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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

In what way is it not working? Do you get any error message? Please describe the problem in a more detailed fashion.

You cant even install the game ,there is always a problem “jit bugger” nonsense “ptr null value” bull… Well make it installable FIRST !!! Then put all the fancy graphics ,otherwise you just make it annoying for people to try and figure out how to do it for hours ,i would NOT buy a game that i cant even install so do the rest of the people that have such problems!! GOOD luck with fixing your problem>>

yep i have just described it well enough ,just un installed it after 5 despered atempts to install the demo and i am not waiting 53 min. for a stupid update to see a error occured bla bla bla


^ What she said

Also there is a thread for issues with the installation, which is a thing that has been sorted out with, I believe, nearly everyone.


I preordered the game before the Steam release, and now I would like to switch to Steam. I can’t download the game on Steam without paying again. What do I do?


Click “user control panel” near the top of the page, then click “automation” last link in red on the left. Follow the instructions.

It shows me an option to “Play Game” when I load the automation, I punch in my username and password but still doesn’t allow me to move forward from there, but then a pop-up says something to do with an active key? so im stuck playing the demo and i really don’t like the demo as I can’t give any of my vehicles full potential. please help or give me some more information, I’ve seen other people do it without even buying the game.

Well, have you bought the game?

Is there any forum or link that describes all upcoming engine configurations?


[quote=“machalel”]do you do children’s parties?


I know this is old, but the thought of Killrob’s smooth voice explaining UI Flow and V6 Valvetrains to confused children makes me want to throw a party.

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I’ve updated and reformatted the FAQ, it was about time. Most of the content is still the same but there is more info here and there.

I am having the exact same problem as austinpeppardd . and yes, I bought the game which makes it even more frustrating. When I put in my username and password it says “Active Key not found”. Anybody have any suggestions???

If you have bought the game, you need to log into your account that has the key attached to it. That account is NOT tomkuno, otherwise it would show up. Think of what other account you could have made and which email you could have used for that. If you can’t find it, email us with what emails you could have used to contact@camshaftsoftware.com

Theres also a website that you can check to see if the game can run on your computer. Its how I found out my old laptop can barely run it lol. systemrequirementslab.com/cyri that’s the link the website.

About the Biturbo v12s, any aproximate release day?

@Killrob (sorry I don’t know the other devs, I wanted to tag them but I’m new here :grin:) Would you guys consider uploading all your tutorials in-game to YouTube and making a playlist out of them? That would really help for those who selected not to see the tutorial every time but then want to brush up or revisit some idea.

Can’t you just click the Tutorial button on the main page?

@TR8R :joy::joy::joy: holy crap I can’t believe I missed that, thanks

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