[ARM] Automation RestoMod Chapter 18: Renault, Remastered (Reviews posted)

So, the morphs are going to be set at the defaults you get when you do the body swap then, I guess?

I didn’t really do much of anything to change the morphs when I created the base car, I think I extended the bumpers a touch and that was it. I suppose if you want to do that, you’re welcome to, but otherwise nothing should really need to be messed with. The modeling of the bodies are fairly accurate straight out of the box.

TreadKillers present:

TreadKillers OverLand Collection #1:

Take a break from the busy modern techno world, and find yourself a small piece of silence.
The TreadKillers OverLand Collection builds are build to be the perfect balance of daily softroader and competent Overlander.
We from TreadKillers always stride to keep as much as possible original, to keep the underlying feel and soul of the car the same. This Renault got an engine upgrade, a new 5 speed manual with lockers and a overall liftkit.
On the outside we fitted the car with slight Offroad armor, bigger meatier wheels, foglights and a rooftent for perfect outdoor nights.

Renault 5 “Ailette Turbo”

by MTL Customs & Tuning

Cher Luc,

The whole team at MTL Customs & Tuning is proud to present you Véronique… in a whole new package! We hope that you are as excited as us to discover our “Ailette Turbo”.


While many external elements were modernized, like the front headlights, the and rear vents/tail lights, it does look like a Renault 5. A quirkier Renault 5.

With your background as a pilot, we thought we could spice things up a bit on the look department. We replace the windshield with a split window to inspire the look of a cockpit. Rear side windows were closed and portholes were added, again to give a hint of an airplane look. The most distinctive elements where the rear fenders. A large vent were added, a “clin d’oeil” at the Turbo history of the Renault 5, but also as support for 2 small Ailettes, completing the look.

Additionally, to make sure Véronique is as quirky as ever, larger front fenders were added, the hood was molded a bit, the hatch was replace completely with something that gives it a travelling vibe, and an old school open top was added - but do not fear, it might look old school, but it is actually quite modern and will be fully weatherproof and isolated during winter - specially made seals and 3D printed parts are mixed with composite materials.

Oh, and the panels were fully treated - no more rust for good old Véro.


With it’s striking look comes striking performance. Véronique does not look like a race car, but she’s a real sleeper now.

To keep the authentic R5 vibe, we actually kept the original engine… but rebuilt most of it with performance parts and a nearly 17 PSI turbo under the bonnet. This gives Véro 175hp, a top speed of 250km/h and a 0 to 100 acceleration of around 7 seconds! All using the original, but heavily retuned 4-speed manual transmission, now coupled with an electric-assist LSD.

The dinky little Renault tires were removed and replaced with beefier tires both for performance on and off road, fully using the extra fender room. Meanwhile, the steering assist and traction aids were fully modernized.

The biggest change however is the suspension system - stolen from Renault’s rival, a DW/Multi-link system with hydropneumatic spring control were swapped in for maximum comfort and performance.

Véronique will now surprise many unsuspecting drivers.


Multiple elements were added to make Véronique a bit more adventurous - an offroad skidray was added, as well as a specially made semi-active sway-bar. Coupled with the new suspension system and much higher stance, you are able to easily explore off the beaten track with her now, for a quick wilderness adventure - with it’s performance, you be there early and back before dark.

While not a rock crawler by any stretch, you will never have to fear being stuck somewhere… if you stay on the trails.

Interior and comfort

Now, step inside the completely rebuilt interior. Plush and stylish, the hand made interior bring luxury to the R5. The console elements were replace, but we kept the original shape and inspiration of the dashboard, but with sleeker, modern components.

Véronique is a two-seater now, but the huge trunk is easily accessible and can fit a lot more than before whenever you need it. The modern and fully equipped infotainment system is top of the line, and every amenities are available.

Final words

Wtih mixes of old and modern, luxury and quirky, aviation and comfort, sportiness and all-terrain, Véronique is now the perfect companion - it was important for MTL to retain her original soul and remain authentic, but make it your own as well.

She can work her magic on the tarmac, around the track or in the wilderness - you will never be far from some quick adventures.

All components used will be of the highest quality and trips to the garage should be few and far between. For a weekend driver, it also won’t break the bank.

We hope this proposal meets your expectations of a restomod. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

The Team at MTL Customs & Tuning


Mons Customs with Mons Racing


Renault R5 TL

Dear Luc,

Please accept this letter as our formal offer to restomod your beloved '82 Renault R5 TL “Veronique”. We have read with curiosity your and your family’s life story intertwined with this iconic car. We have taken a tasteful approach to restomodding your R5, keeping most original components and only changing ones that were necessary to achieve our goal to make this a fun and comfortable car suited to the needs of the 21st century.



For this build we have opted to retain the original engine, but have added a turbo to increase its power output nearly four-fold. With this new power the car will have no problem keeping up with modern traffic, and even add a little playful sportiness to the package. We have kept the drivetrain original as well with the front-wheel drive and manual 4-speed gearbox. Aside from the added power, this car will still feel like the car you knew.

The one area where the car did receive major upgrades is the suspension. The R5 has a full rebuild and replacement to a modern double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension and active components. With these upgrades you now have a much more comfortable and also more planted, sporty ride.


Although still easily recognizable as an R5, we did opt to upgrade the visuals of the car. First you’ll probably notice our proprietary Bluebird Eggshell paint, which is subtle, distinct, and adds some interest to the car. On the front we changed the headlight assembly to a sleeker modern unit with integrated indicator and DRLs, removed the superfluous grille, and altered the lower indicators into fog lights. On the side we add middle and lower body protection strips in the new RB Dark Blue colour that matches the front and rear bumpers. On the rear we replaced the entire light housings and vents with sleek LED rear lights and indicators, and a much more subtle vent that retains the original car’s air flow functionality. Additionally, we cut a large sunroof into the roof for those hot days on the Riviera, and mounted modern sporty rims.


The inside is perhaps where you will notice the most change to your stock R5. We have completely replaced the interior with the best of the best that can be had in 2020. A completely new hand-made interior is still reminiscent of the original interior - especially the authentic steering wheel - but it does hide a state-of-the-art luxurious HUD and electronics. The colour scheme for the interior is RB Dark Blue and Grey. Most surfaces are RB Dark Blue leather wrapped and have RB Dark Blue chrome accents. The seats and door panels are also RB Dark Blue leather with perforated grey leather insets.

In conclusion, we have aimed to stay true and authentic to the R5, while infusing some modern aesthetics and engineering features. The car is meant to be a fun driver with a little bit of pep on the highway and around the twisties. Luc, we hope you find our proposal intriguing, and we at Mons Customs look forward to hearing from you.

Mons Customs


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One week left until submissions close!

If you haven’t asked Luc your 3 questions, I’d also suggest doing that on the sooner side.

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Hey @HelloHi, quick question, you do not mention the visibility settings in Adv. Trim being allowed explicitly, from the rules they are not. Could you clarify if we can hide component in the adv. trim visibility?

Is it the engine or the chassis giving you issues?

It is just a reflex in ARM, I often hide the chassis and ask the host to hide it with all the new interior parts you do not really see it, but I must say I did not check if it works with the chassis visible right now, I will check a bit later when I have the time.

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by Avion Commission

At Avion we say don’t go back to old memories. They are never as good as they used to be.
Meet Seraphine, the modern day interpretation of unique fun concept. A car envisioned as a unique sculpture dripping with uniqueness, as well as a turbo-charged rocket propelling you down any tight and twisty french road.

Using a swapped Avion 3-cylinder high revving turbo-charged engine, Seraphine is defined by the mesmerizing overrun sounds that caress you as you reach for the new gear.


If the chassis gets in the way, let me know. I thought it seemed fairly unobtrusive with this one, but if there are issues with it I’m happy to change that part.

I was able to make it visible and modify the interior, so I’ll be good.

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Rennari R5 GTB Turbo

by Seal Tuning:tm:

I am not good at writing lore fyi.

So at Seal Tuning:tm: we do not do normal. We do unique. And crazy.
LS7 in a hatchback the size of a Golf? You got it! 1993 Lexus LS400 coupe that goes 200mph? Why not!

So this here is one of my personal favorites.

It’s a Renault 5 unlike any on the planet.

Actually, it’s not exactly a Renault. It’s a Renarri. A Renarri 5 GTB.
It also feels like one. Absolute. Insanity. On. Wheels.

A 2 liter turbo V8 (yes you read that right) based off of the Ferrari F106D provides around 350hp to the wheels. The front wheels of course, and through a geared LSD and 5 speed manual. No electronics here.

Let’s talk about the outside. It changed! Veronique now has a full suite of LED lights, ready to light up the road… or track. Painted in the famous Rosso Corsa, with a two-tone finish she is going to turn heads… of all the people she overtakes of course! According to the calculations of our engineers the new powerplant should be good enough to get her to 317 kph, and a 0-100 of 5 seconds!

We couldn’t leave the interior stock of course. A full rebuild was required! Veronique now has all the features you might want from a modern car, from Bluetooth and SatNav to AC and a digital dashboard! The metal pedals borrowed from a GT car ensure a good, comfortable position for your feet, and our short-throw shifter guarantees lightning fast gearshifts.

Of course, with all this power we couldn’t ignore safety! In case you and Veronique get into any kind of accident (which we, of course, do not wish), a half cage and 4 point harness will be there to protect you.

All this, yours for 37,700$.

question because am dumb

I send the car in a PM to the host right?


Yes, sending the car file to the host through a forum DM is what you’ll need to do.

aight thanks mate

Hello Luc, attached is our proposal for your Renault 5. We've went for a sportier approach this little croissant. Under the skin, it has been heavily modified, with all new suspension all around for better comfort and handling. We also took the liberty to replacing the stock engine and transmission with a more modern unit. It now features a 1.6L turbocharged inline four making 208 horsepower and 250 pound feet of torque. With power going through a modern automatic and all wheel drive system, it's capable of a 6.55 second 0-60, a 14.7 second quarter mile run, and a 165 mph top speed.

To help better coupe with this shiny speed and power, we’ve also added beefier four wheel disc brakes, an electric variable steering rack, ESC with launch control, and a host of modern safety advances. High performance 215 series with tires on 17 inch rims help keep the car on the road.

To better improve this small car’s comfort, we’ve also incorporated a hydroneumatic style suspension, in true French fashion. The interior had also been updated with premium leather bucket seats and modern LCD instrument panel and infotainment.

For the exterior, the 5 has been mildly tweaked, a modern interpretation of the classic design. LED lighting, aerodynamic bumpers and side skirts, and fender flares. We even added a sizable sunroof to better enjoy weather on the nicer days! The cost for this proposal? $46,700 AMU.


FYI the patch affected my car by 100$, and got over the limit, are we gonna get a resub due to the patch? @HelloHi

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Considering the current, rapidly changing state of Automation, you are welcome to resubmit your car once between now and the deadline to keep it legal if you have already submitted. Please message me letting me know when you’ve completed your resubmission so I can more easily keep track and make sure I am downloading the most current entry. If any more updates are pushed in the next couple days, this one-resubmission-only policy is subject to change. Apologies for all this inconvenience!


Rivelo presents the Gordini Turbo

Dear Luc,

We at Rivelo specialise in taking ordinary small cars and making them faster and more fun. Usually we will take a car still in production and give it the pace it sorely desires, but we also have a division that partakes in more bespoke requests. This is where you and your Renault 5 come in. For your car we have decided on a Gordini inspired approach.

For the aesthetic quality of your car, we have repainted the car in a sky blue which you will surely recognise as the quintessential Alpine colour, and we have also given your car white bumpers and sidestrip to make it pop. We have also replaced the old steel wheels with a set of brighter (and lighter) magnesium wheels, in true classic performance fashion.

However it is underneath the skin (which is now aluminium) where we specialise, and thus we have revamped your car with a new engine and suspension. The old torsion beam rear setup has been replaced with a modern multilink suspension with adaptive dampers for maximum comfort and performance, and those magnesium wheels are shod in nice and sticky 205 width tyres, so your steering inputs are translated into fun and grippy outputs.

As for the engine? Well it was antiquated when new, and it’s an outright antique now, so we have replaced that block of iron with an aluminium unit. 1.4 litres and a turbocharger, just like the Alpine Turbo of the day, but this engine has double overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. With the twin scroll turbo feeding 0.85 bar of boost, you will have 200bhp at your right foot’s disposal, and sending that to the wheels is a six speed manual gearbox to replace the old four speed, and a Torsen differential to kill power understeer.

In place of the current interior we offer a series of sports interiors, engineered to be light yet comfortable, in your choice of colours and materials, and we will install the latest in infotainment.



First thing’s first, yes, we made it into a convertible, which is probably the most obvious thing of them all. Other obvious things are the hidden headlights and the bulges on the hood, giving it a really cool appearance. Turn signals and DRLs are modern units hidden behind the air intakes in the bumper. Invisible - until you need them.

The rear end is a nod to some of the more classic luxury cars. So are the spoke wheels, and the modern interpretation of “French blue” with some pearl for extra sparkle. But what’s under the shell?

A 3 cylinder turbo from the Twingo III gives great economy and still performance that’s enough to keep up with modern traffic. (We admit that it is not a beast, but then again, ain’t this more of a cool cruiser than a car to break the sound barrier in?). Six speed manual transmission combines economy with driving excitement. Low profile tyres and a special tune of the suspension makes it fun to drive, and disc brakes all around stops the car on a dime. Power steering, ABS and ESC was more or less unheard of in this class in the early 80s - now they are there as an almost natural addition.

An all new, custom made, colour matched leather interior is what tops this thing off. Both comfortable and practical. Of course, gizmos like electric windows, modern infotainment and air conditioning are rarely more than a push on a button away.

For a cool summernight cruise, look no further than the LeCabrio from LMJ Design!