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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

is the game tested by mechanics or other car technicans? just to get the stuf right :slight_smile: i have preorderd the game becus il love a realistic car building/tycon game :slight_smile: so i hope its going the right way and it looks like it is :slight_smile: just made my own engine in the game as close as i can get hehe, good job guys :slight_smile:

Basically, imagine a bunch of hopeless car nerds who really know the shit they are doing (devs & testers)… well, apart from me, who knows basically nothing about cars, but games in general. :stuck_out_tongue: I feel very lonely xD

sounds good :smiley: just so ppl know how cars work :slight_smile: have tryed al to many realistic car simulators wher the makkers looks more in to the sjowand game and not the ralism om the cars :slight_smile:
My hobby is to build high end car engines for motor sport :slight_smile:

Knowledgeable hobbyists I’d say we are. And for anything we don’t yet know we’ve got a slightly terrifying stack of Automotive Engineering textbooks :mrgreen:

hello guys :slight_smile: it seems i cant play the demo version due to technical difficulties. the demo keeps on asking for an update ( which i already did for 3 times ) please i need help or at least a helpful reply.

Hi Dani,
you will need to update the game several times (I think it was more often than three times) to get the most recent game build. The build number is shown in the top bar of the launcher window. As long as this number is increasing with every update, everything is fine and you should keep on updating until you reach game build 109. Then you can start playing.


i was able to download the game and everything but when i go to play it it goes to the loading screen and then crashes after it loads. does this mean my computer doesnt meet the requirements?

This is exactly the game I’ve wished I could play ever since Gearhead Garage. Keep up the awesome work!

I cant wait to play full version ! the demo version is awsome !!!

Since i have already preordered do i need to get steam to recieve other updates and recieve full game later.

Nothing is on Steam as yet and may not ever be. But we’ll work out what we are going to do about non-steam versions if and when we do get on Steam (wouldn’t be until the full game was done)


  1. Your Caps-Lock key is stuck… that could be an issue.
  2. There is a support forum for these questions.
  3. What error message do you get?

hi i just tried the demo, i have been making work like this whit a calculator and paper for about 20 years ago, it is great to see somebody still have the interest for details.
i did-ten get much sleep this night, the spec and out come is close to the real thing.

great work

Try turning off the wi-fi! Then it’ll come up with some pop-up. When you click on ‘Yes’ it will start up! It works for me :smiley:

On the released game can you compete against other ‘made-up’ car manurfacturers or is the game solely building a successful automotive business? :confused:

How are those two things exclusive to each other? Yes it is “just” about running a successful car company, with everything that is part of it, like competing against other manufacturers of course!

May I ask what’s the latest status on delivery of the full game for pre-orders? I’ve play a lot with the engine configurations and am most anxious to start designing the cars themselves. Thank you.

You find a recent status update on the main page :slight_smile: major “revamp” release coming very soon, then turbos, then the car designer.

I prefer the term “petrolhead” or “gearhead”. It’s what I am, but, I had little to no choice because my dad was a mechanic and engineer. I have never taken any car I have owned to a garage, unless I was feeling lazy.