Automation and fan base

I was wondering what the overlap is between automation players and beamNG ones.
Considering both games complement each other, my questions are:

What percentage of Automation users also have BeamNG? And vice versa?

I started with Automation and once integration was achieved, I purchased BeamNG too.

I was divided between Beam.NG or BugBears “Next Car Game” (now called Wreckfest). When the partnership was announced between Automation, and Beam.NG I bought them together. Has been an excellent value in entertainment, plus Beam.NG is a serious PC bench marking tool.

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I believe there’s a good amount of Automation players that bought BeamNG due to the exporter. Those are usually the players that stick around these forums. The players that had Beam first, then got Automation after the exporter are generally less frequent on these forums, but are still here as well.

I originally got BeamNG way back in it’s pre-Alpha/pre-race days before it was released under steam. I got Automation at least a year or so (maybe more) before the exporter. So to already have both games when they announced the exporter, and that was amazing for me.

My guess is that there are proportionally more Automation players who have than the reverse. Automation goes out of its way to promote the way it synergizes with, while the reverse isn’t true, so I would guess that it is less likely someone who initially got would find out about Automation and get that game than the reverse.

With that being said, this is only speculation, after all I got long before I ever heard of Automation.