[ARM] Automation RestoMod Challenge Chapter 28: Cybervette (open)

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What is ARM?

Skye Champion is a synth-wave musician currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. After making it big on Youtube, a major record company has approached her and made a deal for another album. For her next music project Skye is looking to build an 80’s car for use in the album art and promotional material. The vision she’s dreaming of is something along the lines of a retro futurism or cyberpunk aesthetic. After an extensive search on various online classified sites Skye finally settled on a base car.


The car being modded will be a 1987 Chevrolet Corvette. America’s evergreen sports car, this example has the four speed automatic, aftermarket wheels, and badly faded gelcoat. Skye is reaching out to car modding companies to help bring her vision to reality.

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AESTHETICS: Skye is looking for something that will look rad and futuristic to put on merch and what have you. An eye catching design is top priority for this one. Something a little out there like a cyberpunk design would be ideal. Alternatively, an over the top 80’s aesthetic would be welcome if done well.

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SPORTINESS AND PERFORMANCE: If the cash is getting put into this ride anyway, it may as well be more than pure looks. Having something that’s fast and impressive to drive will be nice to have as well.

DRIVEABILITY: But at the same time, having something too gnarly that she’s afraid to drive it won’t do. So something that’s approachable would be a good thing.

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PRESTIGE: Something impressive could certainly help with Skye’s music career.
COMFORT: A car that requires a trip to the chiropractor after every drive need not apply.

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RELIABILITY: Being stuck on the side of the road in a cloud of steam is publicity that Skye could do without.

SAFETY: Skye would prefer not to become the next member of the Forever 27 club.

PURCHASE PRICE: Not that important, the record company has the funds already set aside for this. But none the less, a cheaper car with the same stats is of course no drawback, cheapening out just to save money is probably not worth it.

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SERVICE COSTS: Skye would prefer not to have to take out a mortgage for every oil change.

FUEL ECONOMY: Same goes at the pumps. But then again it is a V8 sports car.

INTERIOR STYLING: While I do recommend doing an interior design for your entry, you will not lose any points for not including one. But adding an interior to your car will give you bonus points that may help elevate it above the competition.


  • Clone both the imported model and engine family before you start modding. Nowadays this can all be done with one button of the Car Designer tab in Automation - the one circled red in the photo below.

  • Set all dates (model year, trim year, engine family/variant year) to 2020. It is highly recommended to exit the game and reopen it after cloning it and before updating the dates.
  • Maximum price (as shown in the Testing tab, Detail Stats section): $45,000
  • No V16s or race parts (race intake, race tubular exhaust, semi-slicks).
  • This car was made with default +5 Tech Pool, and that is where it should remain.
  • You must post an ad with at least 1 picture of your car on this thread.
  • Quality sliders should not be set above +5 or below -2.
  • This challenge is held in the open beta version of the game.
  • You’re of course allowed to ask an unlimited number of questions regarding the challenge in itself and its rules etc. - but also, you’re allowed to ask (privately, via DM) the client three personal questions about preferences that might affect how you want to build your car.


  • The general rule of ARM is to not make a car worse. Now, a very marginal drop in one single stat if it really bumps up the others will not instabin the car, so this is a very soft rule indeed, but still, try to avoid it at all costs.
  • Unleaded Premium 95 RON/91 AKI fuel
  • Emissions: Car must pass at least WES 9
  • Entries should remain street legal, in that it should retain headlights, tail lights, indicators, side mirrors, wipers, license plates, etc.


  • Chassis tunnel size and firewall position can be changed freely.
  • Where an effect can be accomplished via engineering (i.e. without the use of ATS), you may not use this advanced trim settings to do so. This includes: Wheel width, wheel diameter, camber, tire diameter, tread width, chassis track width, and ride height which the sum doesn’t add up to zero (+5 five on one side and -5 on the other is OK, but +10 on one side with 0 on the other is not)
  • Engine position is allowed in moderation.
  • Wheelbase offset is allowed in moderation.


  • Chassis type can not be changed
  • Chassis material can be changed for a $5000 penalty
  • Panel material swap will give a $2000 penalty
  • Changing engine orientation will give a $5000 penalty
  • Suspension type swap will give a $1000 penalty per axle
  • A complete engine swap will give a $2500 penalty. (Engine size may be increased within the limits of the possible capacity of the original block.)
  • Only a cylinder head change will give a $1000 penalty.
  • Changing from RWD to FWD/AWD/4x4 will give a $4000 penalty.

If you are uncertain with any of these rules, feel free to ask me for clarification!


SUBMISSIONS START: 15th of November 2023, 8 PM CST (Rules delib until that)
SUBMISSIONS CLOSE: 6th of December 2023, 8 PM CST (2am GMT the 7th)

Due to the sometimes questionable stability of open beta, RESUBS ARE ALLOWED.

ARM28_-YOURNAMEHERE-PLEASE_CLONE-_Chevrolet_Corvette.car|attachment (49.8 KB)

Change Log

Changed deadline time to from CEST to CST
lowered emissions to WES9


this looks like it may result in some builds that go unbelievably hard


To clarify: Should the chassis and engine family stay at the same quality level, or can we punch them out however we please up to +5 (in the engine family’s case, without triggering engine swap rules)?

Yes, I will allow that. As long as it doesn’t exceed +5 and meets all the other required rulings.

I know that name - it’s that of a character from Interstate '82, and she’s the sister of Groove Champion (the protagonist of this game and its predecessor, Interstate '76), whose other sister Jade was killed prior to the events of the previous game.

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Well, since there are no objections to the rulings, I declare ARM28 open for submissions. Please note that I have made a couple of small changes (reduced emission requirements to WES9 and changed the deadline by a couple of hours).

Have fun!


i couldn’t really find it in the OP, but if i were to do a widebody can i change the fender morphs in order to get wider tyres, or at least change wheel offset in ATS if not?

Yes, you are allowed to change morphs if you wish, and at no cost penalty. You are also allowed to use ATS to change the wheel offset but only if you have maxed out the offset on the engineering side and wish to go beyond that.


Sounds rather legit TBH, reshaping a body with fiberglass is a lot less work than doing it with sheetmetal.

here]s my entry, Corvette Mspec, thanks



To start with, on the outside we have updated the Vette with LED DRLs and turn signals, a cowl induction hood scoop, monowiper, camera mirrors and a suitable, yet eye-catching bodykit.

19- and 20 inch aero wheels both looks cool and ensures that the car stays planted to the road. Door handles? That’s a thing for the past, to give off an high tech vibe, the doors are now opened using a code lock.

For an even more high tech vibe, the car has LED taillights originally intended for a C5. A rear ducktail and diffusor even more ensures stability via aerodynamics at high speed. The choice of paint might sound a little bit unusual - a solid dark grey from the late 60s Volvo 140, with satin clearcoat. But combined with accents in pink and carbon fiber we thought that it gave off the right vibes - a sinister, yet high tech vehicle.

The leather and carbon fibre dashboard is inspired by the original, but has all the modern creature comforts. A racing pedal box, leather wrapped sports steering wheel and a gated shifter with a carbon fibre knob keeps you in control.

A half cage, racing harnesses, fire extinguisher and FIA approved seats? Sure, such safety measures might be good, but why? Well…

They are needed when you unleash the beast under the hood, a 700 hp 454" big block Chevy, charged with twin turbos. Mated to a six speed gearbox. Huge 4 wheel vented discs ensures that you can stop all that power, too. ESC, limited slip and launch control that you won’t transform all that power into smoking rubber, well, unless you want to of course. 1.13 G of cornering that you will stay on the road while using all of the horses. So, the Phantasm is really not only about looks - it can give modern day supercars a run for their money too!


Five days remain until the deadline for ARM28 closes. If you are planning on entering it is best to get your entries sent in.


24 hour notice. So far I have received entries from @Mausil and @Knugcab . Anyone else looking to enter should do so ASAP. Thank you.

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