for the powertrain has been optimised to the finest degree, and the rear bodywork has been completely reworked with a longer, lower tail and a more efficient, low-drag rear wing. The engine air intake is now a flush duct on the carbon-fibre rear deck of the car, the enormous air requirement of the engine helping to keep the airflow over the car closer to the body, and reducing the drag-inducing turbulent zone behind the car. A series of holes in the rear decking help evacuate heat when the car is standing still, and also help to reduce the turbulent wake over the rear body sections, helping increase the effectiveness of the wing.

La Tempesta will be one of the most exclusive cars Scagliati has ever made, with a total production run of 74 units only, all of them being offered to our most valued clients selected from a very strongly attended selection process. Every selectee was flown to the Scagliati factory in Mirano, where they spent two days touring the production lines, taking in the history of our marque as well as customising their car, all while enjoying the finest in accomodations and cuisine. La Tempesta will be an expression of each selectee’s own tastes and desires; no two La Tempestas will be the same. While all units have been sold, the asking price for La Tempesta was $1.14 million, with colour options and interior customisations extra.

Model Specifications

Model Scagliati La Tempesta
Layout mid-engine, all-wheel drive hypersports car
Seating Two
Chassis/Body carbon fibre monocoque and panels
Suspension Pushrod front and rear with electronically adjustable dampers
Transmission 7-speed double-clutch gearbox
Brakes 4-wheel carbon-ceramic with ABS and advanced ESC with launch control
Curb Weight 1670 kg
Weight Distribution 41.5%F/58.5%R
Engine Scagliati Amadeo SP050.XXT Evo
Engine Descrption turbocharged V12
Displacement (cc) 5751
Output 1635 hp @ 7700 RPM, 1610 Nm @ 6200 RPM
0-100 km/h 2.2s
0-200 km/h 5.9 s
0-300 km/h 10.0s
100-0 Braking Distance 29.7 m
Top Speed 484 km/h
Fuel Economy 30.4 L/100km
Base Price $1.14 million
Total Production 74

Quite simply the maddest Scagliati ever. Judging by its specs, it will easily give other hypercar makers (GG, KHT, etc.) sleepless nights for weeks on end!

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On this show, Anueis shows it’s revised Otnas C-model with the upcoming Anueis MS. This C-model will be the last one which has the hatchback body and classified as a subcompact.

The new revised Otnas recieves new revised engines which could rev higher and produce more power without sacrificing it’s fuel economy.
This facelift also includes retuned suspension which improves comfort, handling, and drivability with new bigger brakes and wheels and tires. The Semi active dampers and active sway bars are now available in the base model as standard. While the Otnas models are all improved, the Anueis models are all improved too. The new Otnas C-model have improved interior with a more refined interior, hand rubbed wood, and new heated and ventilated 23-way power seats with the Balinese traditional massage function. The car also has Dolby ATMOS system with 23-speakers.

Anueis MS

The Anueis MS is the midsized saloon from Anueis, built upon the aluminium version of the Anueis FS platform. The MS also has it’s rear end a bit chopped off the make it a bit shorter and making it into a midsized sedan. Like everything that comes out from our headquarters, the car has double wishbone and multi-link setup, and equipped with hydropneumatic suspension as standard.
Big brakes are equipped on the car to make sure the car will stop on time at a dime at high speeds. Other standard feature is the car will only available as AWD. We still consider that the MS is still unfinished but the Geneva Motor Show sure gives a chance for us to introduce the MS to the world. Due to some reasons, the FS35 will soon be discontinued which will be replaced by the MS40, the 4.0 litre Boxer 6 Twin Turbo equipped MS. The MS40 is more affordable, and is also more comfortable than the FS35 which will be the ideal replacement for it. The car will be on sale at May 9 2019.

Anueis FS

The 60 Lusso trim of the Anueis FS will have the “W1D60T” engine replaced with the new “W2D60T” engine which has smaller block but is more fuel efficient and produces 650hp and 1015Nm of torque. This Anueis FS is considered as a new generation since this one has most of it’s components revised, including the stiffer and lighter chassis which shaves 300kg on it’s total weight.
The interior is also changed drastically. Everything was redesigned while maintain-ing it’s minimalist design combined with futurism and trimmed with hand rubbed wood and we also offer the interior to be trimmed with polished marble rock. The seats in the car is also redesigned. The new seats are heated and ventilated 23-way power seats with Balinese traditional massage function. The FS will have ATMOS system as standard with 23-speakers with 2100W, 19-channels which gives 3D sound that puts you on center of the action. The new system gives an even more clearer sound, powerful bass, and natural & lifelike sound.
The current FS has ambient light like colorful ambient light on other luxury cars. This time, we removed that feature and replaced it with our new ambient light which now gives warm glow like the Japanese andon lantern.


Murasaki Surprise Public Reveal

Over the past few days, our social media were flooded with hastag #mysterycar, all related to the car covered in black silk cover that’s standing in rear of our booth.
Some were saying it is going to be some upgraded model of Akari, some were saying we have covered a fake cardboard to attarct attention, and some were implying brand new concept.
The third was partly right, apart from the fact that it is not concept, only a limited production vehicle.

