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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

THere is this thing on the upper right corner of the page, it is called a search function. Had you used it, you would have all your answers.

Rotaries? Not decided yet.
Flat? Yes.
Multiple turbos? Yes
Twincharging? Not decided yet.

Custom tracks? Yes, you can check them on the test track section of the forums.
Why bother though, there is the top speed stat already, which gives the top speed of the car.

It blends in with the black background quite well, first time on the forum, didn’t quite spot it.
Now that you said it, I’ll use it.

Ok, so here is a new question.

if you have the pre ordered version of the game will the diesel engine ( assuming it becomes a thing ) be free to you, or will you have to pay for it as well?

Well, it depends.

As you said, it hasn’t been confirmed. And when they decide to do it, they could release it as a DLC, since it isn’t on the Automation 1.0 package.

yea I agree they can totallydo that and I wouldn’t be mad if they did, im just curious because I have played games that gave the pre order customers all DLC for free as it was released. but again that was only for the guys who pre ordered.

If Diesel engines ever make it into Automation, it will be as DLC that is free for no one. We can’t just give out 6 months of development time for free. It won’t cost much though I would think.

All good KillRob just curious how it would be worked. LIke I said I have played games like that before where they made all DLC available to pre buyers totally free, But I have no issues paying for your guys hard work and time and I kinda wish you had a paypal donations spot. I am sure many would donate I know I would easily throw another 50$ your way and possibly on a recurring manner.

I cannot imagine getting that much content for free! I’m happy to pay for DLC if it’s something I want and the price is acceptable. There will always be steam sales too. Diesel engines can be a DLC. Rotary engines can be a DLC. Electric engines and hybrids can be a DLC. I’m happy with those ideas. Things that would take a lot of work, and time to build can be DLC and I’d be happy to buy them if they are things I want.

Keep up the good work!

Can’t get the Launcher_Setup.exe to work…

This is the wrong part of the forums for that question, try to repost it here viewforum.php?f=16 and give a bit more information as to what is going wrong :slight_smile:

i bought the game but i didn’t get the game yet,could you work on delivering my game for me.

Have you checked all your emails for the game key (including your email linked to PayPal)? Spam folders? It is very unlikely that the email didn’t get through, please have another look.

any news on next update? getting really bored, already built every engine configuration, getting pretty good at it.

The 12th of March, the new update is happening with the Steam release - automationgame.com/2015/02/19/st … king-tire/

There aren’t any more engine configurations in this update though, just more car design stuff and a bunch of general improvements.

If you’re really good at it, join in on the challenges being presented on the forums to keep you occupied! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say thank you a TON for the FAQ, and your honesty.

Some people would say they would add the ability to let you test drive your cars, just to get people on board. (I’ll be honest, being able to test drive my vehicle, or at least watch it go around on a track, would be cool.) But, you all know your limits. What you can do, and what you can’t do. I’m watching this game closely, I’m not a huge car guy in the real world, because of the filth that comes with it (oil simply doesn’t come off, and makes you feel slimy for hours after a 30 minute scrub session.) Take away that part though, and you have my full attention.

I’ll keep browsing around, but your all’s honesty really helped push me towards being a potential backer.

Cars aren’t all about repairing and fixing! Although it’s always good to know your way around a car, makes everything much easier.

Why there is not options to choose 5 cylinder inline engine? Will be this added later?
Thank you

No sounds, no art. Yes, will be added later. Watch this video for more details. The good news is, contrary to what the video says, V6s will be available soon. All remaining engines - after Tycoon part is pretty much done.

The demo is not working, what do i do?