Automation x BeamNG Holiday Modding Contest (EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 29TH)

We are very happy to announce that we are partnering up once again with our friends at to run a modding contest!

For this challenge, we’re celebrating both of our new major updates - Automation’s Ellisbury Update, and BeamNG’s 0.31 Update - with a bit of a holiday-themed design competition…holiday logistics!

We challenge you to unleash your imagination and build a vehicle designed to carry cargo for the holidays. Are you going to make a holiday-themed delivery van? Perhaps a pizza delivery car? Or maybe not even a car at all? The choice is up to you!

Contest Details

  • Submissions are open from now until 29 February 2024.

The following categories are accepted:

  • Vehicles/props, vehicle/prop modifications with accompanying configs
  • Automation creations
  • Maps
  • Gameplay (missions, scenarios)

Submission Criteria

  • Entries must be submitted through the BeamNG mod repository. Due to the holilday break, BeamNG mods are not being approved on the repository until 04 January 2024.
  • Each entry must be original and represent the theme of the contest.
  • The quality of the mod and the repository page should be as high as possible. Please try to take at least a few pictures of your work in both Automation and BeamNG!
  • The published mod should be shared in the dedicated BeamNG forum thread. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!
  • You cannot continue an older project for this challenge.

Prizes and Judging Criteria

We are still working out the prizes and judging criteria for this challenge, check back for more information later; we will be including some very special prizes for the category winners and runners up though!

Entries will be judged in BeamNG primarily, and should at least be drivable!

Team entries are permitted for this challenge.

For more information, please refer to the official BeamNG post here.
We can’t wait to see your submissions and wish everyone the best of luck!