Presenting you, the 2020 Hekaram Ascent

You already heard mentions of Ascent technology, here and there, saw the logo a few times as well, and today, we bring you the first car to fully use our revolutionary technology.
First, how does Ascent work?

  • That’s pretty simple. Ascent begins with economical internal combustion engine, this engine is small, light, and balanced, and with rest of the E-Gen unit acts as generator of power.
    Power for what? Power for four high-end electric motors that drive the car.

  • Due to the direct interaction between E-gen and E-drive, there is no need for big batteries that would weight the car down, and only four batteries that act as buffers are thus installed in the vehicle. This allows us to improve Safety and Weight of the car by large amounts

Okay, what can we expect from Hekaram?

  • As for numbers, the Hekaram is expected to be one of first next-generation hypercars, with power of 1400Kw and torque of 1974 Nm.
    However, thanks to its Ascent system, the combined fuel economy of Hekaram is 4.4L/100Km, and when not speeding it around the track, it is expected to consume around two litres for each one hundred kilometers. This solves both range and refueling problems, and provides the needed compromise between Electric and ICE cars.
    Hekaram accelerates to 100Km/h in as little as 2.1s and it’s top speed is 397 Km/H

What about the visual side of the car?

  • As for outside of the car, we were inspired by the flowing wind, as well as elecric wires that are essential to the car’s operation, along with that, we tried to keep the car as clean and aerodynamic as possible.

  • The real beauty, however, is inside.
    Some of you might recognise the shaping is similar to Akari’s, the two-piece touchscreen with integrated manual buttons and controls, the basic shape of the interior, and many more.
    That all is true, but we went further, and brought some of the windflow styling even inside, this time, made of led system that runs through the interior. This led system not only looks eye-pleasing when the car is stopped (It switches itself off once you start driving, to not distract the driver), but also is capable of informing driver of various things, as need of refuel, or problems with the car, although we do not expect many thanks to simplicity of Ascent system.
    As for seats, they are fully electroncially controllable (even their stiffness) and are made of leather and high-quality textile, proving ultimate response and comfort during driving.

We have currently fifteen Hekarams available, and another thirty-five will be made for the next year. The price is firmly set at $650000 / €574810 / ¥72600000


Blaire Automotive New Car Reveal

Over the past month Blaire had to take in the New Car for constant re-designing and engineering due to the constant source engine of their designing facilities changing and causing the other designs to be lost.
Finally one month later. We have now gotten an official design for the 2020 Blaire New Car.

Presenting you, the 2020 Blaire New Car

The legend is back an better than ever with a 3.5L V6 making 250 horsepower and a redline of 6,600 rpm, and an average mpg of 35 miles to the gallon.

The 2020 New Car is lighter than it’s previous generation weighing 3,530 lb.

The New Car comes in 3 different trims

MX: is the base trim coming with a 3.0L V6 making 200 horsepower and a redline of 6,000 rpm, and an average mpg of 38 miles to the gallon. The MX trim will have an msrp of $15,500.00

MXX: is the second trim coming with the 3.5L V6 making 250 horsepower and a redline of 6,600 rpm, and an average mpg of 35 miles to the gallon. The MXX comes with an exclusive leather interior and an msrp of $20,500.00

MXL: is the highest trim coming with a 4.0L V6 making 350 horsepower and a redline of 7,100 rpm, and an average mpg of 28 miles to the gallon. The MXL comes with a fully loaded interior and an msrp of $25,500.00

Coming this June you can get your hands on a brand new full size New Car, visit Blaire Automotive Co (Outdated. Thread remade) for more information on cars.

Blaire Automotive “Safer is Better”

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Thank you everyone for your participation in this event. We hope you enjoyed taking part.

The next event will be the New York International Auto Show, on April 17th.

Please do not unveil any more cars.


Man I came just in time to post the New Car.

I was cutting it a bit close myself, had to rework my car a bit due to Automation crashing a lot after the latest updates and mods not working.

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Say, wasn’t there supposed to be a magazine covering up the Geneva Motor Show and what is in all the booths?


I’m a bit busy these days so I can’t come yet. Sorry.

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Yeah. I used to use Open Beta some before stable and it would crash a lot. Now with stable the only crash I had was when I added some finishing touches to the Ace that probably ruined it some but my game takes too long and lags a lot when I edit a car I finished.

It was stable branch I was crashing in. Most of the time during body modification or when making fine adjustments to the fixtures.

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Ah, well now I’ve been kind of been experiencing the same thing. Some things just crash my game.

yeah, btw, is it just me or did the person doing the magazine coverage of this show just vanish just after the show got underway?

F12OM does the Coverage. He said he’s a bit busy so he can’t do it right away.

DoctorNarfy/Motornation didn’t cover this one either.

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I guess they’re just busy.

There’s multiple, who do you mean?