[AEC] Arbitrary Engineering Challenge #1 [Completed]

Welcome Comrade to the position of head engineer at (Your Car Company)! Expect a Class 3 dwelling while you are here.

The Brief Of The Situation

The most recent revolution in 1969 has lead to the installation of the Reactionist party into government. This party is known to be extremely large, extremely irrational, and currently is the ruling majority. Their motto was “no more waiting, fix it now”. This generally has led to them making extremely rash decisions (and generally bad ones at that) upon entering government, starting with the ban of all computerized equipment (save for those in charge). Right now they are looking at changing the regulations related to the manufacturing of cars, and it looks like they are going to come to an important decision.

A state news broadcast comes in over the radio.


This challenge is as simple as that. Make me a peoples car that fits into these new regulations. Failure to make a car that fits with these new regulations is treason and will result in a :wastebasket:. Cars should have a minimum of 2 +2 seats, more seats are better. Safety regulations match '80s Archana safety regs (which are basically none).

State Geography/Who Are We

This nation is large, mountainous, and at war (often times with itself and it’s people). This car will need to be cheap, fuel efficient to deal with the new petrol rationing, and reasonably quick, in case party members need to make a quick escape (quick being relative due to regulations). Also, as a result of the frequent mine collapses due to cutting mining regulations, Aluminium is currently a rarity reserved for the Air Force, so no Alloy for you.

You are the engineer of the car, not the designer. If you wish to design your car, feel free to go ahead, however visual design will not be scored. We haven’t had a good engineering based challenge in quite a while. I’m ignoring design, since, for one, I’m personally terrible at it, and two, I’m currently very limited with a single 200 GB SSD (with, now 1 GB of space) at the moment.

:star: 30% Fuel Eco (with a bonus for Low Quality Gas of an extra 10% in terms of US MPG)
:star: 25% Price
:star: 20% Automation Test Track Speed
:star: 15% Reliability
:star: 5% Drivability
:star: 3% Comfort
:star: 1% Sportiness
:star: 1% Arbitrary State Decision

Banned Stuff
:x: Aluminum panels and block
:x: Leaded gas
:x: Anything but regular gas and horse piss
:x: Injection of any kind
:x: Excessive overdrive warning in Automation (a lot is fine)
:x: ABS
:x: Hydro/Air Springs/Active/Adaptive Dampers
:x: Quality spam +/- 5 (you can’t go over +5 or lower than -5 in each category, so +5 tires is okay, with -5 safety, though you will get a :thinking: from me for it.)
:x: Advanced Auto
:x: DOHC 4v is out. If you can make a case for DOHC 2v, I’ll allow it.
:x: No 0 boost turbos… I saw you there thinking about it!

:white_check_mark: After fruitful negotiations with your overseer of acquisition, you ARE allowed to use Alloy rims. Partial Aluminum is still out though.

Otherwise, send in whatever you feel fits. Aim for a sporty, Archanan fun car, but keep within the regs. Most other things are acceptable, but I do want to see somewhat realistic sporty shitboxes. Face-lifting of older models is allowed, however, keep it tasteful, a '55 boat in '88 is a bit overboard.

P.S. If it wasn’t clear, this country doesn’t actually have emissions laws. They think strangle reduces emissions, because someone said so in parliament. Cats are optional.

After getting everything ironed out enough. I think we’re good to open this one. The contest doesn’t require any designing, but I’ve still got a very busy week. One week should be ample time. Submit your car with your forum username as the model name, everything else can be whatever. Include an Ad if you want, remember, design isn’t a factor in this challenge though.

Submission Deadline Is: February 26th 9 PM PST


Nothing and everything could possibly go wrong.
Time to break out a really old company I haven’t used in a while.

as for 200 GB SSD… That’s a bit better than me in terms of hardware

I have 2 GB of available space…

I’m just drafting this idea right now though. I fully expect to see dune buggies, and other stuff like that with how broad of a net this casts.

Is 5 the limit? Or are you saying that even 5 would be considered spam?

I’ll clarify, no more than 5 in each category either way. Price should keep it in line regardless for the score.

This challenge is great, sounds like a lot of fun, count me in :grinning:

Edit: Maybe you should clarify allowed bodies so people don’t use bodies with an unrealistically low air drag and therefore unfair fuel economy advantage.

Pretty much anything is fine unless the Cd is extremely low. Vanilla bodies are all mostly fine, as long as you can reasonably consider it to be a “generic” body. Like the LMP body is probably a no-no.

What about emissions / cat and engine noise / mufflers?

Use your judgement. The country has been a bit backwards for the last 20 years, so basically no restrictions, as long as it makes sense. Below 50 loudness is ideal. Cat? The government doesn’t know how emissions work, so whatever you want to do.

I reckon that, in addition to aluminum blocks and heads, full and partial aluminum panels will also be prohibited. But what about alloy wheels? Will they be banned as well?

Also, traction control should also be prohibited, and more complex valvetrains (such as 4-valve DOHC) ought to be penalized. In addition:

Given that the OP now states that all entries must have 2+2 seating at minimum, what about having 7 or more seats? Is that allowed?

What about the reliability score and engine stress?
Are race intakes allowed or banned?

With the requirements of a carb, TC and ESC are already out. I’m not completely against the idea of DOHC, but it shouldn’t be a 4 valve, I agree. I’ll add that to the brief. I’m torn on allowing Alloy.

Reliability is part of the score. You can use race intakes if you want, but it won’t help your reliability at all.

You should specify seats so people don’t send you 1-seaters or emergency front seats.

Added. 2 +2 are minimum.

Is OHC 4 valve allowed?

I’m gonna say yes.

Last question so far, what about safety equipment and safety score?

There currently are no safety regulations. Use '88 Archana as a base. As long as it’s legal then, it’s legal here.

7 seats are fine. Also, Alloy is allowed. Just not Allu panels, or Partial Allu.