Assembling and testing the machine

Broke the Nurburgring North Loop record.

Slow down here Сarl!

The fictional motto of the Nurburgring Northern loop circuit.

That’s what you think about when you try to pass this track. Because you can’t think of anything another here - else it’s happens the rapidest way out of the trajectory. With my Zuper Reactor, I set the record at 7 minutes 49.750 seconds.

But I used the grip modifier from Angelo234.

Static Friction value of 2.21.

Sliding Friction value 1.04.

You can set any numbers you want.

With square control from the keyboard! As I was too lazy to connect the steering wheel.

If you suddenly get outstanding records for your results, you can send them here.

Including on my favourite modern GP Strecke track.

As a reminder, the absolute winner of the northern loop is the Porsche 911 GT2 RS MR 911.2 with its 6:43 record among series cars.

However, you can hardly come close to it.

With conditions like these, has become a bit more like life and is waiting for its professional pilots.

With conditions like these, has beating the famous BMW M3 Challenge and Asetto Corsa simulators.

Objective: To beat the time of 7:45.

Reward: 4 cars:

Car Helper - more will become known about it if I win the CSR 142 Challenge.

Great Falcon Power – maslcar.

Light Dreams – sportcar.

Blue Star

Blue Star – 128 hp sedan, a member of the CSR 142 Challenge.

Closest competitor in time:

The best of the best:

Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06

Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupé GT 63 S 4MATIC+

Jaguar XE SV Project 8

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Nissan GT-R

Maserati MC12

Pagani Zonda F Clubsport

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4

Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari 812 Superfast


Porsche Carrera GT

McLaren MP4-12C

Lamborghini Huracán LP610-4

Chevrolet Camaro

Porsche Panamera Turbo

Chevrolet Corvette C8

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Porsche 911 GT2

The absolute winner of the track is the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo with its time of 5:19,546 - a heavily refined track car.

Just so you understand how cars can in life.
No, this is not an accelerated record.

Average speed of 234.69km/h 145mph!
Top Speed 369 km/h 229 mph!

The car participating in the race – LVAP Verdana Venture Zuper Reactor.

Only high-quality assembled cars with superpilots can pass this test!

Difficult: Very Hard.
Map: High Quality Nordshleife + GP Strecke. – Google Drive

I hope you won’t be upset by this competition.
The competition is not limited in time.

Okay, especially for players I will write instructions for the exchange of files.

  1. C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\\0.23\replays. Search here for your replays, determine by date.
  2. Copy it to your desktop and archive it if you want to compress the file.
  3. Go to Google Drive through your Google account and create there the Replays folder.
  4. Inside the folder you add the replays.
  5. Click on the Replays folder and then click on the chain icon. A window will appear to copy the link.
  6. Change the “access restricted” setting to “Available to users who have a link.”
  7. Then click the “copy link” button.
  8. Check the link in the new line of your browser.
  9. You can now place the link in Automation.
  10. Don’t forget to delete unnecessary files after the exchange has taken place, so as not to clog the cloud, and not to force cloud owners to buy new hard drives.

The files aren’t that big, they seem to be even smaller than full videos, and weigh up to 500 mb at most.
I did the GP Strecke 2 laps of 2 minutes each and it was only 115 mb.

If you choose this method of confirmation, you need the original map and your car - a mod for

If you want to record on video, you are allowed to hard-optimize the recording so as not to overload the computer.
For example, limit the number of frames to 15 and lower the resolution to 1280 x 720 or lower.
Also, no one forbids making a video recording of a replay that has already been recorded. That is, adjust the viewfinder yourself, and wait until the end of the race.
At the same time, the Start Hotlapping tool can be activated while you are watching a replay.

Also, no one forbids to test their machines only on the GP strecke, it also shows well the ability of the car and the pilot. Although you can cut here, but gross violations can be easily determined by the replay.
But here you need high accuracy of measurements. Many cars can come in the same second. Here the place in the championship is already decided by fractions of a second.
The prevailing factor in winning is the car itself. And the driver only helps, directs the car in the right direction.
Because the pilot may try and may not. The variation in such results will be very small.
For example, you may find the race where the driver almost never tries, and the result will be 2:40 minutes.
Another option is when a rider squeezes all forces out of himself for the sake of concentration, and the record will be 2:00 minutes.
In real life, a racer would never take a risk without knowing the limits of his car’s parameters. He always leaves a reserves for his life so that he does not crash.
Here, in BeamNG, such a race is completely safe, and you can squeeze out all the juice.
By the way, taking into account the grip modifiers, I have not yet seen a more realistic driving simulator anywhere.
So if you haven’t gotten this game yet, I highly recommend it.
The North Loop is basically prestige for the race team and the manufacturer. It’s where a lot of the world’s cars are judged. But because of the length and danger of this track, the human factor and professionalism of driving have a big impact here. A lot of people don’t want to take a risk for a record. Often many records are kept secret, and many people never learn all the details of the car and the weather conditions.
These circumstances have made the Nurburgring a world-famous track.
If your company is ready to declare that it has a good understanding of technologies and knows how to assemble race cars, our place in the table is waiting for you.

