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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

Likely still need 3ds max, as the way we skin cars is not something that other packages seem to support. But I think we should be able to at least support more different versions of 3ds max


“20. Can I help translate the game form English to X?”

Typo: The word “form” should be “from”

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Are you guys going to add more detailed interiors? Like, if the you pick Premium Interior and Luxury Infotainment (or HUD) and then you strip down the car, you can see your corresponding choice of interior in the car?

That would be cool. Right now, i just look inside the cars and it’s just so… empty.

I know this is old, but somewhere i read of a game called Anti-Monopoly and Finance or something.

All of them got sued by Parker Brothers.

So if they made a board game called Caropoly, not only would it be slightly expensive, but they would probably get chased down by Parker Bros for “infringing their copyright.”

Just so you know!

This has been asked, and answered before. It’s not going to happen, due to the sheer amount of effort for something so unnecessary. It’s work for something that isn’t going to be seen all that often, if at all.


Ah, ok. Sorry about that.

Still, it would be a pretty cool idea.

(Btw, i’d like to see a version of this game ported to the Atari 2600! Imagine the possibilities! Automation… played with a joystick! :joy: :joy: :joy:

It was about time to update the FAQ! :slight_smile:


Time to re-read it again to see what questions I can stop answering then :smiley:

Very minor, but Crowdin should have a capital “C” in the FAQ.

it is written with small letters in their logo, so they are a bit all over the place :slight_smile: I write it like their logo implies.

i found out that the v8 is still glitched and the s15 body exporter still gives me that error

Sir there is a dedicated bug reporting thread.