Auxuras Motor Co - The all-new ATL, Return. Remake

IVIC just kicked in yo !

Judging by the specs alone, Saminda-Auxuras should make a road car inspired by this racing variant, which would boost the brand’s halo considerably.

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I think Saminda/Auxuras should make a V8 Supercar. :slight_smile:


Obviously you’re not referring to those mid-engined Ferraris with flat-crank V8s that rev to the heavens and beyond. A V8 Supercar (with the uppercase S) is a touring car which competes in what was once called the Australian Touring Car Championship, and with F1 at an all-time low in terms of competitiveness, it is now my favorite racing series anywhere. Saminda already has a suitably sized body; however, current rules require a tube frame and a longitudinally mounted, normally aspirated V8. The company must build the latter from scratch specifically for the series, but this foray into what is, to them, still uncharted territory, given the right amount of investment, might just pay off. Since the Car of the Future was introduced to the series, all three new manufacturers (Nissan, Volvo, Mercedes-AMG) have won at least two races each, although the latter no longer competes in the championship.

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Every post…seriously, let-it-go people.
Curently there are not mass-produced japanese V8 supercars! And there is not sense in Saminda/Auxuras going the V8 route.
As it is compromised with technology, a proper halo car for Auxuras should be a racing hybrid car, or a racing atkinson engine car, not a traditional V8/V12 supercar.

Honda/Nissan/toyota don’t have V8 in their super cars and they’re doing more than fine, heck, they don’t even suffer from low sales 'cause they’re not offering V8/V12s super cars

Honda NSX – 6 cylinders
Nissan GTR – 6 cylinders (tho it uses a NA V8 for racing)
Toyota – appart from the LFA, no *6 cylinders engine either. And rumor has it, the next Supra will be powered by a turbo V6.

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I only wonder if it is still serious, or ironic :slight_smile:

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Actually Saminda do have a longitudinally engine and platform , called Storm which is an SUV for India market only , i suspect it’s not a global platform hence Saminda doesn’t want to bring it to other model

the engine is non-ivic by the way

The story of Saminda-Auxuras reminds me of that of Honda or Acura, since both brands had a reputation for building great drivers’ cars across multiple segments until an excessive focus on economy scuppered that plan and put the whole company in a major crisis, what with recent recalls and such. I still hold out hope for it, though. :slight_smile:

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Oh wow really? Saminda is like Honda? WOOOOOOW! I guess the similarities are really subtle huh. I mean it’s not like they had a luxury division which doesn’t sell cars in their home country, a V6 twin turbo hybrid supercar for cheap that they went GT500 racing with, produces almost exclusively FWD cars. Wow Saminda like Honda? Who would’ve thought.


Not sure is it sacarsm :smile: , but the CZ6 is really similiar to NSX except it doesn’t have electric motor and lighter

If Saminda is like “Automation Honda” isnt a bad thing tbh , but Honda’s are now much more exciting with the NSX , CTR and thr upcoming ZSX , and Saminda isn’t

For me Saminda resembles Toyota more - because of the design style, being extremely reasonable and very stereotypical corporation, all about money. Not that it’s bad, it adds a lot of realism to a bit fantasy-like world of Automation full of companies that would go bankrupt in a minute :wink:


In any minute? We’ve gone bankrupt already!

But mmm government money…

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#Saminda annouces Auxuras brand will launch in Middle East , Saudi Arabia will be the first

American Saminda Motor has started exporting its new Auxuras NLX and ETL models to the Middle East. It is first time Auxuras are being made available in the Middle East through a dealership network in the region. Saudi Arabia will be the first market to receive the Auxuras.

As for now , Auxuras will only bring in NLX and ETL to the Middle East , if the demand is there , we will start bringing more , said a Saminda spokeman

#Saminda released Auxuras sales report for full year of 2015 , 2016 cars coming soon.

Total Sales Figure : 210K

##North America
Saminda see a increase sales of it Auxuras brand in North America , thanks to the ELX and the ETL.

Sales Reported : 168,251

##United Kingdom
Auxuras has already exit the UK market and will continue selling until the inventory has been clear, in it full year , Auxuras only manage to sell just over 5k units.

Sales Reported : 6,874

##China/Hong Kong
Auxuras has introduced the unique CLX which is only for the Chinese Market , however the plan of producing Auxuras in China has failed to increase its sales in the Chinese market.

Sales Reported : 26,136

Russia is a small market for Auxuras as it already ceased importing it cars from North America , although it has no immediate plans to leave the Russian market entirely, it reportedly will focus only on the sale of replacement parts and maintenance.

Sales Reported : 10,195

##Saudi Arabia
As Auxuras just announce it entry into Middle East at Q3 of 2015, Saudi Arabia will be the first country and will have the NLX and ETL for now.

Sales Reported : 751

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Auxuras is like “Saminda with leather” , too many similarities no wonder Auxuras suffer in other country except Americans love it

#Interesting facts about the up coming ITL

Auxuras says it will benchmark the new ITL in the luxury compact segment in terms of spaciousness , safety , fuel efficiency and bulid quality

###Say no to lightbulbs.
To stand out from other manufacturer , Auxuras claims that the ITL will not use any lightbulbs at all and instead will be equipped with more then 300 LEDs around the car

###First ever lightweight aluminium body stucture
This amazing technology will make the ITL faster , safer and much more efficient , the LAB is combined with Saminda’s Ultec Safe Unit making it to receive much lesser damage during a crash , This technology have proven 5 times more durable.

###Best in class fuel economy

###Biggest boot space in this segment
The ITL will have 16.8 cu of boot space making it the largest in this segment.

###It now have it’s own platform
For the first time in the ITL history it will have it own platform and will be designed and developed by American Saminda. Styling work was led by the team in the company’s design studio in California, while R&D was centered in the company’s Kentucky, vehicle development center.


This is definitely a revolution for an ailing brand, but will it save the company?

Hope so , the ITL still uses FWD without any high performance trim , might as well get a Saminda C3

No pressure.