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[ALR] Automation Live Racing: #11 Classic Sports Track Weekend (Survey Time!)

A little over 48 hours remain. If you want your car double-checked ahead of time, now would be a good opportunity!

“1.8cc per kg of car weight.” does that mean my 970kg car can only have a 530cc engine?? that cant end very well

That would be 1.8kg per cc. :wink:

Your 970kg car can have a 1746cc engine.

that makes a lot more sense! thank you!

FPV Kiwik 1.5 EFi


15 hours! Get your submissions in today!

Currently I have final cars from:
@Ryan93 (driver Elizipeazie)
@variationofvariables (driver Chicochico)

I also have non-final versions of cars from:

So if you’re working on a car to submit, get a final, properly-named version in before 12AM US-Central. If you’re not on this list and you should be, let me know (or just re-submit).


Yup, my designer is still working on it right now. The submission may come from him, his name is either Somebody or Kangarpoo, as I might be asleep while he finishes up

And nice to see TheColouredCow and what I assume to be Chicico, both fast drivers

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I’m pretty sure the car I submitted was the final version, you even approved it for use.

1981 Quezon Cordova T3R QV1600

fast car for a fast driver, sir
but the cabin is even emptier, sir
than the brain of the designer, sir

oi stoopid


1984 Kaizen TRI8o
A more economy minded version of the base level TRI9o


Entries are closed!

It’s time for the poll. Here’s our current lineup:

@Ryan93 with driver @Elizipeazie in the Bermag Junior 1400 AMP.
60 horsepower FR
Controls: Steering Wheel

@nev in the Thistle Munro
140 horsepower (!) FF
Controls: Steering Wheel

@Caligo in the Federal Avtotransport - Комета GT-S 1.5f
88 horsepower RR
Controls: Gamepad

@TheColoredCow in the FPV Kiwik 1.5 EFI
97 horsepower FF
Controls: Unspecified :frowning:

@66mazda in the Kaizen TRI8o engineering prototype
83 horsepower FF
Controls: I feel like he mentioned it but I forgot. Wheel?

@variationofvariables and driver Chicochico in the Quezon Cordova T3R QV1600
108 horsepower RR
Controls: Steering Wheel

@bilobilo in the Kinden Gladio
106 horsepower FF (longitudinal!)
Controls: Steering Wheel

@Executive and driver HT_GT in the Hakaru Presage 1.5i S
66 horsepower FF (pending final tune- this was a last minute entry and there’s a spec issue, but I don’t mind that being fixed late as long as the body is in time for photos)
Controls: Unspecified :frowning:

With any luck, it will be an eight car race! I think that on the Automation Test Track, cars are going to be broken up by power for the most part, but there will be a few close battles to watch anyway.

Don’t forget to vote! Remember, this determines starting position!


I’ll unfortunally skip for now. My internet doesn’t seen to like multiplayer a lot.

Sry i forgot to mention. I drive with a gamepad/controller.

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lol I’m probably the only keyboard driver here

also my rear lights broke somehow
did you screw around with the colors or something

No, I didn’t touch anything. Something must have gone weird with the export. We’ll just pretend they’re red. :wink:

I like Yuris and Executives designes a lot gg guys

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oi, me rear dovetails fallen off!

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It looks like a morph reset ate your rear dovetail, I fixed it and re-exported.

Executive’s car has now been homologated, with a final power of 64hp.