ARM19 - Lemon Down Under [Final Results Out]

About 16 hours left for submissions

Received entries from @Knugcab and @Mikonp7

Received an ad but no entry from @Ch_Flash

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Leyland P76 “22 Acacia Avenue” by Wynott’s Garage

We don’t remember everything we did to it, but this about it:

  • lots of repairs (because Leyland)
  • a salvaged multilink rear suspension
  • full engine overhaul, converted to fuel injection
  • it’s no supercar but we can confirm it goes to about 150mph
  • a full “high quality” entertainment suite from AliExpress, with a custom sculpted shelf tweeter by a local artist (looks like some building in Sydney)
  • A green high-metallic paint job with all-gold detailing to support the Wallabies
Gold is Good, it's the ultimate expression of Rich energy!

Regarding the brief, I’ll add that the 1000$ quality point buy was a slight annoyance and probably my downfall (beyond the gold overload)

Leyland P76 Prestige

Poise, prestige and elegance. Things you wouldn’t typically associate with Sunset Garage’s restomods. And yet, that’s what the P76 Prestige embodies. Our efforts this time focused on refining the existing elements and creating a unique glimpse into the past, present and future all in one.

Using the iconic, original Leyland V8, but with modern advancements like fuel injection and VVT, we were able to take this classic and make it supremely reliable, yet torquey and 75hp faster. We also introduced some modern safety features and reworked the suspension for better handling and more adjustability, so you can have both your performance and luxury without compromise. This may not be our most exciting build ever, but sportiness remains in its’ DNA!

Luxury was a big focus with this build. We gave it a completely custom interior slathered in two tone semi-aniline leather, modern screens, and forged carbon fiber. It also has a 15-speaker Jay Beal sound system to truly become immersed in your favorite songs!


The Leyland P76/210 Interdictor

Still as Australian as all Hell, this design proposal includes 80s design cues such as a shovel-nose front end and a full digital cluster, plus 21-st century niceties like port injection, multilink suspension, an 8-speed automatic transmission - complete with an ultra-modern integrated infotainment and a cushy 4-seater-only interior. The 210 is for 210 (or, more accurately, 207) kW - the power that can be extracted out of the Rover-derived mill. All without any falling out windows.

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Mr. USWAGON, you know that if you trace it even further back, it is actually Buick derived? :wink:

Who doesn’t. Buick kept the iron block version though, and that’s the “Buick small block” to me.

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I was only a bit worried when an Y-body nut was mentioning it as being Rover derived, haha.

Reviews Round 1


Amelia was in the office when she received an email from Liam.

“Please look at those proposals I mailed to you and let me know which ones I should pursue more. Thx. L.”

As the CFO of Liam’s company, she was used to receive all these proposal. However, she was not ready for these. She had a big pile on her desk. Who still prints out documents she wondered…

“What the heavenly cloud is that!? I should never have told him my father was a mechanic…”

She flipped through the 6 dossiers Liam sent her. Looks like he wants to pimp out his old piece of shit Leyland. She shrugged, but decided to handle this like any proposal she would normally review.

Leyland P76 (Lightning)


There was a post-it on it.


Well, that is very helpful boss, she thought.

She perused the specs of the proposal, definitely fast. It retains and tunes the original engine to 278hp with EFI. Interior is full luxury, it seems they tool great care in removing all the old upholstery and structure to make something actually of quality. Otherwise, this was pretty damn authentic.

A bit of a gas guzzler, but what do you expect from this old lemon. Not very sporty tho, despite the side decals on it.

Interior seems sparse for a luxury offering and a daily driver however, but the exterior is cohesive, but a bit… maybe aggressive?

“I’ll let the boss judge the looks, I never could figure out what he actually likes…” she mumbled.

After she comes back to this proposal and had looked at them all, she decided to axe this.

“Not good enough for the boss.”

Status: Rejected

(A good proposal, cohesive, the most authentic entry of them all, however it has the worst reliability of them all, second worse drivability/service costs. Not all bad tho, it's the least unique offering BUT the most prestigious, good styling, decent offroad and the top performance offering - just not enough to make a difference here.)

Leyland P76/210 Interdictor



Another helpful note she thought.

“Dot dot dot but I like this better or but I hate it, thanks boss”

That seems already a stronger proposal that the previous option already. Good reliability, seems incredibly comfortable and drivable, good running costs.

It is certainly unique, much more than the Lightning proposal. The front end has been completely shaved down and replaced. Interdictor indeed, but without knowing actually what the boss thinks, she’ll reserve her judgment.

They did more extensive modifications here as well, multilink rear, original engine was kept but enhanced with EFI and VTT for a good 276hp. Seems some panel gaps were “fixed” and won’t be rattling anymore. Transmission is tuned with a TON of overdrive with an auto 8-speed, looks like the only entry to replace the whole thing and not just add more gears.

Otherwise, a full premium offering inside. The rendering makes it serviceable, detailed and more in line with a Premium option than Luxurious, which makes more sense.

“That is certainly a good one.”

Status: Moving to next round...

Leyland P76 22 Acacia Avenue


Amelia opened the next dossier. Another very helpful and borderline note.


She sighed. Sometimes…

Now, this looks like a very strong entry. Top line reliability, good comfort, very drivable, that makes it a great daily driver! Unique and still prestigious and very sporty as well. The VTT enhanced original engine makes less hp that the other proposals but it still one of the sportiest offering. Panel gaps were also addressed here, and this is also a premium offering, although it include electric variable steering and active comfort suspension.

Decidedly less authentic, but overall a very good proposal.

“I am not hating the look” she said to herself. The green and … gold-ish mix is very striking, it screams look at me! Liam will have to judge for himself. Definitely a keeper.

Status: Moving to next round...

Leyland P76 Low’n’Slow #1 by Treadkillers



A bit more helpful here boss, thanks.

It is definitely striking, very detailed, cabrio… oh wait, this actually has its roof cut up but not reinforced. Since this is not a body-on-frame, this could lead to safety and rigidity issues. Unfortunate.

What is more unfortunate is the specs on this thing. Not very good reliability, the worst comfort (for a low rider?), low drivability, complete gas guzzler because… well, they retained carbs on it. Certainly more authentic.

At least it gets good service costs, and it is certainly unique! The details are very good, interior is incredibly well crafted, and all the faults of the original craftmanship were removed and only top quality components went into redoing the interior. Same with the suspension with a full rebuild around an hydropneumatic system.

All the changes should be pointing to a very comfortable and drivable proposal, but it does not translate.

Very unfortunately, she really quite liked it and would have laughed seeing her boss driving this…

Status: Rejected

(One of the top style entry, very very good craftmanship. However, the chopped roof on a monocoque is a big no, especially with a convertible body available - I did not think about this case and it was probably a way to save 1000 AMU, still borderline. However, the entry was just not good enough stats wise, finishing at the bottom in most of them unfortunately. For styling alone you could have won tho!)

Leyland P76 by LMJ Design


Well well well. This is a striking look, but also a muted one with all the dark plastic. A great contrast. The boss thought so as well.


Another helpful one, but clearly he only looked at the pictures and did not bother reading anything in the proposal… sigh

The styling is very striking indeed, simple but muscle-y. It has proper stance. Interior is also well crafted but a bit simple, even if it’s only premium.

Another original engine (they all kept it, this was a good engine at least), but with 285hp this one, the biggest of the bunch! Beside fixing panel gaps and going with electric variable steering andswitching to dual double wishbone setup, pretty authentic entry.

It does have nice reliability, but not the top comfort or drive. Best running costs of them all tho, and very very sporty with great performance. A very good proposal.

She finished her notes for the boss and decided to keep this one as well.

Status: Moving to next round...

Leyland P76 Prestige by Sunset Garage



Another helpful one, great.

Very simple… exterior. Some elements enhanced and modernized, but it is very close to the original. The interior is extremely well crafted for a Luxury offering. That is a good start!

Very reliable, good comfort, very drivable, it seems to have everything going for it. Service costs are not great however, but very sporty. It would not do super great offroad, but serviceable.

Internals were upgraded here and there - multilink with active comfort system, VTT with EFI upgraded engine, feels authentic otherwise.

Seems like a strong contender for sure, another keeper.

Status: Moving to next round...


Well, that was it thought Amelia. She made tons of notes, hoping the boss will check them, but Liam is known to be kind of a hot head.

In any case, it’s his choice from now on, she can move to actual business.

Still, that was a nice change of pace for her.

Results: We have 4 entries moving to the next round.


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Any news about this? :slight_smile:

Reviews Round 2


Liam pulled in his 5-door garage. He’s coming back from a 8h round trip to see a very important client.

“Well, the day is not over” he told himself. He still had to sift though Amelia’s notes on the leyland projects. He was excited.

As he was getting a bit to eat, he got an email from Amelia.

“Hey L, I am done, sent the notes by courier, should have them in about an hour. You know that I could just send them by email right? We’re not in 1970 anymore. Anyway, enjoy your evening, I’ll send my hours tomorrow to that annoying CFO :wink: - Amelia”

What would he do without her. “I am just glad she did not tell me to go to hell when she got my special project, I know how she gets annoyed…” he muttered to himself.

After a long satisfying shower, he sat down with a whisky and waited patiently on the porch. Finally, he saw some dirt over the horizon. Now he’ll be able to decide what he does with the car. His wife was over at her sister, so he’ll be able to decide before she gets home. She has no idea he already received the briefs.

Time to restomod a lemon!

Handling and Performance

Wow, he was impressed, Amelia did put in a lot of notes and comparison.

His eyes went to the top speed column on the printed excel sheet.

The LMJ Design edition is clearly the fastest car of the bunch, reaching 288 km/h, wow that is fast. Who knew that old corpse could reach that. The 22 Acadia Avenue and Prestige by Sunset Garage are pretty much neck to neck in 2nd position, and the P76/210 Interdictor is last with only a top speed of 240 km/h.

“Fast enough… I guess.”

Overall, the notes points to the LMJ Design being top of the class in all manners of performance, from speed, to acceleration, cornering and handling at speed. The *Interdictor would finish last of the class, and the Acacia and Prestige sharing the middle.

That settles it then!

He nearly missed it, but Amelia did put a big HOWEVER in all caps and highlighted it multiple times.

“The Interdictor remains a good option when you factor out pure performance. I know you will see the 288 km/h and stop reading. The LMJ Design is really not a great daily driver, it would be much harder to drive than the other 3 in normal condition or in the Outback. You are not looking for a track car, remember??”

Oh yeah, he forgot. For offroading, clearly the Interdictor and Acacia are top of the class. They will have good handling as well.

He takes the LMJ Design sheet and looks at the renders. “It does look nice, but you might be too much here. A damn shame.”


Ah yes, Amelia’s favorite concern in life… well, at least at the company, no idea how she is at home.

She did a ton of projection, residual, cost-benefit, a service plan… He skipped through all of it. He’s not doing that for resale value and as long as it is not too much, he needs a daily driver so ongoing costs will go to this car or another anyway.

He did look at Amelia’s conclusion however.

“Long term, you do not want the Prestige, it is going to be a money pit. It is also not very reliable, as is the Interdictor, while the *22 Acacia Avenue is top of its class, with the LMJ Design not far behind. It is very fast and not too costly, but I know you, remember that…”

He stopped reading at that point.

“So the LMJ Design is back in the running!? Hell yeah” he shouted.

Safe and Cozy

Well, time to see which ones are back breakers or not.

“Note that the LMJ has the worst comfort of the gang by far…” the note said.

“(expletives removed)!!!” he groaned.

