Automation Game

Where I can download that game… When a googled for this game I seen only automatic… or several games with blabla automation blabla and NOT THAT CAR TYCOON GAME :smiling_imp:

Game isn’t finished yet.

That explain it all.

From the FAQ -

When will Automation be released and how can I get it?

We aim to have it done by the end of 2011, but we aren’t going to rush at the expense of quality.

Also this isn’t our full time job, we don’t make any money from this yet, so whilst we are very committed to finish it time to work on it is sometimes limited

We will release a few little taster demos as we finish a few aspects of the game, and release as much media as we can along the way.

Most likely we will sell the game (for a low price compared to full price games) via some form of digital distribution.

we should really link to the FAQ on that side bar…

i had the experience that many ppl still ask questions already answered in the sidebar FAQ

I play a game where you’re required to read the FAQ before the chat areas unlock. People open it, close it, and then post the first question from the FAQ in garbled chatspeak (which is specifically banned in the FAQ). But at least if you put it in the sidebar it’ll be easy to point out to people!

if i could remember the name of a browsergame i played a couple of years ago…
anway there u had to answer questions about the faq before the registration let itself complete processing.

Ahh, browser games… <3 the one I play is not only in browser, but text based. From back in the days of dial up internet and my parents’ super awful iMac! One of the very few games I could play on that thing.

nothing worng with text, at least as long as it isnt sourcecode (Quelltext / Quellcode in german)

The engineering aspect is what makes this game unique. I have played countless racing games that have lacked in this area. All the true gear heads love the technical side of engines not just the power that they create.