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What kind of intergalactic electrospacewizard juice was your car running on? :laughing: how exactly do you manage to get such good mileage? Using turbo lag to your advantage, I’m guessing?

Using old game balance. Stats may change over time and updates :slight_smile:

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Fuel economy is also affected by gearing and aero efficiency, not only by the engine. Once I build a NA OHV V12 with +26% efficiency but the car ended up with something like 24-25 mpg because the gearing (it was an auto), weight (it was a luxury car) and I guess the body wasn’t aaerodynamic.

Turbolag is awful to fuel economy. Generally you want to match the more efficient point of the engine in the Rev band with the average rpm cruise in the fuel economy calculations tab, so isn’t that hard… However doing that while still maintaining high levels of performance is ssomething.

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I have heard (and please do correct me if I am wrong) that turbochargers that are laggy are a benefit to fuel economy. When the engine is below peak boost and on low load, the flow of air is not great and accordingly the fuel-air ratio means that the fuel isn’t being consumed like mad. If the car is laggy and the peak boost is generated at higher RPMs, up there the air is really coming in because a lot of exhaust gas is being made and then to keep the fuel-ratio safe (I realize the fuel ratio changes between on and off boost) the fuel quantity being taken in must increase.

Not exactly. Since turbochargers are technically still active at low load they’re just there as power drainers. Hence why modern economy units are quick responsive ones.


I’m not sure I understand the connection between quick and responsive engines and stopping turbos from seeping power

Quick responsive turbocharger units. I should’ve clarified.

The Pearlite Vengeance (made with the latest update) used good old 95 premium if I remember correctly. And it was naturally aspirated :smiley:

If the turbo is laggy, that means that the turbine is blocking exhaust from flowing out of the engine. This is a significant pumping loss which is bad for economy.

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Peak economy regularly is when the turbo is fully spool up and at peak torque. In modern turbos that means a huge gap of 2,000rpms or more where the engine is efficient.

If your turbo is laggy, before is fulled spool up, some of the energy is wasted trying to move the turbine of the turbo, thus, to keep moving that thing (andthe car) you need either to put more air (which can’t do since the engine is being strangled by the turbo, and loosing more energy due to pumping) or to slightly enricher the FA mix.


Thanks guys @Sillyworld @phale @Deskyx

#Introducing the 2016 Auxuras ITL , our innovation in one vehicle.

Saminda is now serious about it luxury sibling Auxuras , the 2016 ITL which Saminda claim that it will be the most innovative luxury sport sedan ever , the chassis of the 2016 ITL will be all new , while it will feature Saminda’s new ‘‘Light Weight Aluminium Body’’ , expected to lose more then 100 pounds.

The new ITL is expected to come with an all new 1.5-liter inline-4 turbocharged engine (To replace the naturally aspirated 2.4-liter inline-4) , 2.0-liter inline-4 turbocharged engine and a 2.0-liter Atkinson Hybrid.


@Starfish94 with a car company based on luxury, design and performance,
wouldn’t it be good to redesign your profile pic?
(simple suggestion)
Anyway Awesome as always

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Finally in 2016 now, you’re eight months behind schedule :stuck_out_tongue:


TBH my profile pic is designed not long ago

will start to post 2016 vehicle around end of this year :slight_smile:

Ah what timing! Dimension also has a luxury sedan coming in 2016 with an aluminum body.

Just don’t use any key chains…

R.I.P Naturally aspirated Saminda’s , you serve us well , the decision to remove the 3.5 litre V6 from ITL is kind of depressing. Not to mention a 1500cc engine in a luxury brand , god knows what’s up

Let’s see what Dimension can make us jizz our pants .

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I am sure you can deliver excellent economy with some small turbo fours while still providing decent performance, particularly with the new, lighter aluminum body, but the lack of capacity and cylinders will result in a severe loss of prestige. Still, if you can deliver on your promises, we will most likely be proud of you…

Auxuras is never more prestige then any other luxury brand imho , but they make decent cars i admit. i hope Auxuras will up their game in 2016 as 2015 is kind of lost for this brand tbh.

Dam , maybe i am not used to small engines , the 1.4 tsi is quite popular in my country.

Audi uses a 1.4L turbocharged engine :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: @Yamahafazer600 neither do I, but when I saw that AUDI used that engine I was quite surprised that it could move a A3 sedan, which is not big, but is not small either. I was just getting used to see 1.8L displacement as the smallest engine used in compact and small saloons, and then, all the sudden we see 1.4 everywhere, or 3 cylinder engines (or an ecoboost in a Mustang or the GT). It is quite a time to be alive, where such small engines are powering vehicles. But me, being old school (and you know there is certain… ego-thing when buying cars), I will think twice before buying a saloon with such small engine, not matter what the specsheets would say. I will feel weary on buying such a small engine when paying quite the money for a luxury car.

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#CZ6 Empire Edition to be released later , CER Series to be axed too.

The last CZ6 will be revealed later on , Saminda just annouce that the CER series that is powering the CZ6 will also be axed and will not replace the current JA Series as it will ‘‘Focus more on 4 cylinder turbo’’