Yeah, it only has a premium interior, as does the Interdictor and Acacia but they do a better job at being plush, especially with those multilink.

The note from Amelia continued “However, despite his full luxury interior, the Prestige falls a bit short of top marks of the Interdictor and it also takes the cake, by a mile, over the other 3 in terms of safety features. Top of line.”

“Well well, no clear winner here” he said to himself totally ignoring the awesome marks from the Interdictor

Looks and authenticity

Here Amelia only included a very short note.

“I am sure you will have a better idea here, I can’t possibly know you tastes. Just know that they are incredibly similar in terms of components and authenticity, they all reused the same engine, all tuned similarly, they mostly changed the same components… they really feel too similar here. Maybe you provided them with too strict of a brief and squashed their creativity? Think about that next time, if it were me I would have let them loose and get crazy creative!”

Hmmmm… she did have a point here. Nothing is jumping out at him, but he did ask to not go crazy. Still, his favorite is the LMJ Design, it looks like proper muscle, while still being somewhat original… for a P76. However, the more he flips through the 22 Acacia Avenue renders, the more he understand how much effort they put into it as more and more details emerge.

The green and golden is incredibly well done. It has a proper stance, but also has a incredibly detailed interior, it looks the part. The others are ok, but you can see the people behind it spent a lot of time on those rendering. You won’t find such trims and paintjob on the street, pretty unique.

The Prestige is unexciting for him however. The Sunset crew stayed in a very safe place, barely changing anything. They did put a lot of effort on the interior tho, which is the second favorite for Liam. Still, pretty low uniqueness here, but it is the most prestigious one here (by a hair).

The Interdictor is different. Liam know a lot of people does not like the front of the P76, however, he agrees with his wife that they like it. Still, he does not hate the front of it and it grows on him the more he looks at it. It is unique for sure.

That is not going to be an easy decision at all…


Liam’s wife was parking in front of the house while he was putting the finishing touches inside.

As soon as she walked in…

“Happy birthday love!”

They celebrated with a nice diner that he cooked and with a champagne glass in hand, he gave her a large birthday envelope.

“You know we talked about that P76 in the garage, well, I figured out exactly what to do with it. Happy birthday, I love you.”

She was stunned and excited at the same time.

She opened the envelope...

and she saw the “22 Acacia Avenue” for the first time.

“I love it, will I be able to drive it from time to time?” she asked.

“Oh, you misunderstood me, I decided to gift it to you, it is yours now. I love you so much!”

He kissed her.

Final ranking:

  1. @Ludvig
  2. @Texaslav
  3. @HelloHi
  4. @Knugcab
  5. @Ch_Flash
  6. @Mikonp7

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Oh well, guess I played it a little too safe on this one. :slightly_smiling_face: Karhgath, great quality reviews as ever. Congrats to the winner, can’t wait to see what the next chapter will bring!

I’ll have a look at potentially hosting when I get back home tomorrow.

For now, let’s celebrate with some Maiden 22 Acacia Avenue
(IDK how I came up with the name, it has literally nothing to do with the car except maybe Acacia being the national plant of Australia)

True, and in a different setting would be considered unrealistic.
The backseat easter egg started out as a hood scoop, but looked right silly there especially with the engine not having a turbo.


After failing to make a proper Volvo some consideration I’m passing on hosting to @Texaslav

Here’s the Swedish National Anthem as compensation

Sorry, Link. I’ve already got a JOC3A to come up with! Passing to @HelloHi

Unfortunately, I have too much on my plate right now and don’t want to wind up with more delayed results hanging over my head like ARM17’s did (though I had no idea in advance so many things would come up then). Y’all deserve a prompter challenge. Passing to @Knugcab

I’ll gladly host it. Fact is, that I have already a car ready in case I would ever have to host ARM, but since it was done before the engine revamp I guess it will need some fine tuning. But expect the next ARM to be up in a couple of days.


OK, it is now officially up and running! :slight_smile: