Automation supercharged account sales

Hi, im selling my account for 30$ I’ve only used it one time.

Is that even allowed, mods?

In b4 ban?

isn’t doing stuff like that actually illegal?

Yup, it’s illegal, iirc the EULA says that you can’t pass your account to other people

I’m actually pretty sure he’s joking, judging by the way he says “Used only once”.

Judging by the time he registered, it seems that he bought the game, played it for a bit, decided he didn’t like it, and now is trying to get his money back by selling his account. I assume he will get banned or something so that he can’t sell the account.

In which case, OP can eat a dick :smiley:

Acct for sale: $30

Only driven once! 34 minutes on the odometer!

May need new End User Licence Agreement…

[size=85][ul]]do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers/:m][/ul][/size]

Automation for sale,

May require engine overhaul and some bug fixing.
Used daily for just under a year.
May not be in usable condition due to failed mod attempt.
Wicked ass 3rd party mods though.
Do not use with apple. Will result in crash.

For sale for either $200 or over my dead body. Preferably the former.

Just testing the waters, Account for sale, 2014 limited edition with supercharger. .lua light is on from aftermarket mod swap, still loads and plays though. Only 954 posts, no bans or warnings. texts only no calls or emails five f I v e 5 55 five f iv e

m8 me acunt is fer sail… No I shouldn’t

Obligatory shocked face is a necessity


can i sell my company?


General Chat is also not a place to sell anything. Scratch that, the Forum is not a place to sell anything. [size=50]as of now[/size]