Alt tab?

I have a question about using alt tab if you start the game the try to alt tab out an back in it like the game disappears
any ideas

Yeah, that’s a known issue that is on the bug list to be looked at.

I only noticed this happening last week too. Is it a random thing or has it been an issue since the last update? I found when I’m in sandbox building an engine its not an issue but elsewhere it is?

i get this all the time, when minimizing using alt + tab, it’s fine, but when i try to opeb it again, it get an error saying the gane stopped working

You may have to wait 10 to 20 seconds for Automation to re initialize all the game assets, but yeah it is a problem.

finding alt tab is still an issue? The program opens when tabbed back into but the resolution changes and the screen moves to the left side and cuts off parts of what should be visible?

Yes, the Alt-Tab issue was not addressed in the latest update. If it had magically fixed itself we would make happy dances :stuck_out_tongue:

i have some logs for you, it’s an alt+tab crash/freeze.
did make a fresh install, and deleted the Automation folder in my documents.

btw: is an ati radeon 7950 (2 actually, but crossfire is disabled for automation via driver profile)
win 8.1 64bit (20.7 KB)

happened to me aswell. in demo version, win 7 64x, res: 1680 x 1050

Yes, the bug still hasn’t been fixed unfortunately. Good on you for searching to see if anyone had the issue before though :slight_smile:

I had it at first too, made screen shots a real pain, but going to window mode, down a notch on graphics, and turning ambient occlusion off seems to have fixed it, for me at least. :smiley:

Windowed mode on its own should sort it :slight_smile: