Automation Brand Perception

Interesting post, I thought Tarske should be more to the premium side at first, bu the more I think about it the more I agree.

The C-Series would be more on the affordable and emotional side, as they’re meant to be the entry level of the brand.

The S-Series is a step-up from the previous one, both in performance and price, so it would still be on the more emotional side but definitely more expensive.

The O-Series is spot-on, and I see them as a direct competitor to Rhania, although maybe a bit more rational.

The L-Series is the most rational of all the models, and I think it would be a middle point between Primus and DCMW/Nordwagen.

Finally, the H-Series would be very high in both excitment and exclusivity, fitting for the designation reserved for halo cars.

As you can see, depending on the model it goes up, down, left or right; but overall it averages to premium but not ultra exclusive with a bit of excitment.

I would like to see the chart updated with some more brands, like Superlite, Mayster, Phénix or Centurion; but you might not be as familiar with them. It would also be fun to have a chart with real brands for reference.


I was also thinking that you could put some irl car brands in the chart too, that would make it easier to understand the chart and how people’s auto brands compare to the irl ones

I would say that Žnoprešk placement is quite spot on.
Thank you very much for including me in this and for your kind words. :smiling_face:



Damn none of mine :frowning:


No Moretelli or Homada mentioned

Massive L

JK i haven’t done much challenges lol


We’ll make our own chart!





The fight has just begun…

Conservative vs. Progressive (or Traditional vs. Avant-Garde)?

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