Automation Forum Rules

To add onto this, none of the monetization would be placed on the cars themselves.
+Cars can be bought with in game cash
+Game is free to play
+No car DLCs
+Nothing that gate keeps F2P(free to play)

Ahh, I see! Best of success with your game, sounds cool :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, no, such use of the engine sounds is not covered by the license we have with our engine sound provider. We would not be able to allow such use as it is distributing the engine sound content beyond the context of Automation.

Distributing Automation engine sounds with your game, monetized or not: not allowed
Making your own Automation exporter plugin to drive Automation cars in your game (no Automation engine sounds in your game by default): allowed


Alright, thanks for the reply

Also, how would I be able to make a game that can put in use an automation to (game).

Like how BeamNG can receive Automation cars.

It would be a good opportunity to transfer interiors from one body to another. For example, you have to mark certain parts and then copy them all to the new body. And it would also be cool if you could sculpt any body in your game, and copy a lot of parts.

That functionality has not been implemented yet, especially since changing a car’s body after placing fixtures on it will remove all previously placed fixtures.

We already have the ability to shape specific sections of bodywork through morphing - and cloning individual trims or whole car models is all that’s needed to copy the parts you wish to carry over.

We now have exporter plugin modding support, so exporter plugins can be written for Automation for other games than Beam. I’m not sure we have any documentation for that yet, but it is supported. :slight_smile: