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[ALR] Automation Live Racing #13: The Fruinian Job (Rule Comment + Signup Now!)

I’m a keyboard driver, sorry for not mentioning…


The race starts in about 2 and a half hours!
during which time I have to figure out recording it…

Starting positions are in!

#1 @Ryan93 (@Elizipeazie)
#2 @variationofvariables (Chicochico)
#3 @nev
#4 @66mazda
#5 @Caligo
#6 @bilobilo
#7 @Executive (@HT_GT)
#8 @TheColoredCow

The BeamMP server will be named Automation Challenge.

As a short rules reminder: Resetting in-place to repair your car (CTRL+R) is permitted. Don’t accidentally use the regular R reset and put yourself on the starting line! I wasn’t able to completely disable ingame beam tuning, but it’s still off limits. The race will be started by a countdown in chat (I decided against using the BeamNG cannon as a starting gun). Spectators may join the server, just don’t spawn cars.


Welp me and @Elizipeazie voted for the 2 best design to have a chance to start on the 2 place :smiley:


Race will be pushed back 30 minutes, to 1:30PM US-Central, at the request of some drivers.

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so the race is in 1h 30m then?

Yes, that is correct.

The server is now up! Remember, it’s “Automation Challange” on the BeamMP server list.

It is recommended to join early, because downloading all the cars can take 10-30 minutes!

There will also be a stream on twitch.tv/SenseiB12

The event finished with nev in first place.

It was pretty rough going for a while- we had a LOT of server crashes at first, and a couple drivers couldn’t join, but once we got it working it was good fun. Next time will probably be smaller heats, and no fixtures. I suspect one of the cars in particular was causing server crashes as we stopped having problems later on.

What’s more, apparently the stream broke too. I was also recording, so there will be a video with highlights from the race.


i had a lot of fun! im interested to see what the highlights could be, pretty much the entire stream was a highlight lmao

Unfortunately it wasn’t just the livestream that broke, but the video recording too. I have about an hour of a static image and audio! I’ll have to try to figure out why that happened so I can get a recording of next race that actually works. It sucks because there were some exciting moments in there!

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like mr tech support

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Or me and bilo crashing into each other, and the battle between the Hakaru and Kaizen.
And also the battle between me and chichico


Stay tuned for event #2 details. Even though this one went kinda rough, I’ve got hopes for the next one. Given that there was some inaccuracy in syncing collisions and car damage, I’m thinking it will be another clean race. Race heats will probably be limited to 5 cars or so.

Unless I hear a number of people suggest otherwise, event #2 will probably have a similar schedule to event #1, taking place during the daytime (US) on Friday.

Another big issue we had was mod download time, which was making it hard for people to join the server. I am also making a pre-download for the mods available. This would go in your …/BeamMP-Launcher/resources folder. If I want to use maps not included with Beam, this will be absolutely necessary. Even if it’s just cars, this should make joining the server way faster for everyone.

Let me know if you guys think we need a major schedule change. Otherwise I hope to announce details soon!


the only thing i can really think of is to re-enable recovering your vehicle. ctrl r is super slow and laggy

Automation Live Racing #2: Malaise Muscle slow car lol

Welcome to the the place for live multiplayer racing in BeamNG! This will be a competition to determine the best combination of car and driver.

To play, you will need BeamNG, The BeamMP Multiplayer Mod as well as Automation.
It is also recommended to download the vehicle mods ahead of time, which will be posted before the race.


The Race

Track: Hirochi Raceway, short circuit (turn right at the first fork), 6 laps. The race should take approximately 10 minutes.
Heats: Heats will be a maximum of 6 cars. If there is more than one heat, winners from the initial heats will participate in a final heat.
Clean race: No deliberate ramming. You may reset your car whenever it is necessary. No corner cutting or wall riding.
Qualifying: Qualifying position will be based on an appearance poll.
Schedule: Race is tentatively scheduled for 1PM US-CST on Monday, December 14th.


Teams: One driver per team, and one or more car designers. You may be a one-person team. No driver or designer may participate in multiple teams. When submitting your car, include your Driver’s discord name (as this is what BeamMP uses) and control type (EG Steering Wheel, Gamepad, Keyboard).
Naming: Name your Model and Engine Family “ALR2-Username” and submit it to me on the forums (not discord). If you’re on open beta, add the tag “ALR2” as well. :slight_smile:
Schedule: Submissions are due by midnight on Saturday, December 12th. US-CST time. Once again, the race takes 1pm the following Monday (tentatively).
Pre-Download: Sometime on Sunday I will make a download of all the BeamNG mod cars available. It is strongly recommended that you download them ahead of time instead of when trying to join the server. Mods go in your BeamMP\Resources folder. This will save a ton of time when joining the server, which could otherwise take up to 30 minutes!



It is 1975, and the Muscle Car is in danger. After the 1973 oil crisis, performance has been a “dirty word”- but no longer! Now that fuel prices are finally coming down, it’s time for your company to start making high-performance machines again. However, there are new challenges too- recent laws demand catalytic converters to reduce emissions, and also place strict requirements on fuel economy. What’s more, you’re on a tight budget and schedule. Can you still make a respectable muscle car, which has high performance and is up the the task of everyday American use, under these conditions?

Once you’ve designed your muscle car, you’ll have to prove its worth to the public. Choose your best driver to demonstrate your car in the All Muscle Manufacturer’s Cup at Hirochi Raceway. The winner will be the undisputed muscle king, bringing fame and fortune to your brand.


Car Requirements

Year: Model 1975 or earlier, Trim 1975
Max ET: 74
Max PU: 80
Max Total Cost: $18000
Max Service Cost: $1200
All Quality Sliders: Minimum -4, Maximum +6
Engine mount: Front Longitudinal
Minimum Wheelbase: 2.6m (102")

Fuel Efficiency: Minimum 15 MPG US (approximately 15.7L/100km)
Comfort: Minimum 22
Offroad: Minimum 20
Seats: Minimum 2 full seats in the front row.
Practicality OR Utility: Minimum 38 Practicality OR 20 Utility
Safety: Minimum 30
Reliability: Minimum 50

Features Not Allowed: WIng Fixtures, Semi-Slick Tires, Production Flags (any item which “Reduces Production Efficiency” EG Space Frame)
Features Required: Front Longitudinal engine mount, Entertainment better than “None”

Engine Requirements

Year: Family 1975 or earlier, Trim 1975
Max ET: 100
Max PU: 40
All Quality Sliders: Minimum -4, Maximum +6
Displacement: Unlimited
Fuel: Unleaded
Catalytic Converter Required
Noise: Maximum 50
Stress: NO Knock, Max 10% Component Stress, Max 10% Valve Float
Features Not Allowed: Turbo, Forged Components, Race parts, 3 or 4 Valves, DOHC


Ladder frames and solid axles help with both ET and Offroad. They are staple features of many muscle cars, but they are not required. On other hand, nothing I can do in this ruleset will make cross ply tires viable without requiring them outright.

Meeting the Comfort requirement will probably require very soft suspension, and power steering or even an auto trans. Meeting the Practicality requirement will probably need a 4-door with 4 seats, or a 2-door with 5 seats. Meeting the Utility requirement will probably require a utility body, but if you are having trouble meeting it, make sure there are strong rear brakes and extra cooling airflow.

If you need extra Trim ET, the easiest way is to add some negative quality on the chassis. Negative Aero can also save a little ET; this has no effect in Beam but does effect your Automation fuel economy.

Sport compound tires have horrible offroad, but a manual or automatic locker goes a long way towards helping any car with a poor offroad score. On the other hand, Medium tires add comfort.

Because I apparently like chaos, RWD is not technically a strict requirement. However, keep in mind the strict trim ET.

The engine tuning is hard, but yes, it’s possible! Choke the exhaust, use low cams, make your engine oversquare, and even lower the ignition timing to meet that fuel consumption requirement. The PU and ET requirements favor V8 engines, but other engines can be viable if you want options with a high total cost elsewhere.

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Although low quality unleaded (85 RON) can be used, I’m expecting everyone to choose regular (91 RON) instead.

Loved the challenge, and the tips! Although I’ll not be able to race, I’ll try to build something for it. Probably a post oil crisis version of my Haulers Badge. I say try because I have 1 challenge to judge, 2 comp cars to finish and a bunch of lore cars to build, good lord Todd Howard help me!

I’ll try to join this one, I think this is a great idea.

I would like to suggest you add a ‘Free-practice session’ slot a day before the race so we could go on server and see how our cars feel there. That would also help with making sure everyone has the mods come race time.

PS: why the different ET and PU’s for different Engine configurations?


Will the racing be done with fixture-less versions of the cars? Fixtures add weight and probably server lag

In the previous event I allowed fixtures, but also permitted a low-fixture version of the car for the race (separate from the version for visual judging). I will run it the same way I think. I’m hopeful we can have cars with enough fixtures to be recognizable going around the track.