Automation Engineers Championship | Waiting on Round 5

You can change the trim year to 1996 top left (default in Kee-engine is 2016), and then select last 20 years in trim selection.

Bottoming out doesn’t HAVE to be 0% tho its preferred as you probably want to drive the car somewhat comfortably and not have a bad back from every little bump in the road. So ya, it’s pretty bad.

For only $12100 you can be on the cutting edge of 90’s styling and tech wonders like Traction Control.
All in an American made time tested frame that will best the foreign cars at their own track.

TooFastTooRed is available to test the limits of your driving now.

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I’d love to know the current submissions’ lap times.

Unless they are willing to submit the times themselves, you’ll get them September 8th or 9th along with everybody else :wink:

All i can say so far is that they are all below 3 minutes around Suzuka

Darn, I gotta take it up a notch then. Thanks for the info.

Smooth Racing engineers have come up with a challenge to make a fast car out of heavy body with bad aero, max tyre width 205/225 and no auto-locking diff. No clue what the Suzuka track time is because I don’t have one…so below 3min I guess.


Speed your way through the economic bubble with the (Unpronounceable Scribbles Here) Sorcerer. Just over a ton of fun, with plenty of production units left over to make it inhabitable for prolonged periods. In prototype form it runs under 2:55 around Suzuka, and costs only 12300. Is that in yen? Probably not, but it’d sure be worth it.

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So far i’ve got entrants from:


I’ve got some life in the way today and tomorrow, and will post the results on sunday.

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New, from Simpel-Karr

Figured I’d have a go here, does Suzuka in under 3:00.00. Had trouble finding a name… decided to outsource.

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The year is 1996 and an undisclosed company have offered you an engine for you to build a car around. They are very adamant in their restrictions and wants you to build a 2-4 door FR or F-AWD coupe with minimum wheelbase of 2.5 meters. As they want the car to be sellable, they want it to be within 100 PU and 60 ET for the trim. However you MUST use sports compound tires and manual transmission. You cannot use carbon fibre chassis, fibre glass or carbon fibre panels. Your goal is to set the fastest lap possible around the track by designing a car that uses the engine provided. The winner will be whomever sets the fastest lap and will get to host the next round.

For the forth round we have had 6 entries from 6 companies. Their engineers have taken the crate engine and created a track machines to race around Suzuka to compete for a engineering contract for the still undisclosed company.

The team has tested each and every car around the track and have timed the best lap for each of the cars. Each car has also been checked against our regulations and with varied results we have collected the following data:

@HighOctaneLove Bogliq - They’ve yet again presented an updated and facelifted version of the Dolphin. This time around it bears the moniker 2600gt. It has a corrosionsresistant steel monocoque and dito panels, making it one of the heavier contestants, and double wishbone and multilink suspensionsetup. A 6 speed manual gearbox with overdrive, staggered wheels, and a balanced brakesetup with a slight brakefade. It has, suprisingly enough, plush leather seating and a good soundsystem, seemingly out of place for a car running for a good laptime, and topping it of with active suspension, makes it more of a GT-car then a track warrior. All this said, it still made a respectable 2:58.69 around Suzuka. The company is pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

@laffinghyena - They’ve presented the Sorcerer - Similar in chassis to the dolpin but they’ve changed out the steelpanels for aluminium for some wheighsaving. The suspension is similar as well but here they’ve changed out the multilink suspension for a pushrod suspension in the rear. A 5 speed manual gearbox with long gears drives the car, and again, staggered wheels on mag rims, for a more stable and understeery feel, i guess. The brake balance is spot on. Here we have the common race interior and a good old roll cage, no frills. All drivers assists are there, tho. And again, active suspension, in the form of active dampers making for a good ride. 2:53.64 around Suzuka speaks for itself, and shows what 300kgs of weightsavings means.

@AirJordan - Smooth is presenting the Waab R, somewhat similiar to a swedish brand. The chassis and suspension setup is similar to the Sorcerer with steel monocoque, alu panels and so on, placing it in the ligher categories of cars here. A short geared 5 speed manual gearbox gives it good acceleration and decent speed. Again a staggered wheelsetup, for a more understeery feel and the brakes fade pretty much, comparing to the others. The interior is the run of the mill raceoutfit, with all the driving assists in place. And here we have semi-active suspension, giving it a smooth feel. Being a feather and a stone heavier than the Sorcerer, it still manages to outpace it with a time of 2:50.67 around Suzuka.

@LinkLuke - LLA presents the Senshi, A nice looking coupe, with some similarities to the Dolphin in it’s chassis and suspension setup. Altho not corrosiontreated, it’s all steel. This make the Senshi the 2nd heaviest car around the track so far. It has a 6 speed manual gearbox and again, staggered wheels sitting on alloys for that stable understeer. The brakes are excessively grippy and locks up fast and hard. A standard 4 seater interior and a run of the mill soundsystem makes it stand out in the crowd, and all driving assists are there to help wrestle the car around the track along with the active sport suspension. 2:56.65 is still better than the Dolphin

@stm316 - SK presents the Breezer, a nice coupe similar in setup to the Waab R and the Sorcerer. It’s got a 5 speed manual gearbox with an open differential. The wheelsetup is of the usual staggered type with steel rims this time around. It has a pretty good brakebalance but suffers from some amount of fade. The interior is the run of the mill racing interior with added coms and some other peripherals. The first car not riding on active suspension suffers from some bottoming out on the bumpier spots on the track, but still makes it around in 2:53.73.

@TimbitsHockey - Presents TooFastTooRed, a very red coupe with similar setup to the Breezer et al. It’s got a 4 speed manual gearbox, with short gearing setup for Suzuka. Reversed staggered wheels on mag rims for more oversteer. And the brakes suffers from a slight fade. A run of the mill raceinterior with all driving assists in place tops of the car. Another car not riding on active suspension having a slight tendency to bottoming out. It’s better tahn the Breezer, tho. And as it is the lighest car around, it also presents the fastest time with 2:47.83

Gratz to TimbitsHockey for winning the 4th round of the AEC :slight_smile:


@TimbitsHockey I have assumed that you are unavailable to host round 5, therefore it falls to @AirJordan, please post back here stating if you are not able to host or post a round. Also from now on I would like to make sure that entrants state their availability to host the next round or not. This saves inconveniences like this.

Sorry, I lack ideas and time :frowning:

Sorry I didn’t respond yesterday,

I’m out of town during the next week so I’d be afk most of the time like yesterday which isn’t ideal. I’ll let you guys know on my next submission if I can host.

Wow 5 days ago it finished, not just yesterday.
My bad.

Ok, that makes @laffinghyena the next possibility to host, please post a round if you are. If no rounds have been posted by the weekend, I will think of something and post it.

AEC Round 5

For most racers, big ambitions in the sport have humble beginnings. Some might start with karting, some might approach from the mechanic side, but the majority will race what they can, where they can. The year is 1987 and some kids are heading out for a weekend at the local dirt track.

Working on a budget of whatever is in their pockets, the tiny teams have to get creative. The ubiquitous Generous Motors V8 is available by the dozens, and familiar to them as tying their shoes. The chassis of choice tend to be improvised, while a combination of bravado and limited practice means that fender-to-fender contact is almost guaranteed.

A tight course with a loose surface combine to keep the top speeds manageable. By discovering the fundamentals of grip, throttle discipline, and just out-hustling the competition, a potential star might emerge from the pack.

Hey wait, there are only paved tracks in the game!
I started making this course for round 3. It’s still not perfect, but it’s ready enough to test. It’s a 2 kilometer banked oval.

If it isn’t finished, how do we download it?
If I get more time to work on it, I’ll put it in the Tracks section of the forum. If not, you will have to do what real-world racers do and make your best guess. If you are putting up good numbers around the Airfield, you’ll do well here.

So ‘dirt’ course means serious off-roader, right?
Not really. Automation just doesn’t simulate that well. It only gives you a parameterized rating based on options you’ve picked. What helps is manageable wheel-spin and good lateral acceleration. The challenging bits are the narrow end of the oval where you want to come out quickly, and the big end of the oval, where you want to retain as much speed as you can.

The actual rules part

  • Trim year is 1987.
  • Minimum weight is 1000 kilograms.
  • Chassis is capped at 60 Engineering and 60 Production.
  • Material and engine placement are free.
  • Any 2 driven wheels. Note that FWD sometimes bugs out on the current version of the track.
  • Tires are Medium compound, maximum width of 255mm, no quality slider. Wheel diameter and material are free.
  • Brake material, brake pad, and composition are free. Note that brakes with very high fade also cause bugs.
  • Suspension configuration is free.
  • Gearbox and differential are free.
  • Minimum cooling is 275 kilojoules, maximum is unrestricted.
  • One lip, one wing. Placement is free. No undertray.
  • The body must have at least 2 seats, and a roof. Roadster or convertible bodies are permitted as long as a variant that is fully enclosed is used.
  • Minimum safety this round is 35. Minimum overall reliability is 35. These things hit hard and often.

Slight rule change. The maximum alteration to any one feature, positive or negative, is 5. Tires are exempted. As long as the end product is within above specification and for Production and Engineering, the total amount of slider use is unrestricted.

The engine is essentially an agricultural unit largely unchanged for the past 25 years. AEC Round 5 (8.9 KB) No one would do something like that today, right?

So I have time to get the track working, entries are due by midnight PST Friday, September 15. Results should be posted the following Monday.