So what is the point of this competition?
I don’t really understand the main goal.

It is necessary to assemble a racing car, and be able to drive a whole lap in less than 7:45:00.
And at the same time it is quite real.
I recently set a record of 7:41:00,
and then improved it to 7:35:944 on a car with a more powerful engine.
You can use the steering wheel. Moreover, if you can’t get close to the estimated time, then you need to use the modifier for wheels grip from Angelo234.
If you set a record for GP Strecke, you can also send it here, but it’s not difficult to pass.
You can send a picture of the record, but preferably a video, so you can confirm your run.
But photos with time hotlap are also accepted.

I do 7:18 with my 1999 WIP supercar

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OK, you become the fastest racer among the players on the Automation forums.
I’m sending my reward.

I created routes for the entire Nurburgring!
25.98 kilometers paved!
Now the bots here are pretty good and enjoyable to ride.
If you try to race on a weak vehicle or a car with a lot of slippage, it becomes clear that this is a real test, just try to keep up with the AI!
Available for wide distribution.
And at the same time tell me if any part of the route is missing.

I can do more. Just let you know, I set grip modifier deafault because that my car’s wheel would blend if increase grip any furture.

I of course, don’t really believe you, but all right, you’re going to be the most fastest.
You can get an award if you want.
You automatically get one:

  1. Blue Star
  2. Light Dreams
  3. Car Helper
  4. Great Falcon
    You can also get a bonus on request via PM:
  5. HK Sir truck
  6. Lumic sportcar
  7. Zuper Reactor sportcar
  8. Shumaher’s Winner formula 1
    The modifier I like to install on 1.6 static friction,
    1.34 sliding friction, and stribeck velocity -1.
    I see you have control points, unlikely you would teleport every time to a new checkpoint, so you became the best pilot on the forums Automation, and indeed wherever - anywhere!!!
    But I advise you to pass with a grip modifier and show at least 5:40 minutes on video.
    For this purpose, the game has a racing modifier Start Acceleration, which works well when you pass the car through it. Without passing the checkpoint on the ride. Because so far I don’t really believe you. You can do that with a Beam playback recording that you send to me, or through a video capture program that you send to your google drive.
    Otherwise, your record goes to the top of the pilots table.

Just tested my GP sport with the modifier and showed a time of 7:30 seconds.
Alas, without more proof, your Quality Verification code will not rise above medium. Therefore, without more tangible proof, the champion title is passed to the next rider in the table.
At least send the car to me for a test, and it will become clear that it bolid is capable of it.
The table is attached at the beginning of the thread.
And your screenshot can easily be edited.
Your result is annulled and awaits confirmation.

You edited your screenshot well, but I whatever noticed the edits. :slightly_smiling_face:You should have tried harder. At least your lie was too blatant.
If you had listed something like 7:24:690 and showed your car decently, I wouldn’t have even suspected anything. Good job!
You don’t even have to try, your record is crossing out.
Next time, try to hide the pixels better. :+1:t5:

If that’s edited that’s the most amazingly (or purposefully) incompetent editing job I’ve ever seen. Text matches perfectly to everything else from the game, and then you go and add noise to make it obvious you edited it? Nah man that’s just JPEG compression. Look at the image you just posted and you’ll see the same compression artefacts.

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Instructions for map modders for BeamNG.

If you wanted to create routes for any track to make the road active for the bots, it’s pretty easy to do.

I tried to work in the editor BeamNG, but not everything went smoothly.

Although if you compare, the new editor interface is more friendly and understandable.

I had trouble editing the road material. I was not able to change the material from orange color no material.

I was getting a critical error message when I clicked the button.

You could create an unlimited number of maps for this game.

But in any case, I do not know how the optimization of large scenes.

That is, the export and import procedures became very simple in the new editor.

By default, a large map like Nurburgring takes as much as 1 gb, so a good compression archiver WinRAR helps to reduce the size to 300 mb.

Then the game itself will unpack the archive and play the terrain correctly.

About laying routes.

You can not be afraid of losing the original map file, start editing it. Routes are not negatively affected by the original file. Moreover, these roads themselves are almost weightless - they take up only a few kilobytes all together.

