An entire community of people cracking the game

Welcome to the clusterfuck.

So, as some people got hammered lately because they were cracking the game and distributing mods, I remembered about an entire community in a youtuber doing the same thing.

Maybe the mods want to check it out, and get to know whatever is happening there. The discord however is in spanish. I could help out to translate things.

DM me to get the invite, posting it publicly in the forums could get stealth pirates to join as well.


That’s both shameful and despicable as it ruins the overall experience for those who bought the game legally, myself included. This deserves to be stopped once and forever .

hey we love this game
lets crack it so the devs dont have money to continue
and the game cannot be continued
then we can put all the fault on devs


Hi all. This has been looked into and any issues regarding this has been resolved. It wasn’t as severe of an issue as we’d expected and the server in question has taken measures to make sure that pirating of the game does not take place on that server.

Thanks for letting us know.