[ALR] Automation Live Racing - New Video!



Szepen LX97
east bloc luxury :muscle:


Vote for the best looking car in the poll!
lol the survey website I always use is broken so I’m just adding a poll to the post

Race is on Friday! 2PM US-EST
Live stream link etc in the original post.

Kamaka Overlord JH50 @LS_Swapped_Rx-7

The Overlord weighs in at 1841kg, and its 4.6L VVL V8 (which is under the minimum displacement) makes 369 horsepower. The Overlord has an aluminum body, and corrosion resistant steel chassis. AWD 5 speed auto with viscous LSD. Massive 19 inch wheels with sports tires. The large body meets comfort and safety requirements with only a premium interior and standard safety features. This body apparently has collision box issues in beam, so I’m trusting Ls-swapped with a modded jbeam for this challenge.

Szepen IX97 @bilobilo

This is an AWD sedan powered by a 4.0L SOHC I6 making 356hp. I forgot to say no VVL, so, obviously everyone has VVL and the power numbers are a bit higher than I planned for. Curiously for a car of this sort, it has a fiberglass body. The drivetrain is assembled at -4 quality, but has a geared LSD. 1600kg, sport tires, and right on the dot for price (as well as some other stats).

Winthorpe Stainlin Deluxe @pcmoreno

At 1624kg, this AWD sedan is powered by a 4.0L DOHC I6 making 320hp. What’s really unusual, is the engine is mounted in the back! It also features an aluminum body, and electric power steering for fuel economy, as well as hydro suspension. It has staggered tires, and despite this, the steering graph is still, uh…

Husar Boilero @Deltaz with design by @ImKaeR

Weighing in at 1400kg, this car has an aluminum body and bizarre light truck monocoque configuration. Well, I guess Mr President will have to sit up front for full safety. It’s powered by a 3.5L DOHC I6 with only 12 valves and no VVL, making 276hp, the only car in the lot under 300. AWD with viscous LSD, it has staggered tires, 225mm in the front and 205mm in the rear.

DesertEagle @stigx24536

This infringement on Israeli Military Industries’ intellectual property weighs 1401kg and is powered by a 3.5L SOHC V6, making an impressive 325 horsepower compared to its 18mpg fuel economy. AWD, aluminum body, and viscous LSD. Perfectly flat hood and trunk are composed of 3d elements.

El Presidenta Ha Illegado @Elenir1

Hey, uh, who sent this car in, again? Something about it is a little fishy... anyway, the spec sheet says it weighs 1602kg and a 4L I6 WITHOUT VVL, the only engine to do so, and uh in fact it doesn't meet fuel economy requirements. Fortunately, the representative "knows a guy" who flashed the ECU to get better fuel economy, and it now makes 315 horsepower. It's almost 10k under budget, and in this economy, the president is still willing to consider this car even though it might be stolen or something. Oh yeah, it's also RWD. Notable styling features include... eyelashes, a giant exhaust stack, and concealed rear-facing machine guns.

Don’t forget to download the car files HERE

Vote for the best looking cars! You may choose up to 3. This determines the race starting grid.

  • Kamaka Overlord JH50
  • Szepen IX97
  • Winthorpe Stainlin Deluxe
  • Husar Boilero
  • DesertEagle
  • El Presidenta Ha Illegado

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Reschedule! I accidentally wrote EST instead of CST in the last post, and confused some people lol. Race is now:

Friday, November 19th, 2PM US-CST
That’s 8PM GMT.


Congrats to @bilobilo for winning this one! We had pretty limited attendance because of the schedule change, but it was still a lot of fun. I hope to have the video out soon.


Rules open for comment for 24 hrs

Automation Live Racing #13:
The Fruinian Job

Welcome to the the place for live multiplayer racing in BeamNG! This will be a competition to determine the best combination of car and driver.

To play, you will need BeamNG, The BeamMP Multiplayer Mod as well as Automation.
Details on how to install mods, and links to our discord and dropbox, are in the ORIGINAL POST.



It is 1967, and your ragtag gang of criminals is ready. This is it: the big one. The heist that will set you up for life. You’ve got the perfect crew, the perfect plan, and the perfect target- a hidden cache of fascist gold. Exactly a ton of it, if your informant is correct.
The only thing you’re missing is the perfect getaway car. It’ll need to be compact enough to get inside the building, robust enough to carry the gold, fast enough to escape the police, and being able to jump off a ramp and stick the landing is probably good too.
You can’t afford a supercar like an Aston Martin, but you’ve got a mechanic who can hot-rod anything. It’s time to customize a car for the job. You’d better build a good one, or else you’ll spend the rest of your life in prison… or worse.

The Challenges

THERE WILL BE THREE CHALLENGES, Top Gear style, and you’ll be ranked on each. However, you don’t get to know exactly what the details are until race day, so you only get a short time to practice and can’t tune your car to one exact situation.
THE OBSTACLE COURSE will iinvolve at least a jump, and maybe some other things I can think up.
THE CAR CHASE will involve driving from one place to another while the other players take the role of police and try to ram you.
THE RACE will be a conventional race, on a relatively tight course. The usual rules apply:
Contact: No deliberately pitting, brake checking, or ramming drivers off the road.
Heats: Maximum 8 cars per heat. Number of heats depends on number of participants. I’m somewhat hoping to get the race done in one heat, but we may need a qualifying and final heat.
Appearance Poll: Qualifying will be based on appearance poll! Top qualifiers will place into new heats first- EG the 2nd best voted car will be 1st on the grid in Heat 2, then 3rd would be either 1st in Heat 3 or 2nd in Heat 1 depending on the number of heats.
Schedule: Challenge is tentatively scheduled for 2:00PM US-CST on Friday, December 10th. Cars must be submitted by noon the prior Wednesday!
Pre-Qualifier: To prevent issues with users connecting on race day, EVERYONE MUST CONNECT TO THE SERVER BEFOREHAND. The server will be up after cars are submitted. Just join any time and say hello if I’m in Discord, or take a screenshot showing you’ve connected successfully. Most race days we spend 80% of the time dealing with getting people into the server so this should save a lot of time.


Teams: One driver per team, drivers may not double-book teams. NEW: A car may be used by multiple teams, or a designer may submit multiple cars. When submitting your car, include your Driver’s name and control type (EG Steering Wheel, Gamepad, Keyboard).
Naming: Name your Model and Engine Family “ALR13-Username” and submit the .car file to me on the forums (not discord).
Picture: (NEW) Post a picture of your car in the thread when submitting. I will use your picture (or first picture if there are multiple) for the poll!
Schedule: To be included in the poll, and to give time for pre-downloads, cars must be submitted by 12:00 Noon US-CST on Wednesday, December 8th. The race will be in the afternoon the following Friday!
Pre-Download: When the poll goes up, all the car files will be in the dropbox, linked in the OP. It is strongly recommended that you download them ahead of time instead of when trying to join the server. See the OP link for mod installation instructions in order to make them work with BeamMP or KissMP. Remember to download this and PRE QUALIFY BEFORE THE RACE by connecting to the server!




Car Requirements

Year: Trim year 1967
Total Estimated Cost: $15,000 or Less
Maximum Engineering Time: 75
2.7m Max Wheelbase
Cargo: Minimum 1000kg Max Load Capacity (from the Suspension Testing graph)
Seats: Minimum 5 full seats
Doors: Minimum 2 doors
Minimum Quality: -4 on any part
Minimum Safety: Advanced 60’s Safety, +0 Quality (to represent custom safety equipment)
Minimum Comfort: 5, Must have at least Standard Interior, Basic AM Radio
Tires: Cross Ply ONLY, No Semi-Slick, +0 Quality
Tire Width: Max Width: 140mm, plus 5 mm for every 100KG above 700KG, EG 1300KG = Max 170mm Tire Width. Absolute Max of 185mm. Staggered tires may average the max width.
NO: Wing Fixtures, Lip or Other Aero Fixtures, 4x4, Manual Locker, Auto Locker
Minimum Fuel Economy: 19MPG, minus 1mpg for every 100kg above 700kg. Absolute minimum 10MPG. This is US MPG.

Engine Requirements

Year: Variant year 1967
Maximum Engineering Time: 75
Max Displacement: 2.0cc/kg, max 3000cc total
NO Turbo
Race Parts Are ok :slight_smile:
Fuel: Super Leaded
Minimum Quality: -4 on any part
Maximum Loudness: 45
Maximum Stress: 5% in any category.


-Expected performance: About 0.80-0.86 cornering G, 110-170hp
-The best suspension type for max load is Solid Axle Leaf, the second best is Double Wishbone. Don’t bother with Solid Axle Coil, is has horrible load performance for some reason.
-You might have to do some mixed-surface driving. In Automation BeamNG cars, Sports (or slick if they’re allowed) tires are actually best for everything including dirt, so just put them on and don’t worry about it.
-There’s no track to practice, but learn your braking distance
-DO NOT FORGET TO PRE-QUALIFY!!! I will bring the server up all day Thursday!
-Do not forget to post a picture of your car. You can post multiple if you want.
-We will be using BeamMP. Read the instructions in the OP for installation of BeamMP and car mods.
-Go to the original post and click the Discord link if you need help!
-Ping @Sensei#7825 on discord!


Schedule US-CST Time:
Submit cars: WEDNESDAY December 8th, 12:00
Race: FRIDAY December 10th, 14:00


Could a revision to the max. cost be made? I’m struggling to get under 16k without min maxing. But, that could just be me being bad. Also the mpg, maybe start it an mpg lower.

Updates and corrections so far:

Using BeamMP, since that’s actually what worked well last time
Fuel type is Super Leaded, not Premium Unleaded (of course)
To clarify, there is no minimum weight.
Max wheelbase: 2.7m
Cars should be named ALR13-Username instead of ALR12 (of course)

You probably just need a little help with engine tuning. I’m making 16mpg and 140hp in a 1000kg test car. I still might ask in discord a little bit how people feel about relaxing the gas mileage requirement to make some pushrod engines a little more viable though.

As for the budget, it’s staying where it is. As it stands now, it should be extremely difficult to get an aluminum body with the requirements, but going to 16k or 17k might mean we’re seeing aluminum cars, and with few compromises made elsewhere.

I’m fine with this ruleset and here is:

The Winault Renthorpe:


Video from the previous ALR is out!


Kinden Le Banque Robbeur
(theyre so good they already stole the gold bars lmao)


Why not use the most inconspicuous car imaginable, a Mara Tovarish, with the most inconspicuous paint job imaginable - but tuned to the hilt with twice the horsepower and a special suspension - for the biggest heist of the year?




1967 Trémaux Brioche

whoops it looks like the french guy on the heist team accidentally robbed an entire bakery worth of comically long baguettes instead of the actual pile of gold lmao


When you gotta deliver pizza at 11, go cycling with the kids at 4 and rob a bank at 7
Yeah, the Pizzeria has fallen on hard times. Don’t worry Binotto, just stick to le :b:lan and all will be le :b:ine


Vote for the best looking car in the poll!

Race is on Friday! 2PM US-CST
Live stream link etc in the original post.

Winault Renthorpe @pcmoreno

This car, product of an interdimensional partnership between Winthorpe and Renault, weighs in at 900kg with a unibody contstruction, and macpherson/torsion beam suspension. A transverse 1.8L SOCH-4 I4 produces 124 horsepower to the front wheels through a 4MT, and revs to a conrod-stressing 6500RPM. It has wider front tires than rear, all drum brakes, but springs (heh) for an advanced hydropneumatic suspension system to keep it level while hauling the loot. This one gets some bonus ire from me for not including ALR in the name.

Mara Tovarish L 1.3 FJ @AndiD

This tiny car is barely over 3 meters in total length, and weighs in at 735kg with a ladder frame. It’s got double wishbones in front and a solid axle coil rear. It’s powered by a 1.3L OHV I4, which is slightly smaller than the maximum allowable size, and makes only 79 horsepower. This car is longi FF through a 4MT, and uses drum brakes on all wheels with a conventional suspension setup. It also comes in well under budget at 12500 Automation dollars.

Kinden Le Banque Robbeur Eco Edition @bilobilo

This car is built from a space frame, but it’s one of the heavier cars at 976kg. It uses DW front and solid axle leaf suspension in the rear. But the star of the show is a 1.9L I4 making 145 horsepower, with a longi FF 5 speed which gets the car to 60 in under 9 seconds. It also has wider front tires, drum brakes and a convention progressive/mono tube suspension setup. This car is the Eco Edition because Bilo didn’t meet the fuel economy requirement. It has no cooling airflow and smaller rear brakes.

Ass E-Ter: RJ Edition @stigx24536

Another space frame vehicle, this sedan weighs only 707kg, and still with steel panels and an expensive DW setup on all axles. It has a 1.4L I4, with SOHC 4 valve like most of the cars here, making 117hp. It’s a rear engine, RWD setup with a 4MT and 7.4s 0-60, the best by far. It has 4 disc brakes, and a normal spring setup.

Trémaux Brioche le légendaire braquage de baguette @LS_Swapped_Rx-7

It seems that LS Swapped’s gang has a clever plan of concealing the stolen gold by baking it into comically large baguettes. This car weighs in at 907kg with a ladder frame, and DW all around. It’s a front transverse engine setup, with a 1.8L SOCH4 I4 making 141hp. This car also has a 5-speed, mag wheels, front disc brakes, and a fairly normal spring/damper setup.

Edited in due to technical difficulties:
Binotto Pizzeria Edition @Ken_Shiro

809kg, 1.6L SOHC4 makes 131hp. Ladder with DW all around, 4 speed transverse FWD and 4 disc brakes.

Which car is your favorite? You may choose up to 2.

  • Winault Renthorpe
  • Mara Tovarish L 1.3 FJ
  • Kinden Le Banque Robbeur
  • Ass E-Ter: RJ Edition
  • Trémaux Brioche le légendaire braquage de baguette

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It won’t let me edit the poll :frowning: So just spam the thread with images of pizza if you like Kenshiro’s car.

The dropbox will be updated soon!


Race is in about 2 hours!

Congrats to @Ken_Shiro for winning! There were a lot of technical difficulties but we eventually got through it. The police chases were a lot of fun. Video will be coming later!

Here’s the video from the last event!

I have rules for the next event worked out, but I might be thinking about doing something to improve my hardware/internet situation considering that the last event was excruciating to run due to the server randomly kicking people and needing to be restarted.