I would not like to edit every track, but with my instructions you can easily do it yourself.


  1. The roads themselves in BeamNG are nothing more than a drawing, part of the terrane, so you won’t get any access to them.

2: Importing the finished models and cdae files seems to be impossible or I have not found a way to do it.

  1. Select DecalRoads in the toolbar menu of the top panel.

  2. Hold down Alt and put the first point on the road.

  3. Hold down the Alt and put the second point.

  4. So that the point is not deleted and the road does not disappear, it is necessary to make several long presses button on the same place, until you see a white trail of continuing road.

  5. The road is ready! And to reduce its width, we click on the red round node, the point of the road. Now you can change its width on the right side of the Inspector Panel. Enter a number, for example, 18.

  6. To extend an existing road, click on the red point of the existing road and press Alt to continue. In the same way you can build turns.

  7. The roads themselves are very long, and you have enough 5 WhiteRoad objects for a whole track.

  8. To identify the road for the bots, you need to raise the driveability value from minus 1 to 5 in Inspector. The higher the value, the more the bots become professionals. As I understand it. I put the value of 100.

  9. Next, for the road to become transparent, you need to enable/disable the value of overobjests in inspector and change the value for RenderPriority. You can increase the value to 14 and the road completely out of sight.

  10. The road is ready! Bots are great at identifying routes, and are even able to drive a little in the void on the way to the route. Moreover, if there are large differences in the width of the profiles, the bots react to this and make a sharp maneuver.

  11. For the bots to correctly identify the route, you need to reopen the game.

  12. Now you can send the map file to others, to do this you need to find AppData and in it find mods, where the edited map will lie. Or press button Control Of The User Folder through the menu of the dialog Beam, it will automatically send you there.

I wanted to make routes for the track SPA, but I don’t very much want to do that, if you like this track, you can lay the roads on it and place in the free access.

Also, please see my replays and tell me if you can see them. To do this, you have to put them in a folder exactly with your replays. There are several similar folders.
This is the easiest way to share a video.
But it is necessary for the player to have a map file.

Link to my replays.

I have already received and examined the Blue Star, Light Dreams, Car Helper and Great Falcon previously, and found them all to be very badly built and unrealistic. However, it’s gotten to the point that they feel funny, in an ironic kind of way.


what are blue star, light dreams, car helper, etc.?

Yes, it is just a reward in the form of four of my cars for winning a tournament that I organized.

ah, i see

you realize that the time of 7:45 is incredibly easy to beat in beamNG

I didn’t think such a high real world record could be broken in the virtual world, but LennoxV10 proved otherwise!!! He, among other things, broke the real absolute world record, and that’s with the fact that his car didn’t even go over 275 km/h 170 mph all the way because it’s not capable of that.
Now that’s a really hard-fitting track car. I have personally tested it and it is really capable of that! Never mind that the car has been programmatically modified, the main mission of Challenge is to build a car and get the best record!
By the way, North loop is very tedious, and if you do not want to take part in it, you can drive on a small GP, which constantly hold professional races with the participation of modern cars.
And the north loop is quite outdated track, for weak cars, with other parameters. Then, and the perception of machines was different, it is not surprising that it is so dangerous, and the main hit makes it on the maneuverability of cars, which is not surprising because then often used diagonal ultra narrow tires, and bolids usually did not exceed 250 km/h or 155 mph.
By today’s standards, that’s not very much.

Yeah, it really isn’t that hard tbh. This was a terrible lap in a hillclimb car very poorly suited to the Nordschleife, and I could easily get probably another 15 seconds out of it if I wasn’t so rusty and didn’t miss the finish line, but yeah 7:45 is an easy time.

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A new record has been set for the NBGP circuit. Taroies V10.1 - CDR driven by kalan set a time of 1:24:674, beating Michael Schumacher’s F1 record by 4.794 seconds.
In this way, LennoxV10 was able to build a truly magnificent car.

So the result of the Lanson car for TrafikJournalen on the GP Strecke NB was 02.38.546.
This is not such a fantastic result, given the fact that it is a RWD sedan.
The car is tuned well, but despite all its power - and the engine reaches whole 225 hp and 306 nm / 226 lb-ft - it holds the road a bit poorly.
Nevertheless, in realistic conditions given my driving skills as a pilot, there was no embarrassing spread in the process driving, but the car strongly facilitates it.
Comparison to standards:
17 seconds longer than the BMW M3 4.0 MT 420 hp
32 seconds longer than the Zuper Reactor 831 hp.

Using the comparison factor, I can assume that a full Nordshleife 20.8km/12.92m lap without the GP zone would have taken the car in 09:30:823.