Automation Forum Rules

Automation Forum Rules

The rules below have been compiled by the Administrators and Moderators in order to enhance the experience on the forums. Please read through carefully so that you don’t accidentally violate them. If you see anyone violating the rules, please use the report button on the bottom left of each post. The same applies to Personal Messages (PM’s).

§ 1 General Rules

  1. Treat other members with respect

  2. Don’t multple post in a short time frame

  3. Don’t make a full quote of a large post

  4. Never quote pictures or videos

  5. Don’t make posts/threads/PMs which have content that is:
    (a) insulting towards members
    (b) spam
    © racist
    (d) senseless
    (e) against laws
    (f) sexual or pornographic
    (g) hostile towards members
    (h) advertising piracy

  6. Posts that have illegal or pirated content will be deleted and the poster will instantly punished with a temporary ban.

  7. Don’t ask legal topic/questions, we are not lawyers and don’t want to be responsible if you get into legal trouble.

  8. Please search before making any new threads. Moderators have the right to merge threads without warning.

  9. Don’t advertise.

  10. Multi-Accounting is not allowed, and any account that is discovered to be one will be banned permanently, with the original account getting a temporary ban of 14 days.

  11. Do not create multiple topics about the same subject, even if they are to be created in different sections of the forum. We only need ONE of each thread. Any multiple topic threads will be merged or deleted without notice.

  12. Making multiple suggestions that have already been suggested before and are in the FAQ will get you referred to the FAQ, if you continue to do so after being referred to the FAQ, you will be warned.

§ 2 Warnings

Warnings and Bans will be issued in a 3 step system. (This does not apply to advertisement spamming bots. These get banned as soon as they get spotted) There always will be a written information over PM or E-Mail that there was a violation against the rules and will be punished with the following:

  1. 3 Forum Warnings

  2. Account-ban for 14days

  3. Permanent ban

All warnings will be recorded so that we can have proof of your misbehavior at any time.

§ 3 Images in the Forum

  1. The maximum filesize of images cannot exceed 850kB, graphics posted before this ruleset are valid and will not be erased.

  2. The direct linking of images from foreign servers, so called hotlinks, is not allowed. Please upload images to a imagehoster/your webserver before posting.

  3. Posting pictures that violate privacy rights is prohibited

  4. Don’t post images which have content that is:
    (a) insulting
    (b) vulgar
    © racist
    (d) senseless
    (e) against laws
    (f) sexual or pornographic
    (g) vile

§ 4 Signature Rules

If a Signature is denoted too long, either by a mod or by a user report - you will get a PM from the Mods or Administrators. No breaches will be tolerated - not even 1 pixel too much.
If you don’t follow the request to make it smaller in 48h we will put a warning on your account and remove the excess text or image.

  1. Signatures can be max 13,5 lines high in normal sized Font.

  2. Images can be max. 200 Pixels (roughly 12 lines of normal font) high. The width is limited to 850 Pixel, thereby the Filesize may not exceed maximum 200KB.

  3. The maximum size of 850x230 and 200KB applies to the whole Signature, including text and graphics - one line of text roughly equals 17px

  4. At a resolution of 1366x768 no thread is supposed to be ripped apart by a too large Signature

  5. Links or texts that contain advertising for commercial purposes are not allowed.

  6. Please don’t hotlink graphics - upload them to a imagehoster/your webserver before putting them in the signature

  7. Dont post links or graphics in your signature that contain adult-only content. The same takes effect for radical or political extreme Graphics or Texts.

  8. Quotes or similar things that embarrass or offend other members should be omitted.

The above rules have been compiled by all of the Administrators and Moderators.
Administrators and Moderators reserve the right to edit the rules at any time.


Nice. Even if inb4 somebody says “isn’t this all common sense”, it’s nice to have a reminder that a community requires some degree of order, and that order comes in the form of rules.

That said, I seek some kind of clarification on two terms, specifically, what is “senseless” and what is “vile”? I know these are broad terms that often are determined by the tastes of the community and therefore at the discretion of the moderators/admins, but perhaps a little initial discussion could help point us in the right direction.

I would consider senseless being “haz u planz for Diezel superchargerz?” Although I guess the punishment would differ regarding if you’re just an over-enthusiastic new member vs someone who just can’t be bothered to use the search function/repeat offender.

This was much needed, good work! :slight_smile:

I would like to say that several of these need to be clarified like strop says. Also it is important to point out that anything can be insulting (even reason, see SJWs), so it needs to be specified that a specific person or group present on the forums is the target of said insult. For instance: “Hitler was a fucking asshole” is an (a) insulting and (g) hostile thing to write, but it would hardly get you banned from these forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I also think something has been lost in translation.

3. Posting pictures that personal rights is prohibited

I think that means you cannot post a picture to which you do not have permission to do so.

@Robert: Yes that needs to be clarified, should be probably “hostle/insulting towards forum members”
@Maffc: Its more a “personality rights” - e.g. Killrob posts a picture of your face on the off-topic with out your permission. That would be against the personality rights. Or how Trackpad just pointed out in IRC -> Privacy rights.

ah ha - gotcha - cheers

Somewhere within the text of the rules I would like to add the following:

“Remember to attack the idea, not the person”

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As much as I didn’t want to bump this thread, I saw you do it. I would like to add in the rules, apart from the warning itself, that bumping is annoying. Don’t do it unless you really really need to, when you know something so grave a poster would be worse off without knowing and you desperately need them to know.

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Hey, how do you change your name, and how to delete a topic (that i created)?

Please, don’t bump threads.

Your user/display name? You can’t change that. You will always be seen as FrenchRepublic by us. However, you can add a nickname.

Tag or PM a moderator.

well, i just create my accout, where can i get the game?




Back in the Kee era, there was also a stand-alone release that wasn’t dependent on Steam to buy or run, but I’m afraid there’s no longer any such option now.

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Sir, I have enjoyed your game and I would like to ask a question. If I made an engine in automation and I recorded the sounds to be similar to a real life car, and put it in a game of my own. Would I get sued? I know this is insensitive but I proposed the idea to get car audios from this game by making engines. They kept being ignorant and banned me for 1 day for suggesting to break copyright laws. They don’t even play the game or understand it. They think that the cars are already made with copyright and it’s totally not a combination of how the engine is made.

Please respond, I wish to show them proof that using a recording of a self made engine has no copyright, as it would be impossible to copyright billions of distinct sounds. The game that is at question is a Roblox car game.

TDLR: Is there copyright on engine sounds?

I’m sorry if I’m off topic

Depends on what you mean of “a game of your own”. If that means a game that you personally are making and selling or eventually selling, then yes, that is illegal. If you want to put that sound recording into another game for your personal enjoyment, then no, that is well within fair use as long as you don’t distribute it.
I can comment further if you clarify the exact situation.

Like just if I wanted to put out a game, and I create an engine in your game. Then I record the audio, would it be okay with you guys.

The game is free, and the cars can be purchased with the in game cash you can earn.

There are some things that you can buy, but they do not monetize on the cars.

Examples: Incognito (makes your character not appear on the mini map), VIP(extra earnings from races), insanity(makes your car stupidly fast and uncontrollable[cannot be used in races])