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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

Neevverr mske it take longer, i cant wait no more

Maybe we could make the cars so that they are driveable in this game (Rigs of Rods

^we have had a chat to the developers about this, and it may happen one day :slight_smile:

I just wish I could get the Engine Demo to work (Keeps telling me to download Build 86 even though I have 5 times already)

Ok, well I’m not sure why you’re posting about that in the FAQ and not in the support forum.

Send an email to contact@camshaftsoftware.com and we’ll get Zeussy to look into your problem - please include as much detail as you can about what is going on.

Is there like a Quickstarter or similar to which I could donate to help the project go along?

Pre-order :wink:

Yup! We did run crowdfunding about 6 months ago, now the way to support us is to pre-order (and convince your friends to do so too! :smiley:)

Will we be able to build diesel engines also?

i think we will but im not sure

Ahh, that item was missing in the list… no, unfortunately no Diesels in Version 1.0 of Automation.

^LOL, getting more stuff as updates.
@Daffyflyer, you may need to start making these many turbos /
topgear.com/uk/car-news/bmw- … 2012-01-26

Hi all, new here.
First post.

Are you going to do anything in a diesel? I would love to see them in the game.

If I am understaing this right, we can build a car from the ground up?
From a econo box to a family sedan?
From a sports car to a truck?
Every detail?

The demo is awesome, I am waiting for the v-8’s.
I am been trying to replicate a large displacement diesel inline 4 on the demo, high compression and low redline.
Its fun tinkering around with the engine builder to see how much torque I can squeeze out of the engine.

cant wait till this game is out!!! will this game have a platform close to the mazda v6 klze engine? this is one of the strongest v6 platforms that was engineered by 3 great company’s Suzuki Mazda and Porsche most underrated engine ever lol!

It will have V6s (eventually) so you can just make a KLZE or a RPV or Cologne V6 or any other V6 you can think of… (within reason… no 190 degree v-angle, triple cam, 12 valve per cylinder engines :stuck_out_tongue: )

i cant wait for inline 6’s and forced induction, i want make the nissan RB engines :smiley:

what about those who pre ordered through rocket-hub ? (like me) will we be able to get those v16s ?

Loady, devs once said that rockethub preorderers are treated like those who preordered forced induction. So, yes to V16’s

whats the word on flat plane V8s? Are we still waiting on the sounds to be finished?