Atlas Motor Company

ATM is a company focusing mostly on dependable, ‘no-frills’ pick-ups for working class people and businesses, but also offers two muscle cars and a full-sized family sedan. The only vehicle in its line-up with a V6 is the Lightning Strike.

Atlas Thunder Chief M1

Atlas Thunder Chief M2

Atlas Thunder Chief M3

Atlas Lightning Strike M1

Atlas A1:

awesome cars!

Thanks much! I got some updates.
Here is the Atlas Thunder Chief Mach 3 and the Atlas A1 (a full-sized family sedan with a V-8).

Atlas A1:

I don’t think this really fits into Atlas Auto’s line up, but I thought I would post it anyway. I was distraught by how European all the cars look, so I decided to make a car that looked truly American. :wink:
Forget hatchbacks and Streudel, the All-American is here! :wink: