Hey all,

I’ve been helping Daffy out again and we spoke about a system to get people to put in their own badgenames. The way this will be done is still very uncertain and nothing can be said for sure at this point, but imagine a small textbox where you can type in ‘Automation’, and get a badge to place on your car saying ‘Automation’. Don’t get your hopes up as I said. Long way to go!

Still a lot of work to do on that end, but eventually the game would need 3D models of the alphabet character A-Z both in lower and uppercase.
That’s what I’ve been working on so there can be a couple more badges than the ones there are now. Here are some examples:

Hope you like them!


Don’t forget about numbers and some special symbols like: “.” and “-” .

Thanks for the tip, but nope, I didn’t forget them. But after doing the alphabet, once uppercase and once lowercase and in two different fonts (2x26x2) I was a bit brain-dead! Haha :smiley:

Also, for some standard things like Turbo, GTI and 1.4i 1.6i etc. there will be standard badges to select, so you won’t have to make it all by yourself. Not sure, but seems good to do to save time.

So we can’t import our own fonts then?

As I said, nothing is clear yet. This is only an idea we had. Don’t jump the gun and please try to read what I wrote.
Besides, I’m currently only helping out with modelling. I don’t actually develop the game, but just help the thinking process so now and then. So it’s weird to say, but what I say doesn’t matter, as I’m not a developer. I’m just here showing some work I’m doing and giving a small explanation in how I ended up making it.

Ahhh, that clears up some confusion.