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B180922 update body bug: accordion syndrome

As title suggests, I loaded in to show my friend a car I was working on immediately after the most recent update (an hour ago) and this is what I saw:

Not sure what happened but it has to have something to do with the update B180922, it was working perfectly fine literally hours before on this very body. My other cars are fine, for some reason it’s just this entire family that bugged out.

It’s the 09 3.1m limo body.

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Hey GROOV3ST3R, unfortunately to fix some bodies, we needed to break some people’s saved cars.

There will always be a few snags with saves as we work through car morphing bugs.

This issue that you’ve come across is due to the morphing being saved between all variants of the family, and some of the variants had their morphs in vastly different places in our source files. The only way to fix it was to move all of the morphs to the same place, which caused your saved car to have its morphs moved to very wrong positions!

There is a way to get your car back - if you go back to one of the morph editing tabs and smoosh the morphs (just a tap should do it), you should see all the bits of the car snap back to where they should be. The only snag with this is that some of your fixtures may be lost, but there’s nothing we can do about that.

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