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Automation FAQ - [Updated 3. Nov 2017]

On top of that there is a “?” button on every tab on the right side of the designers linking to the relevant tutorial videos :wink:

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Gday dude how are you I hope this is the correct place for this. I feel that the 4bbl carb race intakes are a little off and since the game is being changed I wanted to just put a small idea to you instead of using the current units which are more suited to 2bbl or 1 bbl carbs can you please consider this instead

Thank you for taking the time out of your day mate and have a good one

Did this FAQ cover if/ how someone can become a beta tester?

It’s right there :wink:

I’m back. And my question isn’t about the game. There’s no way we can have signatures in this forum, is there?

Nope :wink: not going back there!

Alright, thanks for letting me know :laughing:
@Killrob one last insignifant thing. I won’t mind if you don’t want to do it, but just an idea. In the future, would you consider implementing an import function for tracks? I know it isn’t the focus of the game, but there is demand for custom tracks, and challenges are hosted… so it would help, I think. There are many newbies to the game who will also not go snooping through forums to find out how to install just one track they really want. What do you say? If no, then whatever. I don’t really care :joy:

We will add workshop support for them for sure!


I just noticed something. It’s really small and stupid, but I’m bored. So entertain me if you will. Why do some Regular forum members have [color=gray]Regular[/color] next to their username while others don’t?

It’s all to do with the furom page. If u go into your account there is a badge option click that it will reveal all

See that’s what confuses me. If you click my profile pic, you see I’ve got the Regular badge. You are too, and you have [color=gray]Regular[/color] next to your name while I don’t. I’ve noticed this with some others.

Profile - > preferences - > title - > ??? - > success

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Ok here goes…everything is good im loving the game (except for 4bbl race filters lol) but i was wondering if at anystage the devs had considered flat head cylinder head types as a pre OHV option. If so why were they discarded and two would a new cylinder head type be a pain in the arse to do. I understand campaign first (yes) then turbo/supercharging? Could flat heads one day see the lght in this game?

Total engine redesign is needed, only thing that can be used is crank and conecting rods.

Flatheads were an outdated design in the 1940s already, so no, we are not going to include tech that is plain inferior to other designs. That is also the reason why we don’t go before 1940, that wouldn’t work in Automation as there is no good incentive to design worse engines :stuck_out_tongue:


Speak for yourself, I design inferior engines all the time. :sunglasses:


I’m a bit concerned about the UE4 update being significantly harder to run on low spec computers.

How much more graphics/processor intensive is UE4?

According to what we know currently, UE4 is so much more efficient than the current engine it should actually be less intensive on the PC.

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Little bump on this thread. For the devs or whoever can answer this. What will it be like for making mods in Unreal? I was just reading yesterday that Blender might come out with a direct Blender-to-Unreal functionality so I was wondering if it’s worth jumping into learning that early so that more mods will be out by the time the UE update happens.