Automation Legacy Challenge (SEE NEW THREAD)

To answer the questions that came in while I was away, from @Edsel @Restomod @interior @Texaslav :

  • There will be 3 taxes at most, although there may be fewer if lobbying is unanimous.
  • All the x-based taxes charge more as x increases. Just like IRL taxes.
  • There will be no exemptions in the first era, but some will open up later.
  • Araga is within both worlds, to accommodate for people having IRL and auto-lore companies.
  • I use metric, so Araga does too.
  • Lobbying is how automakers influence laws, as @Maverick74 said.
  • Naming convention uses digits, not words, so that sorting works.
  • Yes, foreign companies are impacted. Everyone was impacted by post-war steel shortages.

this may be an odd question, but by 90% profile do you mean the sidewall number? an example being set of 205 90R14’s or something like that? or does it refer to something else? also depending on the car size, 90 sidewall could be huge, even for '50s cars. Stuff like Morris Minors have only 70 sidewall and such.

Yes, that is correct. I did say it’s only slightly suspect - if you have good reason for low or high profile or are only a little away from 90, it’ll be fine.


Oh deary me, it seems I’ve come across another question:

Is it possible to lobby different laws to different extents? (e.g. “I approve of the displacement tax, but I approve of the weight tax even more!”) Or is all lobbying treated with the same weight?

I’ll allow it.


A very difficult question. That is, you can lobby for some taxes, and let your product release into production in this way. Only I have not yet understood how certain excesses quantities, e.g. emissions, would be ignored. That is, a tournament participant can voice the parameter that will be ignored. Very interesting.

halp! mooor questons! I cant sto-

Are interiors important (or even relevant) for this challenge?


Interiors are fully optional, as in many of my other challenges. I will certainly review interiors if they are present, but not 3D-ing an interior will not impact sales or reviews.


what about advanced trim settings?

i’d presume that they’re allowed since i don’t think this challenge is going to use beam in any way. take that with a grain of salt though


For anyone wishing to use advanced trim settings, it would be wise to keep them within reason.

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What, Ldub’s zero-track-width motorbike isn’t an option? Bummer.

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I will add this into the rules, but ABG is right. In addition, all advanced trim options which have the same visual effect as an existing option in engineering should be avoided. These are:

  • Wheel offset (making a trike is fine but expect stat adjustments)
  • Wheel width
  • Wheel diameter
  • Camber
  • Tyre diameter
  • Both ride heights at once (only changing one is fine)

All other advanced trim settings are allowed.

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Regular leaded is 92 RON; premium leaded actually refers to Super Leaded (98 RON).

Also, regarding the naming scheme:

Which of these is correct? I think it’s the former.

Also, when will noise legislation come into effect? If not this round, then the next one will most likely see loudness limits introduced for the first time.

The two naming conditions are the same; one applies across the entire challenge, while the other applies for the first era. This is era 1, so it’s ALC1. When we get to the next era, it’ll be ALC2.

As for noise, that’ll be lobbied in era 2 and implemented in era 3, unless all cars in this era are particularly loud.

Worth keeping in mind now is that some intakes are borked when it comes to noise stats.


Thanks for clarifying. Meanwhile, I’m currently brainstorming a few ideas for my entry into this first round should I choose to enter it.

Another question? imposssible!

The rules say that the less things you lobby for, the more power your lobbying has. Since radial vs. cross ply tire is “not strictly” lobbying, does indicating preference there affect lobbying ability too?

Also I just realized, those 2 naming conditions aren’t actually the same. One uses a colon (":") to seperate “ACL1” and the name, the other uses a dash (" - "). I know it’s a pretty minor difference, but does it matter which we use?

Winsley Motors

Winsley Motors was founded in 1946 by two brothers and ex-RAF engineers from England in southern Tasmania, Australia.

The company is well known for its focuses on sports vehicles, some of them are well known, and it was also known to enter several races with excellent results.

1952 Winsley Hobart 2000 Super

The Hobart sports car is Winsley’s most well-known product, and the only nameplate that is still in continuous production.

Its roots started from the late 40s, where aluminum were cheap and abundant due to the abundance of scrap WW2 planes. That time, brothers Marcus and Jeremy Winsley, went to Australia to search for new opportunities. With knowledge and experience in automotive and aerospace industries, the duo went on to found a car company under their name and started developing and creating sports cars.

In 1948 the Winsley Hobart was released as the firm’s first vehicle, complete with an aluminum shell, suspension parts from a compact car and a rear-mounted engine. Originally, it came with an 1.4 liter boxer 4 engine (which is built by two motorcycle engines) that generates 65 horsepower. But despite the weirdness it sold relatively well to a point that the brothers started making upgrades to its later models.

Pictures shown is the 2000 Super from the year 1952, which is the top of the line model of the series with a 118 hp 2 liter boxer-4, AM radio and larger rims. Due to several reasons, its only available in RHD regardless of market, and it was the first version of the car to be exported to the Aragan market.


Oops. Use a dash but I won’t care about colons too much

As for lobbying - yes, tyres won’t weaken tax power.