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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

I have the forced induction version of the game and my game has decided to not launch anymore. I get a pop up that says error code 4028. iv tried re installing it and its doing the same thing. I am running windows 7 high end gaming pc and the game went from working great to not at all…help!

That belongs in the support forum, but hey, quick answer: that’s pointing towards a corrupt install of the game. Try running the cleaner tool & reinstall (maybe re-download even) to fix this.

ok thanks for the help killrob. and sorry I didn’t see the support forum until after I posted this

I purchased my preorder yesterday but have yet to receive an e-mail with a game key. How long does it take?

It’s pretty much instant, check your spam and check if you use another of your email addresses in the purchase :slight_smile:

Checked my spam and I can’t see anything there. pretty sure I used the one e-mail address. Are there any other options?

If you are sure you have checked your email you use for paypal stuff and its spam folder, then I don’t know why it isn’t there, usually there are no problems. Maybe something went wrong in the purchase itself? If you still don’t have it and the purchase went through, drop us a message at contact@camshaftsoftware.com and zeussy will send you your key.

Is there someone on this site that shows the current release version? I uninstalled the game a week ago. What happened to the update that was due late feb / early march?

also, will we be getting larger car bodies to work on? the i6 doesn’t fit in anything unless it’s so small an i4 would do the same job.


Hi guys. It’s awesome that the demo version can be unconditionally downloaded, but is it true that you need to pay for the full version (the one still being tested) and can I download it for free? Just a thought. Remind me ASAP. :slight_smile:

Yes, to unlock all of the features, and get the game for free one it is released, you must buy the game. It is totally worth it!

Guys, sorry for the (maybe) silly quesion: i bought the “supercharged” version of your game…but what about the “turbocharged”, is it better? i don’t find it as an option where you can buy the game :smiley: i don’t understand this thing.

That was for earlier supporters of the game. Don’t worry, it is not much different from the supercharged version.

Thank you very much for your reply Jakgoe! :slight_smile:

How can I help you with translation on Russian language? Seems like game unpopular in our country because of bad language knowledge, so I think I can help yours project a little bit… What should I do?

Question 24 of this FAQ answers that. They won’t be doing any translation stuff until the final beta phase of the game which is still some time off. For more details, see question 24.

Oh, didn’t saw that. Well, I guess I have to wait then.

If the game gets released on steam, how will the people who already preordered the game get it on steam, will it be for free or will you need to pay additional money?

Your current game key will be converted into a Steam jey then you can activate it on Steam if you want, or you can stick with the current standalone launcher. :slight_smile:

Horizontally Opposed(Flat)?
Twin turbo/Tri turbo?
Twin charger(Turbo + Mechanical)?

There’s a track selector in the car testing page, is there currently a way to make custom tracks? I just wanted to make a 5km straight line to test out the top speed of some of my cars.

Just wanted to know if these are going to get added in the game eventually.
Can’t wait for the final release.