Automation savegame issue

Two days ago, I reinstalled Windows 10 on my PC.

I made a backup of the essential files, like all Automation savegame folder (on documents/my games).

Today, I installed now Automation on Steam, and I started to make the savegame new folder. I closed then.

I connected my backup HDD, and I putted the whole Automation backup savegame folder and overwrite, and I loaded the game.

The issue?

When I load a car, it doesn’t appear any trim, and any engine (and, when I open the trims folder, it isn’t empty), and the game is unable to show any of my engines) including at the engine menu.

Any solution?


Make sure your save path is pointing to the correct location and that that it is a location that the game has full permissions to use.

Of course.

Note: i found the error: IDK why my external HDD it loosed part of the backup folder data (fortunaletly only the Automation engines, no important data), and the engines folder dissapeared.

I reinstalled the save data again.

Fingers crossed

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Has it succeeded?

Thanks to the review car samples, I could recover my most important models: Urban (before restyling unfortunately, but at least I could recover them), Excelsior (the latest), and the Amagosta, and RS-Cien.

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